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The Music of Love vs the Power of Fighting!

expanding love

Wow!!  Just… WOW!! I am not even sure how to start today’s sharing.  The information, the imagery, the wonder that was presented thru the field yesterday, holy excited heaven batman!!  I think the best way to start is with the earth herself and then, our relationship, our instrumental song of her powerful love made manifest.

Thru one of the readings yesterday, we were giving the amazing, the stunning view of the expanse of our new earth.  The relationship we now have with her (and her with us, of course.)  First and foremost, she wants everyone to know, to realize, she is a finely tuned instrument herself, in this new, amazing version of our life together.  If at any time you look at the earth and think it needs fixing, or realigning, look first into yourself, the reflection you are seeing, is your own.   Now with that said, what I am going to share came thru the readings and a ton of processing the information.

We are building a new bubble of energy as our new universe around us, so too, is the earth.  She showed her emerging self in relationship to us thru one of the readings and it just took my breath away on so many levels.  It is this morning I now fully realize what she showed us the new magnetosphere of earth, her loving arms around us, if you will.  The literal sense of the magnetosphere is:

The Earth has a magnetic field with north and south poles. The Earth’s magnetic field reaches 36,000 miles into space.

The magnetic field of the Earth is surrounded in a region called the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere prevents most of the particles from the sun, carried in solar wind, from hitting the Earth.

Some particles from the solar wind can enters the magnetosphere. The particles that enter from the magnetotail travel toward the Earth and create the auroral oval light shows.

The Sun and other planets have magnetospheres, but the Earth has the strongest one of all the rocky planets. The Earth’s north and south magnetic poles reverse at irregular intervals of hundreds of thousands of years. (Taken from Windows to the Universe website.)

So I found an image that gives a starting view of her new field surrounding us:

mosaic earth

The biggest difference being, the reflection was back to us, not outside of herself.  We being in the middle part of her magnetosphere.  The mosaic of color was actually a blend of light infused pastels of pinks, yellows and oranges… for now.  And she literally is coming online at her center, which is why I cropped the picture this way, she too, is emerging with us and us with her.

Our personal sound waves are bouncing outwards to her pimped out, shiny, super reflective field surrounding earth and combining her energy, her music, with us as a partnership, enhancing and enlivening it all WITH US.

The way I am now seeing how this amazing earth is laid out:

new earth


If we can look at ourselves in relationship to this image, those I had seen yesterday, coming thru the hula hoop looking circle representing the eclipse shows the expanded outer magnetosphere of our emergence.  This where it gets complicated for me to explain.  The “instruments” I had seen yesterday was not all about music.  There was a traffic light, blinking like crazy in the red, yellow, green energy.  Her team said she directs the flow of traffic in and our of her world.  But if we look at the bigger picture (that I used) as we perfect our instrument, we also let in or stop the arrival of new instruments in this expanded field.

Then I had one whose instrument is fire.  The pilot light was her heart, the instrument is the fire itself.  Fire can be passionate, cleansing, nourishing, dancing.  Her job is to know which to create when and how to use her emotional field to do that.  Because we know, if we misuse fire, it burns!!

Fire Circle


When I seen her, I thought hey!!!  I am a Leo with Sag rising, how come I am a damn flute?  I wanna be fire too!!  Hell I should be fire, no??  NO!!  Forget you had a birthday called August 15th.  Forget you had an astrological chart from that past life.  Forget all the things you thought you knew about yourself.  In this incarnation of ourselves, we are now fully partnered with the earth, her elements in living expression of life.  Not divvied up into 12 houses, but a full house working as one.

I am a damn flute!! lol  But really, when I get over myself (smile) it makes sense.  This immediate past life (like last week and the other 53 years) I have been perfecting the wind energy within myself.  Taking the octaves of information that comes thru the air and bringing it to life the best I can.  The more aligned I became, the broader the winds spread, the more instruments of truth (that’s YOU) showed up to play with, sing with, share from.

Since I do understand myself, I can use this new relationship with earth as an example of understanding.  When we stop seeing anything as good or bad, broken and in need of (our) fixing, whether it be a human, a place on earth, a system of energy… we enter the true partnership with earth herself.  The reflective mosaic of energy speeds the field up and slows it down where needed.  There is a harmony that is actually contracting.  If we are the widest part of earths sphere, then anything we say or do must contract, move inward to the bridge and to the center, affecting all that is there.  Expanding them, and without magnetic flow, rattles them a bit, gets them out of their limited view of themselves and gives them the opportunity to move outwards.

We are the system busters and we aren’t going to bust the old systems in the way we may think.  We are the winds, the fires, the color streams, we are fluid and penetrating and life changing.  If I try to go fight a system, we both get black eyes.  If I sing my song into the system, it MUST change, not by force like in a fight, but the power of love itself.

So the place where you are showing up in relationship to your “instrument” is more complex and important than I realized yesterday.  The hands, the grasp you have with life itself, the melody, the harmony, the ability to change the channel for those who need it.  One lady showed up as I eventually understood, the bow part of the instrument.  Like a violin, the earth the violin, the very strings of musical life, her feet, the bow to bring the music of life together.

My last lady of the day confused me, well, at least until this morning.  But man oh man, what a dynamic grand finale, not that she was supposed to be, I had another appt after her, but nope that was not happening.

She was the only one who showed up on the ground itself.  I kinda love that!!  So much easier to read on the ground than way up in the darkened air!!  Her placement was directly at my backdoor (east field, spring, new beginnings.)  Her field, barren, dehydrated even.  Of course, I am having my own inner melt down because everyone but her came thru the eclipse thingie and what does this mean now.  There was too much “light” in her field to associate it with the filtered earth, and even the ground in her center, no mounds of anything, just dry sand colored dirt and pebbles.  Keeping in mind, I had no freaking clue there was a bridge way between the filtered and accelerated earth until this morning.  But it does make sense there has to be an orientation place, a semi-buffered place and we align with our new.  But keep in mind too, this bridge is not a one way bridge.  We can come out into the expanded world, do nothing and end up either back in the bridge or in the center filtered earth.

But going back to my east field lady.  She had told me her (longggg overdue) divorce just became finalized. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!  In the next breath, but she is going let him stay in her home for a year.  Huh??  Now I see why its dry and rocky!!  Now what really became interesting and bizarre, out in the “shadows: of her life field, new helpers were working their tiny little asses off (tiny, like one inch big) tilling the soil.  Out in the shadows, OMG the soil itself was soooo rich, beautiful, ready for growing anything.  But yet, as I looked at her field in a cone of vision, not even close.

Think about the shadows, places we don’t look, things that we don’t see, and many people get afraid even just thinking we have shadows!!  They are stunning and untainted by the focus of our lives.  We all have an area of our lives that is so ready for growth, if we simply move out of centerfield and look where you have not looked before.  She and I talked and like everyone yesterday, had homework to do.

I had another appointment 15 minutes after I hung up with her, and my battery was dead.  Just… drained.  Technically, impossible.  I had made sure I put my phone back on the charger due to the heavy schedule, and yet, when I called my 7th lady of the day, all I got was the loud beep of the battery about to die.  I recharged it for 15 minutes, nuttin.  We had to reschedule, my phone tapped out!!  Must have been that dehydrated landscape!

I sat on my couch and really pondered the energy expression coming thru my east field lady and as soon as I tuned back into her, the skies opened up with a huge downpour of rain!!  I knew it was for her, something shifted in her own divine authority thru our connection and it is pouring rain on her field of life.  YAY!!

On that note, my day begins soon.  Thank you for allowing me to stumble thru understandings, process a day or two and get clearer on what I see thru you.  We are all in a brand new way of life.  May we all loose what we think we know about ourselves and become more than we ever could have imagined!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of fiery passion and songs of Joy to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas







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