Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 11, 2015

Our Children, Our Elderly and Overlaying Energy Time Lines.


I really thought my mind couldn’t be more blown than it already has been this week, yesterday proved me wrong!!  A beautiful man in the field first thing in the morning, asked me about his father, who is older and has dementia.  I’m not sure what I can access these days, but hey, let’s give it a go.  What I seen, shocked me!!  His father appeared on the ground level of the field and to the left, for him, representing the past.  First he appeared laying down, floating parallel to the ground in a position that resembles death.  So I knew that he has an exit point coming up, the next thing I know about two feet in front of his floating body, he appeared again, this time he was standing up and had a pistol in his hand and shot himself (thank god I didn’t see the shot itself, just the raising of this pistol to his head.)  My heart and jaw dropped to the floor and how the hell do I tell my beautiful man about this visual.  There was a past life connection to this image and his placement was still left of present moment, which for him, represents the past.  I could feel an overlapping of timelines as I seen him, was this a past life memory he was hoping to re experience in this life??  I had no choice but to tell my man about this visual, I couldn’t change it to someone else!!  I about shit when he told me this is the very thing he has been worried about, that his father has a lot of guns and even a pistol at his headboard.  His father has been threatening to kill himself, shoot himself.  Well just shit!!  But the information was going to get more….. interesting??

It became harder and harder for me to discern a past life experience with a present moment potential.  Then the information came thru about how accessible the past timelines area, past lives and experiences are to those living on the ground level of earth (as opposed to the upper levels of consciousness where we are.)  My beautiful man told me they were gathering up his guns and locking them away from his father, but his concern really was for his mother, what if he accidentally shot his mother instead of himself, since they sleep together and his father is in the throes of dementia.  The visual included no one but him, and he wasn’t laying down, he standing up.  Then the next thing that came thru, really blew my mind.  Because he already resides in the past on a deep level, he could very well access the life he did commit suicide by gun and overlap that timeline into this one and recreate the energy of the experience.  Meaning, it could appear like he shot himself without a bullet hole ever happening.

His blessed father set up an understanding that would aid me later in the day when I did what I thought would be a healing meditation for my grandson, who earlier in the week developed a high fever and strep throat, then the other day, pneumonia on top of it all.  I didn’t do a meditation for him because genuinely, I haven’t had the energy, between dealing with my daughter and climbing mountains of expansion with each reading, I’m a wet noodle by the end of my reading day.  But I had an unforeseen break in my day yesterday when my 11am didn’t show up for her reading, I snuck in the bath to focus on my grandson.  What came thru, freakin shocked me even more than my man’s father!!

The first thing I had seen with my grandson was flames in his heart.  His flames of desire, which was creating the fever.  This may sound strange, but since my son moved to the Boston area to be closer to his son, he has spent so much less time with his son than he ever had before.  At least when he was in Virginia, he would get his son for two solid weeks every three to four weeks.  Now, they barely see each other one day a week.  Yes, job, money (they live an hour apart) and things like that come into play but tell that to a 5 year old!!

Equally, I have said this many times before and it is more evident now than I even remember in my personal path of changes.  When we embark on any kind of (higher) change in our lives, which my son did by giving up his life in Virginia to be with his son in Boston, the universe will pile challenges onto our new road to allow us the focus point of determination to experience what we changed for.  For my son, those challenges would be the buffet line of girls, concerts, short-term jobs (for the first 6 months anywayz) and all kinds of things to give him the choice of really starting new in your heart and soul or just simply bringing your old life into a new landscape, in which case, the initial intent/desire moves further away from your life.

Not only does my grandson want more father-son time, he needs it to be able to fully grow into the man he came here to be.  He needs to experience in his youth, the sacrifice of love that happens with parents that hold their children high in their heart, because when he steps into his life role as an adult, he will pull on all those lessons to be the man he needs to be (a leader in his own rite.)  All of this information came thru my connection with him, just to be clear here.  Also, I want to emphasis how important this moment with my grandson is, for those who have children or will have children, their childhood plan is extraordinarily important, more than ours ever was.  They will be stepping into a world that is radically changing and be at the helm of establishing the new way of life, of being Here together without borders and division and in equality.  Which is why most of our future world leaders are incarnating thru enlightened, love centered parents.

So back to the illness lol, the strep throat was all the burning things he had to say but doesn’t know how in his 5 year old body.  He gave me an image of one of the times recently he spent with his dad, and when it was time to go, he cried and clung to his dad, when that didn’t produce the effect he needed (more time) he developed this illness.  That did not bring his father to him, so he doubled up but also, antied out too by creating pneumonia.  But the most amazing thing with this pneumonia, my grandson looked into his fathers past timelines, looking for the places where he would understand his need for him.  The only time in my early motherhood I would stop my own world and stick like glue to my sons was when he developed pneumonia.  My son had asthma from the age 3 into his teens and every spring and fall would, like clockwork, develop pneumonia.  So my grandson brought pneumonia to his present moment to invoke his father’s time.  This added illness did not bring the desired results and so he had to invoke change, just like the phoenix, burn what was once in play and rise out of the ashes anew.

His fever is also serving to burn current life contracts, his pneumonia is allowing him to breathe in the air of change that is coming, to adjust to it all.  He showed me a man coming into his mother’s life soon, a wonderful, loving, supporting man who will not only be there thru thick and thin with his mama, but will equally take both of her children into his heart as of they are his own.  Giving my grandson what he needs in the paternal role model area as he grows.  For as happy as I was for all of them, my heart broke a lot for my son.  Especially as my grandson showed me an image of his father somewhere out in the future…. a lone.  But I also know, there is time to change this scenario at least, thru the 23rd of this month.  Then the road before us becomes paved in experience by the choices or non choices we put into play during this in-between time (from the full lunar eclipse until the 23rd of this month.)  If just seeing and understanding all this wasn’t hard enough for me, my grandson asked me to make sure I told both of his parents, together about what came thru.  Shit!!  I don’t want to!!!  But, I paced a few hours and emailed them both at together.

So, first and foremost, I want to thank my man’s father for showing up to help me understand how vastly important and accessible our past is in our choice points moving forward.

Even tho, since I have been back, the fields focus is on the multidimensional space of our lives now and what we are doing their and how to be more proficient at it consciously, we have come into this space from the ground level, of closing out past timelines, pulling in some of the great things we have accomplished in the past timelines to seed the new ground we walk on.  Which gives a broader understanding to one of my ladies I read for yesterday, her position was climbing up a ladder that was leaning against her (half) bubble of creation from the left side of the ground level.  I had no idea how to really interpret that (I am learning with every single reading as I go) until I came out of the tub with my grandsons connection.

I also realized (and many of you are going thru or have gone thru this recently too) how important my time in Virginia was.  Closing out the past on so many levels, energizing my daughter and her roommate in new ways… mostly thru having fun.  But thru the innocence of love (nothing we did consciously except by the group of us with that judge) we altered lives, including and especially our own.  We changed people’s paths into a higher field of love.  Who knew!!  I didn’t realize the depth of it until I talked to my last lady of the day.

So with all that said, pay attention to the children and even, our elderly.  They have more power, more access to the realms of what we perceive as the past than I ever dreamed was possible and can pull it forward in a heart beat of strong desire.  The good, the bad, the ugly!! lol  But then again, so can we.  Not just from this life, from all that we have ever experienced in this realm.  However, (this just in lol) we can only create an overlay from our own personal lives lived.  Meaning if you had a grand experience/memory from lets say, Atlantis, you can, if it would sever your present agenda, overlay that energy into your present to expand the new.

Now to bring all this energy to my poor body, OMG.  The left leg is finally easing up, the left knuckles getting better, still a bit ouchie if I use them to get up (like out of the bathtub lol) yesterday, after my day of readings, holy freakin waist pain, but again, only on the left side.  I am truly starting to feel like an old lady on my left side.  My right side, perfect and so far, unaffected by these energies.  Sleeping is becoming an unpleasant event!!  I kinda wish I knew how to levitate and sleep at the same time.

Ohhh, there is something I think I have been forgetting to write about too.  The way “time” is laid out now on my reading field.  At the ground level it seems to be over extended.  Meaning, there are certain sections of the field that when I see something on that section, it gives me a relationship to the time you may expect it to arrive in your world.  What is so odd right now, where lets say the timeline of mid november would normally be, Oct 23rd sits there.  With each passing day, the closer we get to the 23rd, the brighter it is getting over there, but I still cannot see past it.  However, when something appears in the area of “future time” off the ground, it is more like the timeline condensed itself, a week is now sitting where one day would have been, but not showing up on the ground itself.  Which has me very confused!!  I have not gotten clarity as to why that is yet, or how to interpret it during readings.  It is like we are living in a concentrated, expanded space all at the same time.  Kinda confusing if you ask me!! lol

On a completely different note, spirit has been leaning on me these last several days to start a new group project.  I have been closing them down without even asking what.  I am truly mentally exhausted after each day and hell, I have a shit ton of half written emails I don’t have the time or energy to get to and certainly don’t want to start any new projects until I can breathe with ease thru my days again.  Gotta love a sneak attack.  This morning the moment I woke up, before I could even close spirit out with their demands, I know what the group project is… dammit!! lol  Meditation classes.  So next month I will do two classes, one for genuine beginners, those who never meditated before and then those who do, but still have not learned how to hear and see and experience beyond the breathing stillness in.  But we are also going to learn how to straddle meditation both with our eyes closed and in the moment, with our eyes open, so that you have access to spirit at all times.  I will get a webpage built for this in the next few days.

Another project that is up spirits freakin sleeve, that seeped in yesterday, doing a youtube show with my daughter.  Her attorney said it would be in her best interest to do community service of some sort before she goes for sentencing (most likely in January) and what a better way to do community service than by helping people up out of the dark as she has just done, teamed up with her mama!!  If this project didn’t involve my daughter and her growth, let me tell you, I would just say no.  I don’t want to do videos!!  Again, I am not doing anything new until we break into November, but more than likely, November will see me and Val in a Youtube vlog once or twice a month.


On that note, I am going to close and attempt to get some emails finished up.  Forgive me for the delay, I truly need a doppelganger to help me!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and bliss and activity!!!

Lisa Gawlas










  1. Looking forward to info on your upcoming vlog! Thank you, Lisa, for your energy sacrifices to bring the rest of us UP…


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