Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 6, 2015

Half Way to the “APex” – Solar Eclipse!! Are You Coloring Your World???

color my world

What a mixed bag of tricks the field was yesterday.  Strange even.  There was no theme, no similarities at all.  My first lady just got me nervous and wondered if this was going to be the theme for the day, thank goodness, no.  I was starting to see her before our scheduled appointment time and I was shown over and over again a big white shade being pulled down over her.  That’s not how I want this day to go!! lol   But even with her visual gave us all a deeper understanding too and she was the only one in this position yesterday (phew!!)

I could see her silhouette behind the white shade that her team pulled down and she was taking her shirt off (so glad I didn’t get the full view!!)  She was “changing.”  In her undressing silhouette, there was a kind of strip tease feeling to it… sultry, sexy, tempting.  And why not???  We truly are sexual beings and we birth life thru our sexual energies.  We really should get our sexy on, entice the life of desire to us.  This should not be work but a sexual sort of dance!!  That’s all I got for her, we rescheduled.

I had one lady show up, kinda cracked me up really.  There she was, laying down on that silver high wire, spine completely aligned with the surging energy running thru it and now thru her all I kept getting was a parallel visual of a piece of bacon in the frying pan… sizzling!!  Altho it was a funny visual, it’s not really a funny life experience.  She said her back has been so sore she has been putting ice packs on it.  We won’t even talk about how these high intensity energies are affecting her heart.  We rescheduled too.  Saying you look like a sizzling piece of bacon does not make a reading!!

There is an element that changed thru the day tho and that is how I see this upcoming eclipse on the 13th.  Until yesterday it looked like two circles moving to overlap, but now is it A framed (minus the slash in the middle.)  And spirit started to call it the apex of this time, starting on the 12th and moving thru the 14th.  It was even referred to as a “void” in time.  I have a feeling, we are going to be doing a lot of rescheduling those days.  Anyone already on my dance card for the 12th and 13th, if you want to chance seeing, I am glad to show up for you, if you want to reschedule now, just pop me an email.  I bitch a lot because spirit should give us a heads up on “down days” and I feel, we have been warned!! lol

There is one lady tho, who’s visual so surprised me.  I started seeing her a good 10-15 minutes before our session time.  She was holding a deeply swaddled baby near her chest.  I was shocked… holding a baby means she is holding her new life already.  But unlike everyone I have seen so far this month, she was completely devoid of color.  It can almost be like something out of a coloring book.  I kept looking at the baby, there was no gender feeling to it, and it was so wrapped in blankets I could barely see it at all.  The one thing spirit did say with clarity, this has nothing to do with human life, but the life she has in her hands, at hear heart.  Her job is to color it, create the emotional field of desire and bring it to life.

So she asked about her spiritual abilities that she once had and then put in the closet of her life.  How to bring them back.  The exercise given to her was so wonderful I have to share it here too, especially for those not sure what new life you want to color for yourself.  Speaking of coloring your world, I heard that song title for her 3-4 distinct times.  I just now looked up the lyrics and had no idea it was such a short lyrical song sung by Chicago:

“Color My World”
As time goes on,
I realize
Just what you mean
To me
And now,
Now that you’re near,
Promise your love
That I’ve waited to share
And dreams
Of our moments together
Color my world with hope of loving you


Focus on what you love, what you desire, even if the desire is formless (like your spiritual attributes) it comes alive in frequency and color.  So we took the example of seeing, being able to see thru your spiritual vision.  So she was advised to take this image of her holding the baby, which is pure potential and her new life and looking deep into the baby’s eyes, seeing as the baby would see, of course the baby is spirit incarnate as her.  As I watched her in this meditation potential, suddenly the baby’s eyes became this stunning ice blue.  It was soooo beautiful.  This is how she will know she is creating what she desires.  Of course her team took this one step further, reminding her this has nothing to do with a physical human, but the new life of anything she desires.  As we got to this part, she made such a profound statement, “do you think I should take the blankets off the baby?”  Wow what a surge of energy and suddenly I could see this naked baby she is holding up in the air.  Let it loose!!  YES!!!  Then connect with it for whatever you want, a job, a relationship, a great vacation… there are no limits and you will know you’re working it because the color of your emotional field will start to flow and create.

In complete contrast to her, my last lady of the day showed up pouring the rainbow out of her forehead.  It was like Sherman Williams (a paint store in the US) exploded out of her third eye.  Light infused color just billowing down to the ground wire (I am still reading way up in the air.)  She has desires, personal desires of comfort and warmth in her new life, yet, what she does is send energy to the earth.  Hey, earth is fine, more than fine.  USE the colors of your emotional field for yourSelf.

We are starting to get tiny little hints about the time beyond this first eclipse.  We are still barely seeing the downward spiral into a new expanded version of life (if that is your choice, I am seeing many people choosing do overs, but hey, why not!! We need to contrast to look at!!)

So here is what I am (barely) understanding now.  The time we entered as we moved into September would be very much like the antigravity field of life.  For those doing the super powers, this is the very start of hypnosis 1 and when you can master moving in and out of life’s gravitational field at will… well… that’s where the flow of life really gets interesting.  But this time we are in, we ALL have been taken out, taken up and reorienting with our changing (or bloating) field of life.  I gotta say bloating because yesterday as I was thinking about some folks doing what they have always done and not letting things go… I could see their face all bloated and puffy.  Emotional retention lol.  Anywayz, as we pass thru the apex (spirits word, not mine) of this solar eclipse the magnetic field of the equinox will start to become very prevalent, if not weighty.  Think about the pull of gravity, it feels weighty.  We are being pulled into all the choices and desires, colors and energy we have been infused with, focused on during this massive change of life experience we are ALL going thru.  Even if we choose old things, they will become enhanced in the energetic way life has off looking and feeling closer/deeper/beyond.

One lady yesterday gave us a quick glimpse of the final eclipse of September 28th… phew baby, it was like a flash of fast-moving light into October.  No wonder I am not going to be around during this fast as lighting time coming out of the fullness of September, you will be energetically speeding into the living light of your life called October.

Completely changing the subject, I find it so amazing, so damn exciting that there are many people starting to receive white feathers and down feathers.  I have no clue what it means on the bigger landscape of our lives, but we have to pay attention when I have received lots of emails about people currently having this same experience.  Even as I type this out, I can hear my crazy team say “Return of the bird tribes,  pure white, undiluted potential!!”

What is odd too, as I was previewing my last lady of the day oozing color from her head, I could see the energy line representing today and there was a dip in it, like a sag.  Today we are half way there… that’s all I understand about that!!  Loosen up maybe??  We will see!!

Speaking of undiluted potential, I do want to bring you up to speed on my daughter, the amazing change she is going thru.  She and I talk quite a bit about when she gets out of jail, holding the place she is in now within herself at the same level of vibrancy once she goes back into her life.  We talked about her pill addiction and she said 2 or three days ago, even when she first got to jail all she could think about is getting a drug to numb her out of her life.  She said when she was home, she never even wanted to get out of bed and live, instead, she reached for a pill or many of them.  Since being in solitary and really opening up to the love letters, the hope letters, the sheer feeling of love and worth, she wakes up happy.  Genuinely happy inside of herself.  She is helping others to see life the way she is now understanding it and experiencing it.  She is becoming a mentor to those in jail because YOU (and me) became a loving mentor to her as she choose change.

So the night before last, having walked this path with her for a long while, altho never feeling the energy of change in her, we can become cynical in our hearts when it comes to true change.  I asked her team, my team, anyone the night before last to show me an unmistakable sign that she is truly in the element of changing and will continue after she is released.  Of course, I asked for a rainbow… I got something better than that!!

Yesterday morning we were under beautiful cloud cover and there was no sun shining as the day lit up.  I took a picture of the clouds, they are just so beautiful:



The moment I published my blog yesterday, suddenly the light from outside became so intense I had to get up and look out my window, the most brilliant sunrise I have ever seen was streaming brilliantly from the eastern sky.  I was heading to get my camera when the phone rang.. it was my daughter.  The moment I answered the phone, the clouds returned and the brilliant sun was gone.  Valorie said she had this over whelming urge to call be right then.

The Light of a new day and a deeper stronger connection to my baby girl than ever before.  I have got to say again how grateful I am to YOU, for your prayers for your reaching out to love her with pen, paper and even cards.  YOU really have made a huge difference in her young life and my old one (smile.)

Later in the day yesterday she called me again.  She said she was doing a portrait for someone, she really dislikes doing human portraits because she feels they are too hard and she makes to many errors, so she avoids doing them.  Outside of jail, she is an amazing tattoo artist.  Well one girl had chocolate to trade so she decided to do the deed.  The only thing she had available to do this portrait of one of the lady’s children was an ink pen.  Valorie said as she was doing this portrait and it was coming out better than she ever hoped it would, she had to stop and write this poem down that was bubbling up from her heart.

“Life is like drawing with a pen
There’s hardly any room for flaws and mistakes
But when you let go
Of the fear and distraction of messing up
It will turn out much better than you think.”  ~Valorie Gawlas

Tuesday, September 8th at 10am EDT, she will be before the circuit court judge pleading for bail.  Please help me flood the courtroom with light (and I am sneaking in low bond too.)

Thank you all so much for shining your love light in a place I never thought I would see… my daughters heart.  Miracle makers you are!!

((((HUGZ)))) of color and joy and sexy, sultry adventures to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I finally got some website work done and created a “home work” special of you want assistance doing your Super Powers.






  1. I read the whole thing you shared and then…Valorie’s poem made me cry…Big Bear ((((hugs))) for both of you, sending Love. ❤

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  2. The Chicago song lyrics really spoke to me too, A very Twin Flame song.
    Even your daughters name has the name of my Twin Falme in it, how connected are we all…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Twin Flame (nor Twin Falme), sorry.


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