Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 10, 2015

The Miracle Makers, The Multidimensional Beings = US!

multidimensional being

I am going to start this sharing by thanking my daughter for such an amazing validation of the power we all vividly possess right now and how we can all take a very sour lemon and truly make some refreshing lemonade out of it all and share it for everyone to taste.  Not once did she ever have a melt down because I took her darkest moments and shared them out loud, instead she paid attention to what we were learning together and started the process of deep inner change.  I must also acknowledge a very important key to all of it, which is YOU. The outpouring of love, of hope and support allowed someone in their deepest, darkest moments to not crumble into self shame, but instead reach for the guide rails of your hearts, of your outstretched hands/prayers and pull herself up and out and become stronger, empowered thru it all.  So thank you, every one of you, as well.

Yesterdays outcome to my daughters journey in and out of jail these last several months served to be such an extraordinary validation of our group energy and how REAL it all is.  I shared yesterday the meditation I had with the judge and my daughter, the vital life force of energy connecting their hearts (that big ass snake) but most especially the pencil eraser, erasing something in the back of the judges mind.  We had all assumed that she was going to go before the same judge that granted her bond last month, that’s what the magistrate that put her in jail on Oct 2nd told her needed to happen.  This was a higher court (circuit court) judge given because of her appeal of denial of bond by a lower court judge.  I could not understand what needed to be erased from his mind.

When her attorney called me after her bond hearing, I about shit a brick when he actually said she went before the very same judge that denied her bond in August, who said out loud then, that she was a danger to society and should not be allowed back out on the streets.  Even the prosecutor for the commonwealth was there (she was not the time she was freed on bond in Sept,) the same lady who took my daughter’s history out from the time she was 10 years old and every charge (not conviction) she endured since that time and told this same judge that she is a serious threat to society.  The only thing the prosecutor said yesterday, as they heaped another felony (grand larceny) and 3 misdemeanors on her, is that she is not a flight risk.  In an event that even shocked my daughters attorney, on the misdemeanor charges, he set bond at $1000 as OR (Own Recognizance, no payment required) and on the felony only $3000.

This time around, I decided to focus on the amount of bond, which I didn’t do so strongly last time.  I whispered in his heart, please let me be between $200 and $300 (the amount I have to pay to get her out.)  When I called the bondsman who helped us last time, I asked if I get a discount, he said of course and allowed me to pay $250 instead of $300.  The overwhelming gratitude that filled me, I only had $300 left to my name and I need food stuffs!!  Now I have both, my free daughter and enough to replenish my daily needs.

This whole event was a miracle, not a miracle where spirit intervened, but WE DID.  We are the empowered creators in Life now.  Our job is to help where help is needed, not ask for spirit to come intervene, we are the very spirit we pray to and the more we realize that, the more powerful the outcome.

There are times, like when my daughter went for bond the first time in August, our job is to not intervene.  I felt that the very moment I thought about sending light to the judge, she had not learned her lesson at that time and being released would serve no higher good.  And truly, in all the times she went to court, it was the only time nothing went her way.

When she was released yesterday and went to the magistrate to sign off on her bail, it was the very same magistrate who put her in jail on friday, the one that was going to give her bond until someone interfered.  He not only remembered her and told her he was so glad and very surprised that this judge gave her bond and he remembered me.  I didn’t even talk to him, I just broke down and cried when his secretary told me I could not give her one last hug before they put her behind bars and I headed back to New Mexico.  Whats funny, she asked the very same thing and broke down and cried when he said he couldn’t let that happen.  The Light of Love does leave an ever lasting imprint!!

This is all timely in incredible validation for all of us, given the massive shift in the field and the tremendous information coming out for everyone.  I swear I am way over my head doing readings these days.  I put on my facebook yesterday that I feel I entered advanced calculus class and haven’t even gotten out of general math yet.

I have been doing readings in one form or another since 2003.  Even tho the field I created has changed and evolved over the years, as we have changed and evolved, there was always a flat surface everything unfolded from, the earths surface.  This allows me to get a sense of time and distance, it keeps the flow of information organized in a way that makes sense to me and is more accurate for you.  Well. we are now officially, consciously multidimensional and the field now has added depth to it, upwards.  Most everyone I am reading for right now is connected to the middle atmosphere, and their teams are showing us what they are doing multidimensionally so they can become much more conscious and purposeful (from the human realm) of what they are doing and how it is affecting everything and how to do it consciously purposefully to affect their personal lives.

Let me tell you, trying to tell you what I do not even understand, mentally exhausting.  I am learning, understanding, in every moment we are together.  I don’t know any of this stuff before hand, which I think is rather unfair lol.  But lets look at the enormity of what this all means and how exciting it is going to get once we get the fluid understanding under our belts.

Everything in life is governed by various spirits setup to monitor and control the flow of, well, everything.  From the energies coming out of the sun, the vacuums of the black holes, the reverse (which science does not realize fully yet) black holes flowing into our realm, the currents of energy, future and past and so much more.  We are now the ones set up to monitor and control the flow of energy in this realm.  Yesterday, thru some of the readings, new spirit teachers and even intergalactic Beings started to show up as y/our assistants.

It was even stated thru two of the readings, we have until the end of this year to perfect our conscious participation in our place in this new living earthscape.

We are now multidimensional beings and its time to stop living a 3D focused life.  And even those that use their spiritual skills directly on the earth itself, going back to what has shared the other day about the grids now being in the middle atmosphere as opposed to earth, even vortexes have a new energy that needs to be understood from the middle atmosphere and not the ground level… anyone still working in the earth realm is tying themselves further to 3D, like it or not… and the only effect that will happen from this area, is within your own mind.  (Not my words or message, so don’t shot this messenger!! lol)

Suddenly, a book I had read by one of my favorite authors of all time, Ken Cary is floating in front of my face.  His last published book called “The Third Millennium” and I did a search to see if I can find a quote from that book appropriate for this sharing and I did from this website called “Stream of Consciousness.” 

The Third Millenium … by Ken Carey

“The earth recognizes people in whom God flowers. There is a sensuousness, a centeredness, a grace to their movement. There is a relaxed gentility of power flowing quietly within and beneath their action. There is a humble assuredness about them, a reverence, a sense of humor and a sense of the sacred entwined. They are the magical people, for whom the earth has longed. “

“When you collaborate with your ego, entwining your respective views in the flow of an integral life, you can go to the very heart of every creature, every stone, every plant, every ocean wave, every star fish on the beach, and you can sense if it is happy, if it is complete, if it has developed to the pinnacle of its desired intention- or if it has potential that yet seeks release. You can stimulate that release and assist that potential into temporal and spatial form. And wherever you choose to turn your attention, it will be welcome. Just as a forest rises to greet the sun, reaching up and welcoming its light, its energy, its love, you will find the minerals and elements of the earth rising up to welcome you.'”

“So the earth has always favored – and always will favor – those who are in love.”

“The earth’s joy at engaging with one incarnate who sees with the vision of the Creator, is the joy of a lover rushing to meet her beloved. In many cases, your vision will be all that is required to inspire the appropriate substances.”

Ken Carey

This is am important excerpt because thru the information flowing from your amazing skills being revealed, one thing that has changed is not needing permission from the person we may affect, not like we once did.  Just looking at the second paragraph, it states that very clearly.

Yesterday, thru one of the readings, my lady was working with a (reversed) black hole.  The other side releasing energy to our realm, and she was picking particular strands of energy from this black hole and connecting it into the multidimensional grid in the middle atmosphere, her example was particularly to change the mind a lady she so desires to work with.

One of the readings spiritual team members made a mention of manipulating time and energy as a positive thing.  We tend to think of manipulation as bad, but really we manipulate things all the time, like what we did with court yesterday, or if I was to braid my hair I would actually be manipulating all the strands of my hair to create the outcome desired.  Manipulation is not only a good thing, it’s a needed thing, it’s the way life works!!

Again, if we are taking someone or something out of a much needed lesson or experience that must play out the way it is, we will know.  My daughters first bond hearing as an example, equally, when I first met my father and wanted to do energy work on him, his team, as we were getting set up to do this work, said straight out “this is not his path.”  I didn’t like it, but understood it.  So as long as we are constantly working from the heart, we will always know which is which.

There is so much more to share, but I am done.  I am still emotionally and mentally exhausted, a good thing.  I am climbing mountains with every reading, for which I feel so privileged to do and witness, but it is exhausting like nothing I ever experienced before.  I really have to get mindful of taking days off, dammit lol.  Today should have been one so should have the 14th, but in the field of light when we are together, I keep my super woman cape flowing in the breeze of who cares about days off… until I wake up in this human body!! lol

I do want to give a shout out for interactive meditations, you will not figure this out from the outside.  It is time to connect to your new team and understand the expanding, extraordinary skill set now fully available to you and together, we are changing the worlds!!!

I love you all so much, thank you for changing it all for my daughter and myself, thru your Love and Power!!  You are ALL rock stars!!!! (heaven and earth together as one.)

(((((HUGZ))))) of eternity at your feet to do with as you please!! 😉

Lisa Gawlas






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