Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 20, 2015

Physical Action is Required to Produce Outcome!!


Action!!  My morning yesterday started with that incredibly valuable, if not completely surprising lesson.  Mixing desire with an actual outcome demands we put out our hand into the field of life to make sure what we desire is brought back to our physical reality.  All the wishing, hoping, feeling in the world is not enough, just like a good magician, gotta stick your hand into the hat if you want to pull a rabbit out!!

After I published my blog yesterday, I took a cruise on the directv website to look at the information about the GenieGo, a device that allows you to download your recorded movies or shows onto your phone or computer and watch it without the need for wifi.  I am thinking, this would be great for traveling on the planes.  I could not find the investment fee on their website so I called them.

For the last month, I have been on the fence about ordering Showtime, there are several series that I really love watching and I want the channel, I just don’t want to pay for it!!  lol

As this lady is trying to tell how awesome the GenieGo is, she said you can record the shows on Showtime and watch them anywhere.  I said, but I don’t have Showtime, she explained that it is showing on my account that I can have it for free for the next 3 months.  Really???  Why?  I didn’t say i was going to buy the GenieGo, is that what would give it to me for free??  Nope.  I can have it just because I am me.  REALLY??  For no reason at all?  3 months for free???  WOW, sign me up!!!  No other pay channel, just the one I wanted for free, was handed to me on a silver platter because I called for information.

Action… I was inspired to look at Directv’s website for one thing, then called them to get the bottom line and was handed something that has been in my field of desire because of that phone call… reaching into the hat to get my rabbit!!

I got off that call and the energy running thru me, ya would swear I just hit the lottery or something… like floating on cloud 9.  I now realize that was the energy system called, outcome.  Everything we desire is in the field of potential, everything!!  It’s very much like taking your song of emotional desire and burning onto a CD, so now you have it in the physical realm.  So make sure, whatever it is your desiring, you put your hand out to bring it back into your realm of created reality.  Follow your inner energy field, your magnetic flow, it will lead you to where you need to go!!

Now lets talk about that field.  Holy freakin shit batman, it’s getting intense out there.  More and more is coming online, coming together with each passing day and the energy is getting more, hmmmmm… spacious??  I am not sure how to describe it, but it spreading my consciousness to levels I never thought it would go, not all in one day anywayz lol.  And of course, my crazy multidimensional calendar that I am still using had my last 3 appointments literally back to back with only a 15 minute gap between the first three.  I came out of the gate climbing mount Everest and it only got higher and steeper as the day went on.  When I got the notification in my email for my last appointment, I almost burst out crying, I cannot do one more.  I have never felt like I did yesterday and I don’t even know how to describe it.  Maybe that moment when you’re drinking and you know that if you have one more drink, you’ll go from feeling good to flat-out drunk and not in the pleasant way.  I have never ever had this feeling like I did yesterday.  I am so grateful she understood and was willing to wait til October.

But lets talk about all the added detail, energy that happened yesterday.  I think, instead of individuating how the information came out thru each person, I am going to talk about it as an ongoing whole system. Our pimped out, reversed reflective disco ball of a magnetosphere has turned into a gyroscope looking system within the magnetosphere.


Each one of us has our own unique work/play station within this amazing structure.  Of course, none of this is new information, it has been given to us over the years to start to understand what we had the full on potential to do.  We are here now.  For those that did their inner homework, well great is about go into unimaginably great from here on out!  Yes we will still have those kinks in the biology, tired days, exhilarated days and everything in between.  But the fact remains… WE ARE HERE!!  YAY??? lol

Lets take each new part, that magnetic core thingie.  Two people showed up yesterday that works directly within that energy system.  Altho, visually this thing looked solid, it is made up of trillions of magnetic particles that in my field of vision look gold in vibration (pure undiluted spiritual energy, atomic energy.)

The energy I see as the shell of the magnetosphere has soooo many quadrants in it, and each quadrant, so different and each person is assigned to the quadrant to do their work/creation/play.  If we look at it as an orchestra box and each one of you/us an instrument within the orchestra…

And then there is the wind section, that’s where I am… the place between the needle/magnetic core and the controls of the record player itself…  each section has a different rate of spin, of energy transmission and transmutation.

I do want to mention, thru the readings aligned with the spinning middle part (the part that looks to me like an LP record made of energy) their teams keep calling that area the midheaven.  It is the emotional field of the human that creates its spin in relationship to their work and desires.  Also, the upper part of it access what we call the higher mind, beneath is, the lower mind or ego.  Keeping clear, it is the lower mind that is the master of matter, that part is a super important key player in this whole exciting game.  The very thing that directed me to call Directv yesterday.  We can get inspired all day long, but it is our lower mind that creates the action needed for the outcome, if we allow for it!!!

I so want to give some individual examples of the readings yesterday, I cannot.  My poor brain/consciousness is obviously still overwhelmed and digesting the enormity of each energy system called you.

So on that note, I am going to close here and pray you understand what I tried to share (smile) and find a way to make space for the 7 folks on my dance card today.

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of every dream made manifest and even a few that you didn’t dare to dream!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. […] Source: Physical Action is Required to Produce Outcome!! […]


  2. A few things here…..first of all this is a misconception that you are spreading:

    “Physical Action is Required to Produce Outcome!!”

    That is a misunderstood, very common, New Age Belief.

    “Action”, the best action, comes from deliberately focusing your vibrational energy, using your “imagination” power, and sending out your manifestional Power of Thought into the universe.
    I’ve done this, tested it out — and manifested over a million dollars this way.

    THOUGHT ACTION….is more powerful than “physical” action.

    Example, watch and listen carefully to this Abraham Hicks video:



    You are STILL practicing and sending out the vibration of “LACK”.

    Your DirectTV story, only shows others, that you are still concerned with lack of money (scarcity).
    A person, who is the opposite of you, who is broadcasting ABUNDANCE, and thus receiving ABUNDANCE back from the universe, would not even consider the price of DirectTV at all….and would simply order it without hesitation, or any focus at all on *not being able to afford it* or *not wanting to spend that much on it*.

    That abundant person, would also not give a shit about 3 FREE months, either.

    And this is nothing new anyway — all these companies constantly offer 3 free months — every damn one of them.
    They all use this very same scam, to suck in customers.

    If I were you, I’d take my advice (especially from the emails I sent you)….and experiment instead with your *Thought Power* ACTION.

    And see what happens…..see what you are able to manifest, THAT way!!!


    • Tell ya what… you do it your way, I’ll do it my way. Once again, you think you know me and have no clue. But how I can produce such anger in you… well, perhaps you are just voicing your own reflection. Let me (((HUG))) ya and let you know, do it any way that feels good for you and judge no-thing along way. ❤


      • Look at your response to me — I am NOT angry at you, I am not angry at anyone, period. Like I told you before, I am NEUTRAL towards you. Riding the ascended master balancing act of total neutrality.
        It is no longer even possible for me to experience the low frequency emotion, “ANGER”.

        But I AM, Unconditionally Loving, towards you.
        And I actually have the most incredible, giggle-infested Sense of Humour, of anyone you’d meet in your entire life.
        I would have you in stitches, all day long. That is the true me.

        Try to read again, what I just said, and imagine that there is no anger or judgment in any of it.
        Now, how does it sound when you do that? (keep in mind, that I love to swear, and find it very amusingly fun to do so 😉

        You “see” me, but your own perspective is polluting your view of me.
        You are projecting “anger” onto what I am teaching you.
        But you are not “seeing” the true me. Because, “you think you know me and have no clue.”

        Do you see what is happening here?


        I AM your greatest teacher, and you are not realizing that yet.

        What you are saying to me in response, is your own reflection of yourself.
        In actuality, it has nothing to do with me.

        I fully realize that you do not like to be “taught”. You like to be the one, doing the teaching.
        But your Higher Self, has asked my Higher Self, to do this for you, because nobody else in your physical reality is doing it. You are surrounded by too many adoring “acolytes”….too many enabling cheerleaders.

        And I was not going to bother you again (or that was the plan)….but what you have done in this article, IS spreading dis-information and incomplete information to all of your many followers.
        And that affects me, and it affects the planet, and it very much affects the collective Ascension process.
        Because we are all of us, a TEAM. An Ascension Team.
        All connected.
        What you are currently saying, will only serve to “lower” the team’s frequencies.

        And it has been MY job, in my Soul Contract, to raise the frequencies of every single person I come in contact with on this planet, if at all possible.

        Before you judge me again…..just watch the Abraham Hicks video.
        Be *open* enough, to at least do THAT.

        ((HUGZ)) and all that. (grin)


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