Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 7, 2015

Christmas Eve, Paradise, Celebrating Adam and Eve…underway!!

adam and eve

What an amazing day in the field yesterday.  There is so much I want to share, but am gonna have to condense it, cuz much to my surprise, I woke up late.  I’m surprised because shortly after my last reading yesterday, I passed out cold for three hours, woke up long enough to eat, peck out a few emails and wham back down I went… and still slept thru the night past 6am!  Geez.  Yesterday was an intense, energetic workout that was most enjoyable and exhausting!! lol

I started to see my first lady an easy 15 minutes before our start time.  I was excited because I have been wondering what that dip in the high wire was all about.  Well, without a shadow of a doubt, its all about Christmas eve!!  But not like we think of Christmas, we have reduced this celebration to one mans journey on earth.  But before I connected with my lady, I actually googled why do we put a star on top of the tree, because that is what I had seen her doing.  Instead, I got more information about the tree and Christmas eve that I never knew.  Let me start by sharing this paragraph from the website whychristmas:

It’s possible that the wooden pyramid trees were meant to be like Paradise Trees. These were used in medieval German Mystery or Miracle Plays that were acted out in front of Churches on Christmas Eve. In early church calendars of saints, 24th December was Adam and Eve’s day. The Paradise Tree represented the Garden of Eden. It was often paraded around the town before the play started, as a way of advertising the play. (I made bold the points of this visual.)

This is what we have all been preparing for, working and clearing our asses off for, Shambhala.  To live heaven on earth in every way.  Paradise.  The Garden of Eden.

So my lady had this beautiful cut evergreen standing in the saggy part of the high wire still going across to the solar eclipse on the 13th.  She was leaning over towards it placing the most beautiful, light illuminating yellow-gold star on top of it.  Crowning the energy of paradise with her soul light.

We looked at the fact that her tree was cut, as christmas trees are.  Her team explained how purposeful this is, we are not to get rooted in any one place, but like the traditions of old, take our tree out into the world and parade yourself around.  In other words, just be you, but be you out loud!!

There are also many older traditions that didn’t decorate their trees until Christmas eve.  With the exception of the star she was placing on it, there were no decorations that I could see.  Her team said, that too is on purpose.  It is in our celebration, our joy and excitement for Being Here turns on the lights and ornaments of our tree, of our Life!  Christmas itself, is the 13th, technically.  From spirits view, that energy encompasses what we would consider 3 of our days, the 12th thru the 14th.

If there was any question about how enormous this coming eclipse is, my second lady put an exclamation point on it.  She was actually scheduled for the 13th as well as yesterday.  It took us 30 minutes to do a 15 minute reading because the call kept dropping.  I even had her call me on my landline directly and it didn’t matter, every time I started to talk about the energy of the 13th, whoomp the call dropped.  She called back, I started to repeat myself, the call dropped at the same point, we stopped talking about that and went back to her version of christmas eve that was being shown, we dropped easily 10-15 times.  But we are troopers, very persistent troopers, we got it done!!  We changed her appointment that was on the 13th.  Once we stopped “reading” and just started talking, no phone issues at all.  Holy power load batman!!

Ohhh and the tree itself, evergreen is also representing the heart alive in mater.  The reason we see this dip is gravity is already starting to pull the fruits of your heart, the energy of your soul, into matter and what I keep calling your next story of life.

My third lady, me expecting more christmas, instead, I got this really freakin large ballerina.  So large I could only see her legs and feet and that energy line and dip in it looked like a tiny toy compared to her.  Her right foot was the main point in her reading, her feet clad in this light infused yellow ballerina shoes, and her right foot stepping over the dip with the daintiness of toes pointing forward.  Her team explained that she is young, still in college and that her life is still very much a dance of movement and grace, not etched like maybe mine is at 53.  She is filled with balance and grace and fluidity and yet, she does not see herself like that, which is why I could only see her giant (can I just say GIANT) legs and feet.  She must see herself as powerful and graceful and giant as she is.  This was why I could not see her upper body, because she does not either.

My fourth lady, sheez, she was a series of lights beaming up from a ground wire that now has a circular depth to it and very particular patterns.  The only pattern I could see is what was already “turned on.”  Her team explained this series of light, of color and emotion started to radiate upwards at a tick after midnight and will conclude a tick after midnight last night.  I could see this series of blue and violet light, as if being emitted from a half-dollar sized spotlight beneath the surface and radiating upwards with a 45 degree slant outwards.  Her team explained that this color pattern was crucial for the starting energy.  Violet being that of the ascended master in body, so really the ascended biology field of her.  The blue her soul expression in harmony and partnership with her biology.  Then they gave me a view of the spectrum that will culminate as she ends her day a tick after midnight… yellow and orange.  This was an interesting understanding.  The yellow representing the source of all life, the sun.  What we think of as the masculine/creator energy.  The orange, the fertility of life, the goddess, the dreamer.  This must complete the circle if we are to use ourselves fully.  So in her own way, she showed us what we have available to us in “christmas lighting.”  The beginning and end of the order of lights are the only thing important, because the emotional field of desire will constantly change the pattern thru that.  However, those still working towards that inner and outer mastery, will have a different pattern of lights displayed.  That is for you to understand and adjust going forward.

My last lady really gave us an interesting view.  There she was, literally hanging on for dear life on this side of the dip, not a thing I could see in her dip at all.  Which really confused me given the day of readings and information.  Her dress was interesting, bight light illuminating yellow and white in puffy garment as she dangled underneath this wire and had the death grip from both hands keeping her from falling.  What the hell???  Her team focused my vision and even my feeling on her hands.  They were clenched so tight and they said, whatever she is holding onto, cannot move forward, it cannot come into this highly intense energy expression field with her.  She has to let go or just hang there.  She went thru some things she is hanging onto, nuttin hit my energy field until she said “my desire to help others” wham that was it!!  Let that go!!  She has a sister who is down trodden, by her sisters own choices and actions and she does everything she can to help her sister.  In this case, her team said she is throwing her energy into a dead pool.  It depletes her and is not used in the way she intends.  There were some other examples of other people and then suddenly… her hands let go of that death grip and she did a free fall into the abyss.  I could feel my whole energy field leave my body, go out to the field, catch her like a blanket and then placed her body into that dip.  Instantly, she turned into a beautiful yellow and white quantum soup.  As we talked and she really understood how important it was to let go and feed herself, her life, I could see the outline of a christmas tree start to emerge from her quantum soup.  She made the shift, the choice of letting go of all others so she can become what she has worked so hard to become… Paradise living out loud!!

Our job right now is to have fun, enjoy, live out loud as the Light Beings we are, not try to drag others with us.  Even with that, I am being reminded of the time I went to my fathers, wanting so much to do energy and emotional work with him to get him well, his team said “this is not his path.”  I had a choice to sit and decay in his presence, of dance his way back Home, unattached to any outcome or need to have him in my life longer than this moment, or no moments in this guise.

On that note… Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!  Celebrate the Paradise that lives within you and thru you.  Celebrate the love of Adam and Eve (divine masculine and feminine) that is together within your heart of creation.

((((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and bliss and the strength to let go!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. Holy emotional blockages, Batman!
    And here’s what I’m just sayin…..I WASN’T “Judging” you. I was ASKING you.
    I really truly honestly non-judgementally wanted to know, what your constant scarcity issue/focus with money is, if you are bringing in a rather continuous stream of Money.
    And I wanted to KNOW…..because I don’t know! And when I don’t “know something”….I always ask that person. Why? I ask them. Neutrally. With no judgement, but going by the obvious that is all that is available for me to see.

    And if THAT’s all you focused on, when I revealed to you what you are actually doing, and gave to you what I learned, shared from my Higher Self heart center many tailored resources to your liking about how you can LET GO of that low frequency pattern…..then you are focusing on the Negative only, and not the huge Positive of what I sent you.

    If you assumed that I was being Judgemental — that is all coming from YOU. Not me.
    I threw away all of that Emotional Crap years ago. Into a magical garbage can. Possibly a high tech garbage can.

    And finally, what kind of “karma” did you just send my way? With that rather negative unappreciative reprimanding rebuking response?

    Lisa said:

    “For that one person who thinks I am rolling in dough, I assure you, I am not, However, I always have what I need and I have learned, when extra comes in, it’s because something unforeseen is about to arrive. Life does not hoard or create excess. I reschedule a lot, I break appointments into bits, a lot, especially now as we are going thru massive change. Please don’t ever look into someone’s window and think you know something, because whether you realize it or not, that’s your karma!! Judge not lest ye be judged. Just sayin”


  3. “Life does not hoard or create excess.”

    WHAT?! The Universe is nothing but ABUNDANT. Abundance of everything.
    Why would you create a limiting belief for yourself, that “excess” (the spirit’s term is Abundance) is somehow a *bad* thing?
    And why the use of the negatively-associated term, “hoard”?
    Negative frequencies, threaded everywhere, here…..

    And who defines what “excess” is, anyway? What is excess to one, can be considered peanuts to another.
    This entire thing is a Belief System.

    Lisa, you may think you have cleared yourself, but there is a shitload of 3D programmed stuff emanating from you, that you haven’t dealt with.
    Or even examined.
    Very Closely.

    And trust me — everything I send you, is GOOD KARMA.

    Plus the fact, that “karma” is no longer a factor in your reality, once you realize exactly what you are doing, for another. With great and focused precision of INTENT.


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