Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 14, 2015

The Old Hologram of Life, Done. We Are Actively Building the New!!

building the new model

I sit in a constant state of awe these days.  The information and understanding pouring in thru you, leaves me breathless day after day, appointment after appointment.  Not to mention, my mind stretched to maximum capacity at the end of each reading day.  Phew baby!!!

Now to put the enormity of information released yesterday into a discernible story!  However, before I dig into that, I need to say thank you again (and again and again.)  I am not fully sure you know how incredibly invaluable YOU are to the understanding, the applications of all that is being revealed now.  So many people give me so much credit for the sharings, for which I do appreciate and will acknowledge that I work my ass off to keep up too, but without your Presence on the field, I would be clueless!  Even as I type that, I have warmth and words coming from my old friend, Sananda “I of my own self, can do nothing!”  How often do we think of spirit with that phrase (I always had.)  It really is us, each other, sharing the light of our soul to each other.  illuminating the world with our Presence!  So… thank you with all my Being, for Being Here and most especially, Being gloriously YOU!!

Now, to pick up on the mind-blowing information that our soul has been sitting in a classroom for the last 3 (earth) years learning how to be an active conscious (with their human host, us) participant in this most amazing time right now.  The hologram that we had lived within for the last 26 thousand plus years, is no longer.  The enormity of September’s energy system had it dissolved, blown up, no longer in our existence.  Of course, it started disolving as we crossed thru 2012 into 2013.  This is what spirit means when they say we closed out the old day on September 28th.  Their “day” is a 26 thousand-year moment.  Our new day begins in earnest on the 23rd of this month.  What we are doing in between is putting the new hologram together, in a way that has never been done any realm, in any existence before.  WE, the soul and human together, are creating this new hologram consciously from this side of the veil!!

One of the great analogies we got thru a blessed man who kick started my day yesterday, imagine this thing we call life is a game board and they used very specifically the game we know as “life,” of course they would pick a game I have never ever played before, but hey, why not.  What they showed us was the game board itself blowing up, and we, in this present moment, bringing in our new, unique game pieces and as we open to the new day, we also come together, multidimensionally in human form to start building our new board made out of love, compassion, empowerment.  From what I understand, we will do this thru the end of this year with another “orientation” period of our new game board the last few weeks of December.

To be clear, not every human on earth is participating in this building of the new holographic matrix, only those who have put the work in to clear themselves.  Yup, that’s us!!  Now do not interpret that to mean you will stop being human with those pesky human qualities called, momentary doubt, unsuridness, (yup, we may be making up new words as we go lol) bouts of sadness and pissed offidness (smile.)  We may see or read something and it makes us sad for a moment, and god knows, there are many out there still spreading the fear agenda, even in this amazing, pristine realm of the new hologram we are putting together.  We must let them have their own playground to grow within, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop and play in their section.  Actually, please don’t unless you are there to offer them a higher wisdom.  Then, only stay as long as that higher wisdom is received, no need to get into a pissing match with anyone!  On that same note tho, never be afraid to share contrasting information.  We all grow when we do that, whether it is received well or you get beat on verbally.  Who cares, we are made of light and it all just gets absorbed into the brighter aspects of ourSelfs!! 😉

What I really found mind-blowing too, yesterday, is the fact that came thru about our participation in this building game thing.  For as long as we continue to break new ground, do new expanded things within our lives to truly build and share the new hologram of life now… death (physical death) will not knock on our doorsteps.  However, those who brought themselves as far as they are willing to go in this realm (very much like hanging on to any part of the old paradigm) will leave the body to incarnate in one with an expanded nervous system.  Just like our children coming in today.

I feel like there is so much more to share, but my brain is really really tired right now (the hazard of being kicked out of bed at 3am).  I have readings to do, so I am going to close here for today and go hydrate in the bath before my day starts.

I love you all so flipping much and so grateful you share your heart, your soul, your wisdom with me every day!!  Thank you!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of radiant love to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Meditation classes forming now and will start November 7th.  I finally got my webpage together this morning:   


  1. I love your posts, Lisa!!! Learning so much. Thank you. Sending you unconditional Love and Light! Tanja


  2. “Then, only stay as long as that higher wisdom is received, no need to get into a pissing match with anyone!”

    And don’t stay at all, even if that higher wisdom is NOT received. Yet. By the intended recipient.
    Because most at this level, and lower, respond back with stubborn belligerence. And anger.

    However — once you are given knowledge, you can’t *un-know* it. At some future point in their upward linear stair-step evolution, the intended stubborn recipient will inevitably “get it”. In spite of themselves.

    “On that same note tho, never be afraid to share contrasting information. We all grow when we do that, whether it is received well or you get beat on verbally.”

    EXACTLY. Precisely what I did with you. (LMAO)

    Now about rebuilding this hologram:

    Some of us (hardly any) have all finished clearing ourselves for years now….and are tired as hell, and have no desire to participate in the building/rebuilding of any one of your aforementioned upper 4th Dimensional Earth matrix holograms.

    Neither do we wish to ascend/escape this place through death, just to re-incarnate right back into this slow-ass process of building a 4D matrix for the majority of slowly-evolving humans and Second Wave Lightworkers.
    Regardless of coming in/incarnating again here with a few more DNA upgrades. Like our children have.

    So what about the worn-out Wayshowers/Anchoring Groundcrew who have chosen to ascend instead to 5D (or higher) Earth Matrices?

    Of course I fully realize that you are one of the Second Wave group of Lightworkers, and that you don’t wish to go that high. And that you have much, much more “clearing” of yourself to do. On more than a few issues.

    But perhaps the Team, although obviously focused totally on YOUR 4D individual path…..could also focus a wee bit on those heading for 5D/and higher realities?

    Will there be a noticeable interdimensional JUMP, for these Higher Frequency people?
    Instead of simply all this, what we have had so far with this incremental 4D movement…. years of ongoing process, process, slow process?


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