Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 12, 2015

The Shades are Raising, the Road Before You, Being Paved.


What a rough day in my head yesterday!!  I think, for the first time ever, I felt like my bran and conscious is a separate living entity!  I actually felt perky and energized while writing my blog yesterday, but by the time the first reading rolled around, I was filling up with overwhelming exhaustion.  Not physical exhaustion, more like mental and emotional exhaustion.  I got to my first reading, she was set up in a position I had not seen yet and I could literally hear my own brain saying I cannot process any more, but we did anywayz, to the best of our ability and then it just went on strike, shut down…. shut all the way down!!  My first was the only reading I was able to do for the entire day, dammit!

After I got everyone left on my calendar rescheduled or refunded, I sat on my couch and completely disengaged from everything.  No facebook, no computer or email, I just curled up on my couch and didn’t think a spiritual thought, I couldn’t.  Instead, it felt like something was alive and breathing in my head.  Big, huge in breaths that expanded the area in and around my head, then exhale and I could think/concentrate again, but only for a few minutes until the next inhale/expansion.  This lasted almost all day, at least until the sun set.

Eventually, I thought about the last two readings the day prior, the focus in the readings was the energy connecting from the middle atmosphere/multidimensional zone and how or what it is doing to the top of the umbrella looking bubble of creation.  I think the only way I have right now to explain or even understand it, is like the sewing the work, the mastery, the expanded conscious that this work is creating, into the top part of our creation zone.  I don’t freakin know!! lol  I have a feeling tho, we may just see what all this means today in the field.  But then again, if our “new day” begins on the 23rd, then we must be in predawn!  The light of our new life coming in, the road before us being laid down.

The one thing I can say for sure, I don’t know what the hell I am doing, or what choices I am paving as my future road, but I pray I am doing it from the highest place within me!!  There is no longer outside guidance happening, not like there once was.  We are the decision makers, the creators incarnate, at least of our own lives.  All previous soul contracts done, new ones coming in as we choose them to be, based on the focus of our lives currently.  Ha, I just the funniest visual.

We have been accustomed to waiting to see what shows up and then decide to engage in that or not.  The visual I get right now that is now very much like sitting on the side of the road watching all the cars go by, but never getting up and getting into a car to see where it takes you.  You will end up spending the next two years (the length of this particular cycle) watching traffic go by and never really engaging on the road of unknown excitement and growth challenges.  Equally, I am hearing “but don’t jump into the obvious car” you will be bored out of your tree!!  Another reminder that expansion, growth for this new season of life, only happens at the outer edge of your comfort zone.  Dammit!!  No wonder the Youtube vlog is leaning in, I do not want to do that, at all.  My daughter will, but doesn’t either, mostly because she doesn’t understand how it can and will help and I didn’t have the mental ability yesterday to even think about content or layout to explain it to her.  (By the way, I put that potential out here before I even told her about it. lol I am such a good mama, oops lol.)

Speaking of doing things outside of our comfort zone… lol, I am knee-deep in one that my team has been trying to get me to change for years now and I am such a shit, I keep doing it the same old way I always have.  However, these choices affect everyone, not just me.  Taking days off!!  I came out of this new gate doing things the way I have always done.  The only bigger reason for me missing my early flight back home on the 5th was to see if I would allow myself the (much needed in hindsight) days off if I had to reschedule everyone, again.  Well, hell no!!  I filled up the 10th, the 14th and now the 18th and the 26th of October.  (I am supposed to work three on, one off, theoretically speaking lol.)  Leaving myself only the 22nd as a day off.  As I booked the last appointment that made my 18th full, my team started yelling at me, well, with love of course.  I don’t mind a spiritual talking to from my team, they do it with such love, but I do get my talkings to!!

Some days I feel like an alcoholic who, when at the bar forgets they said they were not going to drink ever again.  When you and I are together, even not doing a reading, it is very much like being at a bar of Light and I soooo want to drink you in.  Who needs a day off when I can get intoxicated and then forget, there are hangovers to deal with.  Dammit!!  lol  believe it or not, this really is the hardest  change I ever had to make within myself.  So I am reminded to share this, for you to take a reflection within yourself, is there anything you are doing, even if you love it, that needs altering, pacing?  Get ‘er done!!

I am going to close with something that made me laugh out loud in delight yesterday.  After talking with my grandson’s mom, and she shared so much validation from my bath time conversation with my grandson, I did take a moment to tune into my grandson again simply to apologize for completely forgetting to help his body thru the illnesses he has.  Instantly I heard him say, in his current little boy filled with wisdom voice “GiGi, do you know how many friends you have?? ” and then he showed me the outpouring of love that you sent to him, for which he is grateful and in love with.

Just like my daughter, you did what needed to be done before I even got there!!  Thank you very very much.  His mother did say that he is much better yesterday, only the sore throat lingers.  YOU are amazing Beings, powerful and delicate all at the same time.  Thank you for all that you do, so freely and with all your heart!!

I am going to close with a marshmallow message I just now received from my beloved Kryon of Magnetic Service.  I have been saying this for years and it is so wonderful to see it come today, especially today as I close out this sharing:

Only Light 
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Many ‘You’s'”
April 2006 in Manhattan, NY

When you send light, it is the same concept. We told you this before: You are not asked to send light with a bias. If you know something is happening, and you wish to send light there to help it, don’t send the solution! Don’t send what you want to happen. Just send light. Get used to understanding that light is all you have. It has “cosmic intelligence” that knows what to do. That’s what the lighthouse has. It doesn’t have an agenda. It only has light. It doesn’t broadcast something on the light. It only has light. It depends upon someone else “seeing” what it does. You send light to a place in the darkness, and whoever is there gets to see better. Do you understand? And when they see better with their free choice, they can choose things that you have helped illuminate with your light. That is the integrity of sending light, and it also applies to co-creation.

  ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with gratitude and rejuvenated expanded energy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




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