Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 22, 2015

Expansion, Explosion, Solidifying Into Our New Story, Underway!!

incarnation choices


When we came out of the solar eclipse and spirit said I would be seeing people’s “instruments” for the rest of the week, I think I should have asked, what about the week after?  True to spirit’s word, we seen instruments or the bridgeway (depending on where one was at) for the entire week, then… nothing at all…. a-freakin-gain!  It’s not like I am not being shown what’s happening with us, but once again, its only when I am not looking directly into the field itself that I am shown and actually do understand it.  I found a picture that I think can help give the visual for what I am about to share.  Ignore the writing on the artwork…


The image on the left side, if we look at the tube of the tornado as the magnetic core that runs from the top to the bottom of the magnetosphere (north to south) and the puffy cloud above as the accelerated zone energy, only, it’s not just located at the top, but completely surrounds the core from top to bottom, that’s where those aligned with the accelerated zone live.

So keeping with the left side of this image above, with the magnetic field opening to leave the particles of pure sun energy in, it is taking our light body and (the way I see it) kind of like carbonation pops and fizzes coming out of soda water, it is doing that to us too.  Codes, DNA, magnetic fields and so on within our body construct are exploding with openings.  As these bits and pieces of us explode, it is drawn into the magnetic core.  Spirit will not let me see what happens once inside the magnetic core, at all.  Not for the lack of trying mind you!!  However, I was given an “idea” about what is happening as we move inside the magnetic core.

If you look at the right side of the above image, all those bits and pieces that have exploded into opening, is now reformatting, what spirit has been saying as “solidifying” in our next version of life.

So all that I can understand, and truly I see it as tiny bits of particles enmass circulating clockwise inside the magnetosphere that at the moment of its explosion, gets sucked into the gold magnetic core and that’s where they stop my vision.  This sucking in (if you will) will continue until tomorrow, the day of the equinox and then (I am hearing, not seeing) the day after the equinox we start to move out into our new pimped out (or sludged out) field of life.

Because of the magnitude of what is happening, this massive event is affecting every version of earth, every time line, every parallel existence of various earths.

Altho I have not been able to “read” for the last two days, I can feel us coming together just before our phone call like never before.  A wash of love, a surge in vibration, a liquid feeling running down my spine, a surge of energy in my muscles.  It’s different for everyone and really, until last night I was even sure what I was feeling or why.  I now realize, it whatever aspect of you that is int he midst of exploding, opening so wide it is no longer contained and WILL be a huge element of your next version of Self, I feel it.  And because I feel it, it is affecting me.  I had 7 wonderful conversations yesterday, and the moment the last one was over, my eyes got so heavy I couldn’t keep them open.  I fell sound asleep for hours, waking up only to move my body because it hurt so much, as if I fell asleep on a cement floor instead of my cushy couch.  Spirit said, this is the energy solidifying in my biological mass I call a body.  Ouchies!!

Can I strongly suggest, from this moment going at least into the total lunar eclipse, you focus on what you desire.  Not what you don’t want, not what you dislike or hate about anything.  Because let me tell you, what you are sending out in waves of energy you are seeding your field with as experience back atcha.  We have the grand opportunity to make our next version of ourselves a living love story, if that is what we feel and focus on within ourselves.  If you cannot get yourself beyond judgement or accusation, this will be your life back atcha on steroids.  The unbiased field of life, ya know.  Ohhhhh, also, stay the hell out of the future.  I have had more conversations these last two days about the future, based on what people experienced in the past and the dilemmas that they face.  Get that out of your life script!!  Please.

I want to give you another gift, I meant to do it the other day while my team was throwing everything we ever put together out there for you, I forgot.  In 2012 we recorded a 3 part hypnosis series called “Hypnosis from the Guardians” and the first one is called “The Planting” focusing planting yourself in your new life on the new earth merged with your guardian.  The MP3’s are on my dropbox account, so if you do not have a free dropbox, then just set one up then click the above link to download.  Ohh and if I am remembering correctly, within the first hypnosis you move your light body from where you are at to the top of the Mesa, where they (the guardians) are waiting.  So let me give you a visual of “Our Lady of Guadalupe Mesa” aka, my backyard!!

the mesa

Many of us have complained, a lot, about the incarnation that got us to Here.  Things like, why did it have to be so hard, so challenging, so wrought with obstacles.  It did serve our purpose, but NOW, we are choosing with our full consciousness of earth intact.  So whatever shows up for you the rest of this year, is because YOU chose it consciously.  We have one more choice point coming up the end of the year… either to expand what we are doing or get the hell out of repeats with a clarity of how you put it in your field to begin with because as exciting as this year has been, 2016 is going to be off the evolutionary charts!!


Keep in mind, I will be flying to Virginia Friday Sept 25th to hang with my new daughter (smile) and learn about my new sparkly self too.  We will both be on Kelli in the Raw Sept 29th, 12pm – 2pm EDT, the day of her 25th birthday.  Ohhh and quite a few people had asked her current mailing address and I keep forgetting to share it.  It is:  Valorie Gawlas     2460 MEADOW BROOK TRL.,  SUFFOLK, VA 23434-8142

May the magic and mystery of your Love fill you, expand you, and create new wonders for you and thru you!!

((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude, intense life changing Love to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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