Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 15, 2015

Ohhh Being Pushed into our Uncomfortable Zone is… Uncomfortable!! lol


What a flipping bizarro day yesterday was from start to finish!!  I really feel the major theme of it was, “the human has no control over anything.”  lol Of course, that would be a statement straight from my ego.  Spirit, on the other hand, would deem it more like “we have b0und together now and we are shifting priorities.” lol

I could feel my mind starting to crash as I was writing my blog yesterday.  That alone should have been my first clue that this day was not going to be usual.  It is not unusual to feel my mind crash, like all the energy and ability drain out of it, but usually that happens after noon, not before 7am!! I was going to take a bath before my first appointment, which I set purposely at 9am so I could sleep in on my day off that wasn’t, instead, I wake up an hour earlier than usual.  The other hazard of living here in the beautiful oasis of a desert, the nights get really really cold and my water heater never gets the water really hot over night, instead, I have warm water in the morning.  So that nix-ayed a bath before my first appointment. Instead I did dishes and stuff to drain the water heater of its overnight supply to refill it for a hot bath.  So as 9am drew near, I started peeking out into her field, praying I have enough energy to “see” for her.  Sure enough, her beautiful daughter was running around playing in the backyard, in her field of Light.  YAY!!

Since I have been back, I stopped sharing the personal super powers I am seeing with each person simply because what I am seeing thru you, no one else on the face of this earth possesses in skill and ability.  Can you imagine that, NO-ONE!!  What this beautiful lady and her young daughter now fully on the other side of the veil showed us yesterday, is really important for us to fully understand.

Her 10-year-old (at passing) daughter was vividly running around on the ground level, future orientation on the field if life, the ground level.  The only people I have seen at the ground level itself, are those connected to the past or tying up the past as they move upwards, so they all have been on the left side of the field and her baby girl was on the right side, future side, playing.  Mama on the other hand, way up in the rafters, working from the multidimensional zone of the middle atmosphere.  Talk about a HUGE role reversal!!

Mama was throwing her daughter what looked to me were pieces of stained glass from the multidimensions down to earth and her daughter was catching them and laying down the new foundation of earth itself.  Until this point, it has always been the other way around.

I am sure there is more to the story, but that’s all we got about that, for now.

So after our time together was finished, I decided to take a bath because oddly enough, I had a 2 hour gap between my first and second reading.  Even tho something felt off about yesterdays schedule, like someone was missing, I could not for the life of me figure out who or why I would leave such a big gap in the day.  So into the hot bath made of dead sea salt and eucalyptus oil I went!

It took me a long minute to get oriented and connected in meditation, which tends to happen when we have a major shift.  Altho my intention for meditation is to see where I am at on the field and understand what I am doing in relationship to it, it sure as hell didn’t go my way, or, at least it I didn’t think it did.  Instead, I got this new surround sound energy system telling me what I need to do and do right now.  Odd things like… order a vanity license plate that says “thank u.”  The reason being, I literally say thank you all day long, I cannot help it.  I am so overwhelmed with gratitude, with awe and reverence that it just slips from my heart out of the mouth to the air I breathe.  So my soul wants us to allow that be part of the energy that my exhaust system of my car spreads outwards.  What is really funny tho, as I printed out the application to send to the MVD here, I had three options on what I want my tag to say, so at first I did: THANK U, THANKU, and as I pondered how else I could form that and keep the desired effect from my soul it became THANKHU.  Can you see the ANKH embedded in it??  I rearranged my priorities and made that number one on my choice list.

But the next thing I was told to do, was not as easy to swallow at all.  Back in 2004, while I was living in Rupert Idaho, Guadalupe became relevant for a day or two.  I cannot remember how it came about or why, but Guadalupe has lingered in the back of my mind since that time.  I had assumed (silly me) that since I moved here to the Jemez and I live literally at the foot of “Our lady of Guadalupe Mesa” that was the connection.  I suppose not so much, that was/is the middle of an interesting cookie.

I was instructed to forgo seeing my kids this holiday season and take a trip to Mexico.  Guadalupe, Mexico.  Why the hell would I want to do that???  I don’t want to do that.  With such amazing conviction, my soul said, you know that man you want to meet… *perk*.  Yes, yes, yes… I gotta drive to freakin Guadalupe to meet him??  Really???? (and yes, very distinctly, drive not fly.)

Then, as I am having a slight meltdown about christmas, my soul said everything you do, EVERYTHING is based on what others want of you, of us.  Moving here to New Mexico was to be the untangling of my field from my children’s and start to really and fully align with my own expanded desires in life.  And yet, every vacation I take is for my kids, and every time I have extra money it goes to my kids and grandsons needs.  I really don’t mind that at all, I am grateful, really!!  Of course, now with my son in Boston and my daughter in Virginia (and my oldest daughter gives me a free pass cuz she has not talked to me in 3 years) I am really torn on where to be this holiday season.  I decided to be with my daughter, incase this is her last “free” christmas outside of a cell.  I was assured, if she keeps up in the energy and focus she is in now, she will never have to be behind bars again.  So go to Guadalupe this holiday season.

Boy, talk about being shoved into the uncomfortable zone.  I have not been brave enough yet to mention this to them.  But I am not, not going!!  It got even more bizarre as I started looking for hotels and stuff, nope… no preplanning anything, just drive and decide along the way.  The first thing I must do, get a freakin passport!!

After I got out of the bath and started opening websites to MVD and look at my route from here to Guadalupe (16 hour drive) a beautiful artist on my facebook asked if he could link some of my words to his stunning painting he did in the morning.  Let me show you his art, his name is Jeff Schauss:

Jeff Schauss Painting

And the conversation that took place:

Lisa this is my painting TURMOIL from this morning.With your permission I’d like to link your above writing to it on Red

Lisa Gawlas How incredibly beautiful Jeff!!! You never need my permission just do it!! And thank you for linking it together… it really does fit!! ❤

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 hrs
Jeff Schauss
Jeff Schauss Thank you thank you they just seem to fit like they came from the same source 🙂  ❤

Lisa Gawlas (whisper… they did, our hearts are One Source) 😉 ❤


Typing out the phrase “One Source” I was immediately overlapped with intense Pleiadian energy.  When I first learned to channel, I channeled the Pleiadians and they always finished their messages with “love from the One Source.”

I have always assumed that their phrase “One Source” is equal to our word “God” or “Creator” and realized yesterday, not so much.  There is only one true Source of ALL Life and that is Love.  Unconditional, nonjudgmental Love.  The very thing they taught me from the get go… how to be that Source of energy, of life in all I do.

Oddly enough, I also, instantly felt a connection with Guadalupe and the Pleiadian connection.  I surely don’t understand any of it, but will honor the direction and spend christmas and new years in mexico.  Gulp.

It was finally time for my second appointment and when she called I attempted to say hi,… I got the H sound out and that was the end of my voice.  Gone, just… gone.

What the freakin hell happened to my voice??  I don’t have a sore throat, it worked perfectly for my first reading, I don’t even have a sniffle…  I ended up rescheduling the other two appointments on my dance card.  When my voice leaves, which is hadn’t done in a very long time, it hurts to force the breath, it has to come from deep down in my lungs to create even a whisper and then it actually hurts the vocal chords in that attempt.

For three hours it stayed in the inaudible zone, then slowly started coming back, but more like listening to a boy going thru puberty.  The octave has changed, I can hear it and feel it when I talked.  And I had to talk because I found the missing person (well, she found me lol) that should have been in my 10am slot.  Her rescheduled appointment into yesterday never made the leap from her original day and time.  But then again, if she was on my dance card, I would never took a bath, a meditation.

The one thing I had to do yesterday, was go grocery shopping.  So the long trip to walmart was actually looked forward to.  I knew I would get more information about the bizarro experiences of my morning on the drive.  The drive to walmart was more focused on how I will experience my holiday driving to Mexico, that is where no plans, no prebooked hotels, no nothing except the experience of each day came thru.  Alrighty then!!

Something weird must have happened during this morning.  Never ever have I been so flirted with at walmart.  Sadly, it was like senior citizens day there, but how odd that men were going out of their way to not only talk to me, but flirt too.  That was really, oddly uncomfortable.  I am not interested and have no desire to flirt back.  Now lets look at something else that happened that I am sure created the attention.  My damn shopping buggy.  It was rolling along fine and then suddenly it was as if the most beautiful song bird got stuck in the wheels and tweeted and tweeted non stop as I rolled a long the isles.  Just weird.

On my drive home, that is where the fuller understanding came from.  A binding of my soul and myself like never before.  I was shown kind of like when you take cellophane and bunch it up to create something… pretty??  lol


However, it was not in a vase, but part of my new throat chakra energy.  Which actually looks very much how I am seeing the bubble of creation… OHHHH and I finally got up with the gal who’steam renamed that umbrella looking bubble of personal creation thingie… it is now a “MAGNETIC FIELD CAPACITOR.”

Ha, this is kinda funny:  A capacitor (originally known as a condenser) is a passive two-terminal electrical component used to store electrical energy temporarily in an electric field.

Two terminal, our body and our soul!!  And yet, there is sooooo much more to it all!!  So I am feeling, direct from my crazy day yesterday, the “binding” is well underway.

I promise you, every one of us is going to be pushed out of our comfort zone over this year.  You cannot be trail blazers and keep walking the same trail over and over.  (Dammit.)

Anyone want to teach me conversational spanish???  Por favor?? lol

Ohhh and in all the things I was focused on yesterday, in the new and uncomfortable I ordered my pan flute and it should be here by next week.  It is coming from Hawaii and hand-made from the heart and comes with an instructional CD.  I am on a mission to learn it well enough to play, passionately, “El Condor Pasa.”

On that note, enjoy this crazy freakin ride, we are in the front seats laying the track down with every sudden uncomfortable turn!!

Yeeeee Haaawwwwww!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with excitement, passion, and stuff!! lol  I love you!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Meditation classes forming now and will start November 7th.  I finally got my webpage together this morning:   




  1. So loving that pic of the cat! She is relaxed and happy in her uncomfortable looking position!
    Thanks again Lisa! Describing my current experience to a T!


  2. Thanks for sharing Lisa… So funny you mention a pan flute as it reminds me of the strange urge I had all throughout my travels this year in Canada, US and Mexico that I had to get one! Mexico is a beautiful, magical land full of many different energies and experiences… trust the process! Blessings and Sat Nam ❤


  3. Lisa, “Hu” is also a name for the creator energy or God. Nice double entendre!


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