Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 13, 2015

Syncing Up With Your Flow of Passion and the Center of Your New Enhanced Life!!

flow of life

All I can say is, what a way to start this 3 day process!!  I think, for the first time I can consciously remember, I woke so in alignment with my magnetic flow, time itself stopped.  I woke up at 4:30, remember the voice I heard as I awoke the day before, insisting its time to change the calendar I use for appointments.  I didn’t have the left side brain power the day before, I had a sharing to do, but I took note that one of these days, I will find a new online calendar to use.  I find website work quite tedious and altho I can do it, it takes an hour pep talk to myself just to launch my web engine, then the rest of the day to tweak whatever needs to be tweaked.

Yesterday however, I flowed out of bed, to the coffee pot, to the computer and typed into google search “the best online calendar.”  The last time I did this, I had to try on at least 5 calendars before I settled with the one I have been using this last year or two.  Not yesterday, I knew exactly what I wanted, needed to all of our ease.  The calendar had to let you reschedule on your end, include phone numbers so we never miss each other because you forgot to include you number in the notes field.    The first one that I had seen said “let your clients reschedule from within your calendar.”  I think I let out a little whimper.  I opened it, started setting every thing up, it was better than I could have ever dreamed, gives every option that we needed and now, I am in scheduling heaven!!  I spent from 4:30 so in the flow of getting some of my webpages tweaked for the calendar, setting up the new calendar itself, that by 9am, I only drank 2 cups of coffee.  That many hours awake, I have torn thru an entire pot of coffee.   I was so focused and aligned with my flow, nothing beyond that existed, not even my coffee!!  When I was finished, the feeling flowing thru me, you would have sworn I just found the cure for cancer.  That feeling stayed in me, life a passionate flame of fire in my belly, most especially at my root and  sacral chakra area.  Weird, but enjoyable.  Maybe not so weird, root, new life connection, sacral, new fertility within that connection.

Now, let me skip for a moment, to the end of my day, I was watching the movie “The Legend of Bagger Vance.”  I was half watching it, half processing the feelings within me on this day, and then a scene came on that took what was flowing thru me and hooked my entire attention onto it.  I found a clip on youtube of this very scene talking about aligning with the field, your magnetic flow.  It states it better than I have ever heard or seen:



It was in that moment, watching this movie, I knew my day started so aligned with my field, my flow, that nothing else existed.  With this ah-ha moment also came the feeling that we have just entered the most important reading season of my personal history.  It needed a new, more organized glue.  I realized, my online calendar really is the glue of my entire day, every day.  It keeps you and I together, organized, flowing and fluid, together.  For the last couple of months, my current one does nothing but stress me out.  I have double appts booked at the same time, sometimes 7-8 appointments on one day (my sweet spot is 5, I cannot functionally do more than 6 in one day.)  Even tho you are required to put your phone number into the client details, I almost never have access to it and we miss appointments because I cannot call you. My calendar is the glue and You are the centerpiece of my days.  And so, I started this intense 3 day period putting new glue on our collective days.  A new field for us to be organized and fluid in.  Maybe, in my own way, I did find the cure for the cancer that had been eating up my nerves and our time together!!

I hope that during this 3 day new moon, partial solar eclipse event, everyone finds their flow.  The magnetic focus of how they are setting up their next story. That, as you find it, you feel the flames of passion within you, burning in unmistakable way.  The cure for your personal cancer, the thing that eats up your nerves, is within everyone to bring forth.  Or maybe best put by the character Bagger Vance (from the above movie):

Inside each and every one of us is our one, true authentic swing. Something we was born with. Something that’s ours and ours alone. Something that can’t be learned… something that’s got to be remembered.

Lets look at the suns participation in this amazing month we call September.  From  So far, September has been a great month for auroras. A series of solar wind streams, mixed with one or two minor CMEs, has buffeted Earth’s magnetic field almost non-stop for the past two weeks. The resulting G1- to G3-class geomagnetic storms have caused displays like this.

EOMAGNETIC STORM: A stream of solar wind hit Earth’s magnetic field on Sept. 11th, sparking one of the strongest geomagnetic storms of the year and auroras in multiple US states. This continues a trend of relatively high geomagnetic activity that began on Sept. 7th. High-latitude sky watchers could see more auroras tonight.

The impact sparked a strong (Kp=7) geomagnetic storm and Northern Lights in the USA as far south as Wisconsin and Washington State. In Alaska, “the entire sky was moving like sea waves in colors of green and purple,” reports aurora tour guide Marketa Murray, who took this picture outside Fairbanks:

alaska aurora


In the readings themselves, we came out of the “dip” in the field, where gravity was starting to put together our new story of life on the 7th of september, the same time venus, that planet of love went direct and the sun and earth together,  gave us and continues to give us the standing ovation!  Be sure to give yourself one as well.

The only thing I have any new news about, and I really don’t think it is new, I am hearing for the rest of september, as we come out of the other side of the life changing eclipse (starting the 15th) will be like dust that has been flying around the air now going back down to earth as the magnetic field of the equinox pulls it all back together, enhanced and accelerated in every way!!

If I can make a really strong suggestion in this most important time, don’t focus on the negatives, find your joy channel within and stay tuned there.  Because what is coming out of you, is what is coming to you.  Be in your Flow, Follow your bliss and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way!!

I love you!!  May you flow into the greatest version of yourSelf yet!!

((((HUGZ))) of passion fires and timelessness to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

PS.  Another kewl thing my new calendar has is a coupon generator.  Can I say, I am loving my new glue sooo much.  I want to take this coupon thing for a test drive, so today thru tomorrow (the 14th) only, I have created the coupon code to give you 50% off either a 30 minute reading (coupon code, Grand Opening) or 50% off a new package focused on Super Powers and 4 homework sessions to take you deeper, (this coupon code is Grand Opening!)  I couldn’t use the same one twice because it is in two different sections of my calendar.







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