Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 16, 2015

The Pure Love of Creator and Creation Flows thru YOU! -If you have made room.


There are so many things I want to share today, I hope I can remember them all!!  This one particular, important to me, thing, I wanted to share for days, but kept forgetting.  I have my little mini melt downs now almost every reading.  There is little to no relationship to any of my old “light language,” which means everything is new and we are interpreting it in each session.  Since each and every one of you are so unique in what you are capable of doing, and my job is to freakin understand it and bring in into coherency to you, how the hell do I do that if it’s never been done before, never been fathomed before… hey!!  With one client the other day, thru my meltdown (interpret that to mean my struggle to understand what I am seeing to be clear to you about) I said to everyone that is showing us your Light Field “how can I be expected to interpret what has not even been fathomed or done before.  The reply just made me giggle and I hope it hits home straight to each and every one of your hearts.  “Your soul has been sitting in a class room too for the last 3 years.”   So, it is new to us in this realm, but our souls have the advantage, they are in both realms.  So I say this to remind everyone, yes it so new no one can teach you but YOU.  And it all is a hands on lesson.  Meaning, yes you will get a foundation of understanding thru meditation, but the experience, the practice, must in practical, in real-time.

With all that, spirit is already sneaking in a group application experimental in January.  But in order for us to come together as a group, each MUST know their own working part first and foremost.  We have thru the end of this year to mastery it, before we consciously come together and interlock and use our working bits!

I am finding, for myself, I am missing the bigger picture in my own meditations.  I have gone in several times now to understand and take further whatever my part is.  About a week ago I actually was shown my part, but I missed the bigger picture until this humbling virgin of a man (new to the field of readings) appeared yesterday.

Let’s just say my job right now is making the new visible, tangible, understandable and applicable.  This also brings my “Dream Weaver” guide/aspect to the fore, front and center.  Even tho that part of me showed up in my early days, 15 years ago, there has not been much conscious interplay that i have been aware of since then.  Now, it is who and what leads my way with understanding.

I do have to tell the story of my guy from yesterday tho, his information lit a trail of understanding that echoed thru the rest of my day.

But, before we get into that, I do need to say that there has be another shift in our moment.  All the readings yesterday were now focused on the right side of the field, the area that represents the 23rd, the “new day.”  Meaning, we have seen many people and their position working with the present moment energy, the multidimensional energies, bringing the two together.  There those working with our future energy, some with the actual future itself, some with what I will just call the stem cells of future energy, defining it and giving it Life expression.

This man was aligned with what looked like water the color blue I recognize now as Source energy.

Lets think about water for a moment and how extensively it travels every single day, every moment of the day itself.  It is the one element that exists on all planes of existences and changes with every moment.  For example, it evaporates from the earth, travels back upwards into the multidimensional realms, falls back down differently than it ever was before, seeps into the ground, deep into the center of the earth, rises back up and goes upwards again and reaches all levels in between.

I watched thru this mans reading, his regulation (think of a dam with the ability to release or block the flow of water and determine the amounts needed) of future water energy/emotional energy of Source.

I watched this bountiful, pure Source energy, water, flow from the timeline of the 23rd of October, settle into the earth diagonally (Like this / ) then filter down to touch every bit of life thru the densest of the filtered earth, leaving no human untouched.  With it, it was releasing, rising up, the best of any given person and embedding a magnetic trail for them to (eventually) connect with to raise their vibration towards the accelerated earth.  As this Source water came back up to our side I also watched it got towards present moment, diagonally upwards ( \ ) and implant the magnetic compass for the souls still knee-deep in duality to find, to be attracted to.

Let me put all that on pause for a moment.  Like I said, there is so much to share I am worried about missing any of it.  Up to this point, the readings have been positioned up in the middle atmosphere, the multidimensional zone.  The way the energy was being shown in its release and workings was like in a pyramid formation /\ with the left point representing present moment, the right point representing the future, well the future as it relates to the 23rd and the middle connecting points, the direct middle of the two.  Yesterday, thru all the readings it came out opposite as we were now oriented at the future coming toward present: \/

Put them together you have a diamond, as above so below.

Ohh with one of my ladies yesterday too, she was pulling string energy from the wall of light I see vividly now as the new day, the 23rd, looping it around the condensed field of energy we think of as the future that resides between now and the 23rd, where all the stem cells are stored, and was giving them definition (what kind, I have no idea lol) and then was plugging the string, which looked a lot like morse code made of color, into the present moment wall of energy that kind of represented a circuit board.  Taking in the energy of the “Magnetic field Capacitor” that we are or that our lives have become.  (I’m still working this one out in my head lol.)  However, I am being asked to remind everyone, we are taking words and descriptions from science, but we are working totally and completely metaphysically, which changes the elements that science cannot yet see beyond.

Ok, back to the holy water man!!  He asked a question in which the reply brought me to tears, reverent tears.  He asked who his team was, right now, if we could understand the enormity of who we really are on the other side of the veil, which I am going to try to put into coherent words right now, we will (excuse me, I finally lol) realize why that which has set up to teach up what we are doing insist on not being called or referred to as guides, but souly as teachers, helpers in your/our new magic.

Who better to help this man understand the waters of Source energy than Source himself (again, my choice of genderizing god, beats the hell out of saying it or he/she.)  I think both of our jaws dropped.  He said a statement that was also within me “I didn’t know that was possible.”  Me either!! lol

In that moment, I was back in my Life Between Life hypnosis session (back in 2001) and me and Franklyn (my Pleiadian father) went to see the Council of Elders which was located for me, within the “Temple of the Presence.”  And the most shocking revelation came thru it all.

The Presence, Source, God, Creator, (pick a title) obviously is the highest of all vibrations in all of creation and uncreation.  When a new soul is born, it takes them some time to be able to go from new to even meeting with their council of elders, and there are many different “temples” where the council meets with us, souls evolving.  It all has to do with frequency, evolution or even what we would consider, enlightenment within the soul.  My mans team gave us a comparison to our children entering kindergarten, they are now ready to learn more about themselves beyond the basics.  Our soul is in a constant state of evolution, it is the very reason for all of creation to begin with.  The aspect of creator that is uniquely you, learning and experiencing as only you can do.

The counsel of elders (as I refer to them) are bodies of intelligent energy, wholly enlightened Beings whose vibration is as much as creator energy as we can handle at any given point getting to here.  They express straight from source in waves that is readily accepted by the soul (us) and expands us just by being in their presence.

I remember my moment in that temple and the heart beat radiance I could feel coming directly from the Presence itself.  It was the same, but stronger, heart beat body signal Dream Weaver had on me.

Thru my man yesterday, it is unmistakable we (many of us) are the council of elders incarnate now.  So to have readily available access and teachings directly from the Source… but of course!!

Now I can already hear the feedback… “I have been meeting with god for a long time.”  No, we have been meeting with a condensed version, one that had to meet us at our vibrational level.  Knowing that all things all spirits are god… we have been connected to the aspect in which we could handle god… until now.  For those who have cleared their core energy, tempered their ego, lost all sense of identity (meaning, “I am this, I am that” kind of identity, think about it, the moment you think you “are” something, you have pigeon holed who you can be.  Equally, the moment you think you aren’t, or can’t, well… you’ve stepped on your own foot.)  We Are Limitless!! ❤

Welp, I still have so much to share that I just don’t have time for before my day of readings starts.  Dammit!!  Until tomorrow!!

Thank you so much for giving me the blessing, the gift of YOU!!  I love and honor you so flipping much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of unlimited everything to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Meditation classes forming now and will start November 7th.  I finally got my webpage together this morning:   Only 8 seats left.

I would like to leave you with more quotes from “The Third Millennium” by Ken Carey (I so wish this was in audiobook format)

“Something happens to you when you begin to think about this planet as a single living organism. And when you begin to live in that awareness, nothing is ever again quite the same. Nothing can be the same after that. Nations began to look like people to me, like familiar friends. The distinctions between religion, biology, and politics began to blur. I began to wonder why I had always assumed that human thought was the only kind of thought—as if nature would be content with a single species of flower, or just one kind of tree.” 
― Ken CareyThe Third Millennium: Living in a Posthistronic World


And a link to a larger quote from the same stunning book here: “There are no arbitrary standards of perfection.”













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