Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 17, 2015

DeJa Vu and our new Symphony together!!


I have got to start today’s sharing by saying thank you.  Thank you for showing up every day and shining your amazing soul light on the field of life.  The beauty, the sound gets more and more beautiful with each shift.  You are gift upon my eyes and ears, my heart and soul each and every day and I thank you!!

Before I get into the amazingness of all the readings yesterday, I want to talk about Deja Vu first.  When I first started this path, I would have those experiences a lot, but now, I cannot remember the last time I had that experience until this shift.  The last two days, thru two of the readings (one each day) which actually confuses me.

When I did my Life Between Life regression back in 2001, a part of the 3 hour hypnosis session was going to the life planning area to choose the body type, family surroundings, life experiences needed to resolve old karma and create new understandings.  Thru seeing the many different possible scenarios that could happen at various choice points in that life, one was so important to take you to the next grander road, the experience was embedded in the physical minds frequency that we experience as Deja Vu, the feeling like we has seen or said or done this before.  We have!!  In our life planning stage from the other side of the veil.  Our own souls way of saying, we made it to the next wisest choice point to alter and enhance the journey thru matter.  Kinda like a spiritual mile marker!!

With all that said, this incredible moment we have entered, this shift of all shifts, we seen as a potential before our parents ever became pregnant.  Ohhhh, here is something I did not know (lol, like I know so much!! lol) Those moments of Deja Vu are also like getting off an exit ramp as your cruising down life’s highway, into another dimensional field of life that allows for more expansion, more possibilities.  That’s so freakin kewl!!

Perhaps that is why each day now, more light, more details and understandings are being added to the readings.  We are expanding into so much rarefied light, and it was bright in the field all day yesterday, unlike the day before where is was truly like reading in the night sky.

But spirit didn’t stop at Deja Vu to make it unmistakably clear that what I am seeing is true, planned in knowing, they point a holy shit exclamation point on the end of my day yesterday.

My last lady of the day show up looking like a massive blow fish all puffed out.  Her skin was the most beautiful blend of yellow-green (soul/sun energy blended with heart energy.)


Instead of being in the water, she was actually a drift on the air currents.  I about shit when she said she has had a recurring dream since childhood about a blowfish drifting in the air.  REALLY???  This image was so bizarre and unusual and yet here she is, getting it completely cuz of the recurrent dream.  May I add, this precious soul was also a virgin on my field too (new, someone I never read for before.)  A vital part of the validation keys coming online in my crazy world.  So again, thank you!!  I do have to giggle with her tho, we are seeing the new teachers assisting you in these musical moments of our newness.  Hers, was Charlie Tuna!!  HA!!  In her reading he had on black glasses and I could not remember for the life of me if the commercials I have seen of him, did he wear glasses??  lol


He had said that this is the guise he is choosing to wear as he teaches her how to swim the air waves and equally, gotta love he is a Tune-a-fish.

I had another one during the day, a precious man i had been reading for that filled me in a way I have never ever experienced before.  His view was “surfing” this pastel pink, blue, violet blend of energy coming out of the sun winding its pathway down towards earth.  Even tho his position was surfing it, his team also used the word “super soaker” but I seen no squirt gun in his visual.  What the hell?  The understanding with him is he takes the flow of magnetic energy from the sun as it forms a pathway to the earth, thru his feet he is naturally pulling up the energies we see as CME’s, Solar Wind, Magnetic Filaments and squirts it out of his heart now tuned to the biological life on earth.  (I am leaving so much detail out simply because to explain how each person works would take me hours each one, and you are your own unique instrument, so the details are not as broad spectrum as they once were.)  When his team showed how he is surfing this energy and squirting it out his heart with each heartbeat, suddenly and beautifully, I had stereo sound in my ears.  I hear either in one ear or the other, never both.  This I experienced in both ears at the same time and the richness of the music, which has a series of (what I now understand as) sacred geometry embedded into the sound, penetrated my eardrums, literally,  I could feel it, see it, hear it.  This morning I looked to see what was happening with the sun energy yesterday and I have to smile: SOLARSAURUS: An enormous cloud of plasma is rotating into view over the sun’s eastern limb.  His team did say the sun is always releasing energy, but these particular things, whether they release from the sun themselves or not, affect us even more than usual.

This is also one of the very few people I had seen in the last few months whose reading took him all the way into the middle of next year.  He is currently in school for nursing and yet, mid next year, he will somehow have his own youtube music show!!  Showing he set up the end of his last incarnation (ummm last week lol) to continue this amazing path into the new (now.)   I have to crack up tho at his teacher, again like Charlie tune-a-fish, his guise is on purpose.  He was a human bat like looking thing.  His face a blend of black and violet, his face looked like a bat really, pointy ears, which only in my processing last evening did I understand the “antenna” aspect to his pointy ears.

For the last year or two spirit has been on its kick about no grounding, stop grounding and learn to flow.  Now I soooo see the reason why.  For those of us on the outer edges of earth, the expanded area (I am bringing back my humble presentation from yesterday, to be perfectly in this important understanding:)

new earth

In the expanded area, we MUST be fluid, like the air, the waters, the magnetic field of life.  There is nothing to ground into here, nor is there anything anyone needs to fix or anchor in… just saying!!!  Imagine your on the filtered earth, where 3D is having its way with you, why on earth would you want to anchor into that??  You sure as hell cannot be on the filtered earth and anchor anywhere else?  Even the bridge, it’s a choice point not a permanent residence.

Even the field of our physical bodies must be open… allowing.  Like grand piano.


Open, reflective, melodic in its output.  Your job is to know how to play the strings of life, not anchor in anything, then ya just get bloated.

Ohhh and I gotta say this too… thru someones reading yesterday, we are the instruments of life, the new orchestra of life, earth, that magnetosphere is the orchestra box itself.  Tuning into each other and amplifying the brilliant new song of life outwards!!!

We must be conscious and fluid as we learn to live as this expanded Self incarnate and how to work our magic thru the bridge and the filtered earth.  Know thyself!!!

Now let me go to the grand opening of my day yesterday!!  This man is a shining example of just how powerful we are!!  I could hear the element of surprise when I said hello to him.  He insisted he did not have an appointment with me, I insisted he did!!  Your on my calendar therefore, you do!!  He had said he had been wanting to book more appointments with me, but since he knew my September was already full, he was waiting til October and we was quite insistent we used up his last package.  Well dammit, your here now, I am going read for you!!  His joyful giggle and surprise was a gift unto my soul that I could not ignore and just pass by!!

His body is the needle and the core of the sun, central sun, passing point from this side of the veil to the other (pick a description) was where he got his “thread’ from.  New codes being released, new energy, source energy to sew into life whatever he desired as well as assisting others with his enhanced instrument.  We had to laugh and celebrate the fact that he wanted a reading so damn bad and to be at the top of my day instead of the end… he (miraculously) sown himself into my calendar exactly how he wanted it.   I told him that he was such a gift unto my day, he best not even try to pay for it… it was a wonderful confluence of manifestation and exciting information to us, to us all!!

There is so much more information floating around in my crazy brain, I cannot seem to pull it together yet.  This morning head actually feels thick and tired.  And of course, I have 7 people on my dance card.  Here is hoping I can take in more light without blowing up!! lol

I want to leave you with a video a precious soul put on my facebook yesterday morning.  This video affected me instantly and so surprisingly.  I started crying immediately, these tears of…. recognition, expansion, love!!  Well just dammit, its a facebook video and not a youtube video, I cannot share it here.  Too bad, its stunning and should be more available to people beyond facebook!! ❤  UPDATE lol I found it on youtube and embedding it at the close here!!!  Enjoy!!!!!

I decided too, that when I get back from my daughters, I am going to look at investing in a pan flute with online lessons.  I say I “can’t” do a lot of things, mostly, I don’t want to take the energy to learn.  I Am going to learn how to literally play the pan flute so I can go to the river and play it for the Guaridans who have stood guard over the energy of Shambhala waiting for us to arrive!!  We are Now Here!!

I love you all so freaking much!!  Thank you for blessing my life day after day in ways no one else can!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of vibrant, life changing, life enhancing music to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. Thank you for the wonderful messages, my heart has been singing and I find myself humming recently and I am not musically inclined. Just love the synchronicity of your readings. I would love to understand the field as you do and also to have the ability to hear your guides. I can see the field in a darkened room while giving Reiki but I honestly do not consciously understand everything I see. I will say the colors are amazing and indescribable and I just love the experience and the feeling the energies give me. I live in Colorado and really love New Mexico, what a wonderful part of the country we both reside in. May your day be blessed with waves of love, joy and happiness ;o)


  3. Re this symphony: Over 20 years ago my Spirit gave me one of my Spirit songs: ” This is a symphony to our Love.” played to strong, beautiful music. From your readings sounds like the orchestra is getting their instruments . Gonna be lots of Love, love, love , …Crazy love!


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