Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 19, 2015

From the Amazing Magnetosphere to Re-Writes, Holy Loving Cows Batman!!!


Boy, what a mixed bag of tricks yesterday was!!  I am not even sure where to start and make this sharing coherent!  I guess I will start with that wild-looking thing called earths magnetosphere.  The upper part of this disco ball looking sphere must have come online while I was unplugged, or maybe, I was unplugged so my vision could see that high.  Either way, I seen some amazing worker bee’s doing their musical magic yesterday!  I am not even sure what I am understanding with all this, so please know, whatever I am about to share today is subject to change with more information.

I found a picture that I think will help with what I am understanding:

earths magnetosphere


Ignore most of the writing set into the picture.  If we look at this diagram, that yellow-green ring is the magnetosphere, literally in this picture.  Now turn it into s orb as opposed to a ring.  The plasma torus is what I am seeing as the shell of the disco ball in readings (smile) and the space between the ring and the blue, which for my diagram is going to represent the “bridge” to acceleration or filtered earth (forget that it says jupiter, that’s earth, specifically the filtered, duality dense 3D earth, in my diagram.)

The magnetosphere is in constant rotation, which means equally, those of us in the accelerated zone are too.  The inside of this shell of the magnetosphere has these protrusions like the cylinder of a music box has:

music box

The protrusions are different shapes and sizes depending on who I am looking at and their placement on the magnetosphere.  The flappy things that hit the protrusions, that’s you!!  The instrument that is creating the energy waves, sounds, experiences being released back thru Life itself.  No two instruments are alike and serve the same purpose… similar, yes, the same, not even close!!  Each instrument (ummm each of you/us) has a unique job to do, to understand and perfect.  Once upon a time, like last week lol, our guides were the ones plucking these notes of experience for us, now, we are the ones doing it, we have arrived in enough consciousness to embody our roles in this amazing new game!!

So as you can see from this incredibly humble model… for those still trying to ground or anchor or do things that no longer need to be done… it cannot happen.  However, I was given an example thru a conversation the other day for people still insisting they need to do this.  You create an orb of energy around you, what I once called your bubble of creation, so that anything you try to fix or change only happens inside your bubble (which only forms when you take yourself out of limitlessness and go into the limited view.)  If you are doing it with a group, then you are actually weaving your bubbles together, which entangles you in ways you really don’t need to be entangled.  Protective measures have been put in place simply because we are creatures of habit.  Doing what we have always done on an earth that no longer exists in that way.  Mission was accomplished, time to see your new amazing self and use it so differently than ever before.  Or not.

I had seen one lady yesterday, talk about tripping me up lol, she is undergoing a serious change of frequency in her lungs, in the energy she takes in and releases and it is presenting in her life as bronchitis.  Her visual was spread eagle in the center of the magnetosphere while her team tweaked various things that kinda looked like knobs or something at the inside shell part of the magnetosphere.  They explained she is being fine tuned,  I guess think of tuning a piano., getting new strings, tuning them to the new song of the earth field and stuff.

So often we get “sick’ and think we have taken a large step backwards instead of celebrating a huge step forward.  She was literally put in time out, suspended in immobility as all this fine tuning takes place.

My last lady of the day, holy cow what an amazing understanding.  There are some of us that have come in with physical challenges, which even creates physical limitations.  Truly, these are amazing masters changing a lot of the programming that for eons, has been part of our DNA set.  She has had an activated (physical) pain body pretty much from birth.  She uses hand crutches to assist her in walking.  So I started seeing a notebook in front of my face before our connection.  A very particular kind of notebook:


And words I could not see, but could see (if that makes sense lol) being written in pencil.  All I kept hearing is “re-write.”  This whole thing was strange because this imagery was floating in front of my face.  Granted, we connect via skype and at first, I thought that was why, cuz I was looking at my computer.  Nope.

Her team explained that right now and moving forward she needs to literally rewrite her incarnation desires.  Doing it in pencil leaves room to erase the energy, pen becomes permanent.  This notepad is on purpose too.  Unlike the side spiral notebook, when you close it squishes the energy flat on top of each other.  This type, when you turn the page emits its frequency to the other pages.  All new energy comes into our body’s from the back and breathes itself outwards thru the front of our body.  Same thing happening here.

She is to take the time to rewrite her new life story, without using any negatives at all.  Example: “I am enjoying full health and vitality.”  As opposed to “I am no longer feeling pain in my body.”  Using the word pain brings that energy forward.  And reminding everybody who may want to do this amazing rewrite themselves, the universe nor our minds, hear negatives… meaning, “I am NOT” is translated to “I Am” and the not evaporates because negatives do not exist except at the human level of speaking.

Even as we connected and went over everything, her notebook always remained between me and the computer screen.  Her team explained because she has been pulled out of time and space and held in a sort of suspension as she rewrites her new story.  They explained it like using a sentence with comma’s.  I will use my own analogy (from my own history.)

The beginning sentence of this incarnation could have easily read:  “I have not family in my life that loves or cares for me.”  Now, as I have rewritten that song of my life, and the pause point of where my lovely lady is would read now:  “I had no family in my life, but now I am surrounded by family of light, expanding my understanding about family and being loved and cared for.

The interjection of how you are now, how you choose to experience yourself now, changes the energy preceding and after the comma’s.  You cannot hold your old story (and sometimes, especially when there is pain, whether physical or emotional) involved, its hard to write a new story when your focused on the old one.  If you want to change anything about your life, this is an amazing way to do it.  You start singing a new song which MUST take form.

I hope I am making this powerful rewrite understandable.  Also, don’t lie.  Don’t make something up like “I have always been in health and vitality” if that is not a true statement.  The mind knows things, and you can trick it for a minute, but then it realizes that’s not the truth and reverts back to the way it was and has been.  (Ohhh my hypnosis teachings are still valuable lol.)

She did ask how long she had to get this done… there is no time, so the cycle of this particular month will carry forward with her for as long as she starts her rewrite daily.  If she chooses to not do it, to let life distract her… well, then she will continue with the original story.  But I know her, she will get this done.  Because I had seen her greatest potential in my kitchen… dancing a wiggle that ass kind of dance, hands moving, hand crutches more like pom poms and fluid, pain free movement is her outcome!!

Ya know, I am wondering now…. since the moment I woke up this morning, I have been hearing my daughters new theme song “My Fight Song,” and altho I talked to her last night and things are going well inside of her… I am thinking this is now everyone’s song that needs a rewrite.  It sure as hell inspired my daughter to change it all… may it do so for you that needs that extra push!!

I love you all so much.  I thank you more than I will ever be able to put into words for allowing us all to understand how to do things differently, magnificently together!!

((((HUGZ)))) of love songs, dance songs, and the abundance of bliss everywhere you turn!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Sing… it does change everything!! ❤




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