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The New Dynamic In Which We Live – Diagram Included!!

multideminsional humans

Now I see why spirit said it will take several days to completely (and I use the word completely, lightly) understand what we are seeing, meaning, how we now work and exist in this amazing, expanded field of Life we created for ourselves.  Holy heavens even!!  Now to try to put it all into cohesive words!!

First, let’s be clear on this overlapping time we are in.  I think the easiest way to explain it is by way of a light bulb moment for me yesterday.  As most of you know, I am phasing out my old calendar that I have been using for the last year or so, while phasing in my new calendar and this month, I am forced to use both at the same time because I still have appointments on my old one and appointments on my new one.  I didn’t realize just how confusing that would be, but it is!!  In our own way, the same is happening, old things finishing up and new ones beginning.  Our job is to know which is which and deal with both appropriately.   Many people are seeing and experiencing a compilation of various deaths in their lives, timely and appropriate even if unwanted.  How we let something end, also gives energy as to how something is birthed in its place.

As I mentioned yesterday, new beginnings are not going to be the obvious choices.  Many of the things in play and in play from the old reality, now referred to as the filtered earth.  But I will get back to this later.

The way we are laid out in the field now, is like nothing I have ever experienced before.  Beyond brand new.  I need to give you a visual, as super humble as it may be, to follow along with.  Reducing this all into words is not all that easy.

layout of new field

The line for earth is deceiving in my diagram, because it consists of a wide breath of “lower” dimensions, what I call the filtered earth and the green line itself is where the accelerated earth starts.  None of the work we will be doing will be directly on the earth as we knew it, she has changed just like we did.  This also gives way to why spirit has been harping on us to stop “grounding” that’s now an old way of doing things and the only place you would be able to latch into is the filtered earth.

Now I am going to skip, for a moment, upwards to the middle atmosphere (that’s what spirit called it yesterday.)  The area outside of the magnetosphere of earth itself.  Right now this is where many of us are doing our work right now, in the multidimensions as we pull (whether consciously or not) from other realms, from future bits of our current life and fuel our new day with this energy.  What I got to see yesterday thru some of the readings, is why that bubble of creation is now open and will remain open and I pray I can put this into understanding.  We are pulling the energy of other dimensions, other realms of life, other things we have yet to experience in out now, but have in our future self version, into this current timeline.  Before this massive shift, it all had to solidify into a single strand of experience, now not at all.  This is where limitless comes into play.  This is where the bounty of all your hard work pays off.  (How, dunno yet.)

As I get this information this morning to help share in coherency (as much as I can anywayz) spirit is saying this is exactly why they gave the “super powers course” back in May.  To help you learn how to navigate the dimensions, to extract what is needed and desired for this current, evolving reality and easily slide between the two.  There is no one that can teach you how you work now, it is an area of self discovery like never before.  And YOU are the emerging teachers to help others, if you invest in the time it takes do to this all consciously.

What was astounding yesterday as well (well for the last two days, everything astounded me!! lol) is the fact that the grid of life is no longer on earth as it once was.  Instead, I seen the layout thru an amazing lady in the multiverse area, the middle atmosphere.  There were crystalline generators suspended in air, blinking on and off, in various degrees of Light/Vibration.  Each one assigned to a section of earth including the many “layers” of the filtered earth.

This is changing the magnitude of everything.  Over the coming years, we are going to see a hmmmmm…. bubbling up of the density that has been.  We will see and experience this as major earth events like earthquakes, storms, volcanoes and such.  As one density collapses it must bubble up into new light.

The magnetic grids of earth itself will be in a constant state of flux, of change and we will see its causality as well.  More dolphins and whales beaching themselves, they ask not to be sad, but to understand they gave of themselves to show you the changes and they do it with love and honor.  We will see many more “anomalies” in the sky, as the vortexes open for the first time in creations history.

Of course, as the earth and sky are changing, effected, so too are the people living upon this realm.  You/we cannot stop what is in motion, so please do not even try.  To do so would be like sewing a birthing mothers legs together, which would not be allowed by the universal forces and will create its own blowback to the one(s) trying.

Our spiritual abilities are going to be out of this world, whether we know what they are or not.  Again, spirit is saying we had three years of prep work for this time and the time is Here.  Know thy Self!!!  I can give you an example that now makes sense to me.

Yesterday after my day of readings was done, I took bath.  I was hoping to see where I was at on this new field, nope, couldn’t see a thing.  Of course, I was unplugged from the field after the 5th reading.  However, I turned my focus over to my daughter, to the courtroom and the judge.  What I had seen so surprised me.  There was my daughter standing sideways to the right of the judge.  From the judge’s heart to her heart was a big ass snake, all I could see of this snake was its body because the tail and head were embedded in the hearts of my daughter and the judge, and I have no idea which end was where.  Then I seen spirit take what looked like a pencil eraser and started erasing something at the back of the judge’s head, whatever was at the back of his mind.  Other than send compassion and gel like Light energy, I had no idea what else to do in relationship to what I was seeing.  When I got out of the bath, I was so overwhelmed with an avalanche of love energy.  Like all of a sudden, a damn broke open and all I could do was cry from the overload of emotional energy.  I knew it was you, all of you, sending you love, your prayers to both of us.

This morning, I do understand now that as we gather together to share a moment, to assist in someones life, we create a living energy equivalent to what we know as kundalini energy, a new life force birthed by our focus.  This life force is what I had seen as the big fat snake! lol

Ohhh, another thing that is happening to the many of us working already out into multidimensions bringing the energy and experiences back into our timeline is a massive influx of energy in the upper most part of our bubble of creation thingie, which of course, connects directly into our pineal gland and expands and opens our consciousness.  Our bodies are once again, feeling it.  Stiff, if not painful muscles and joints.  Headaches, serious vertigo, emotions that seem more than they should be in both joy and sadness.  Just let it run its course, and if needed, take tylenol/ibuprofen!! lol  That doesn’t stop the process, just eases the pain receptors, which is what I have been taking.  My left leg, tho nowhere near as painful as it was a few days ago, still is sensitive.  Yesterday, ohhh my dear god I woke up with such a headache that ran right down to my neck and shoulders.  ibuprofen to the rescue!!  lol  Then in my bath, holy shit, the knuckles on my left hand where the fingers meet the back of the hand, hurt like hell!!  Mercy!!!

I was hoping to hear if Valorie got bond before I closed out this sharing today, but not yet.  It is 45 minutes past her scheduled hearing time, but we know too, rarely does anyone go before the judge at the scheduled time.  ohhh gotta love pacing!!

Thank you all for holding our hands, our hearts and sharing your love and energy with us as the old closes out and the new becomes birthed.  I love you all more than my words will ever fully be able to express.

(((((HUGZ)))) of endless bounty to All!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Thank you for this post. Wishing Valerie her highest and best outcome, and peace and grace to you both! Hugs!!

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