Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 4, 2015

Cups of Change and Following Your Bliss!!


Another day we had a pause for the cause.  I say this again, there is nothing more frustrating than showing up for work and there is a big ole spiritual finger wagging no no no in your field of vision.  I just wanna bite that damn finger!!  With love, of course :-/

So I sat in between appointments pouting and complaining and wondering how I didn’t see this coming.  Nothing in the readings the day before even felt like we have a power surge day coming up, or maybe it did and I just didn’t get it.  I did 5 readings, but the 6th one, nuttin but my floor.  My assumption (shame on me lol) was that my lady was in the quantum soup, never once even thought we all might be, especially since I could see everyone else.

However, as I started to do the readings yesterday, excuse me, get the finger wagged at us, I kept getting a reminder of my last lady of the day the day prior.  Hmmmm…. obviously connected.  But what does this mean to us!!!!  I wanna know dammit.

My team did help me to understand in between phone calls.  First, I was having the weirdest headache / non headache for hours after waking up.  It felt like someone was sewing something into my brains.  I could feel this movement of energy inwards, that hurt, it would find the center of my head, then retract, that didn’t hurt.  Bizarre!

Then I was shown a few things I completely forgot about in my daughter meditation the other day.  When I whispered in the judges heart to please set her bond low, the next scene in my meditation was all these silver coins pouring out of the sky into a small golden cup being held out by two hands (I assumed they were my hands, but now, I’m feeling it was my daughter’s spirit guide and my daughter represented the cup itself.)  There were so many coins that the cup became over filled and too heavy for the hands to hold out and with the hands still around the cup went to the ground from the weight of the coins.  Silver, earth energy, gold, spirit energy, cup is us, if we are open to receive,  coins… change.  The cup (each one of us really) suspended above the earth being filled with the earth energy of change.  (Keep in mind, some may have a lid on themselves, so adamant in what they think they know they are not open to receive anything new.)  When we are filled and overflowing, that is when we hit the ground to do something different.  So even tho that visual expression was for my daughter in that moment, it is now for all of us going forward.  We are being filled with the currency of change and we are about to hit the ground to live that!!  YAY?

While in that same meditation, at the end, I decided to have a peek into my own field.  There are so many different alignments I am seeing, so many different ways this new energy, this change, is going to be felt and realized for people.  I want to know mine.  Where am I at in this upper atmosphere thing??  I seen myself like that one person I wrote about several days ago, my hands clenched around the silver power line heading into the eclipse spinning foot over head counter-clockwise.  Releasing new energy.  Ok.  But what does that mean to me!!  There is something about being in an experience that makes even these visuals so much wider, much more tangible in understanding and that was prevalent yesterday as my team made sure I understood it all.  Bout damn time (smile.)

In my pondering, my team showed me zipping around and around on that energy line, sparks flying all over the place, releasing the energy of whatever it is I was reaching for (the grasping hands always denotes what you have reached for and are pulling into your reality.)  Then I was shown the energy blanket I put on my daughter’s roommates supervisor and how he came back with a yes for the day off.  But then, as I was talking with her roommate and he was saying how much grief his mother gives him for even thinking about letting valorie to come back into his house and all her fears that go along with that, I mentioned to him that I could put a field of protection around his house.  What was strange, as I was saying it, I could see it happening.  Hey!!!  Wait a minute, I didn’t get his permission, protection is great, but there are also consequences that go with it too.  How could this possibly be laid around his house with just thought before getting his permission.  It usually doesn’t work like that, but now… it did.

Fortunately he gave permission, even knowing that it would send those fear vibes back to it source (his mama) and pile up in her realm of experience.  He was ok with that too.  Phew… because I knew, it was already done.  I use clear quartz crystal energy as the field of protection and sealed his house in it, but something else was added, there were lines in this protection that had V like patterns and at some of the connecting points of the V were red crystals embedded.  Hey!!  I didn’t do that!! lol  Did I??  As I was explaining this to him I realized these red crystals were power cells.  Then I became so washed over in the energy of good things coming for him and Val I almost started crying for the feeling and told him that too.

This moment was probably the clearest I could ask for as to how we are working now.  Emotionally infused thought is already happening in outcome.  Permission or no permission.  This is what is meant by the acceleration.  Equally we can see to, thru my ongoing saga, how quickly we affect those up and coming, what my team refers to in the filtered zone.

As I am processing all this, one of my clients in the morning mentioned a new show on TV called Monica the Medium, I never heard of it but wanted to start recording the new series.  So as I was eating my brunch, processing the fact that protection started happening with the thought of it and wondering is this why everyone is unviewable today??  What is really happening with that damn finger wagging!!  I had to laugh out loud when my team, literally shifted my physical eyes to the upper right side of my TV then shifted my eyes to the shows headline that I was recording… I could literally feel them moving my physical eyeballs!!  That was weird… interesting even.  And I had to laugh out loud at the message:



Spirit at Work!!

Now lets talk about that for a moment.  Becoming one with the unified whole.  Until this massive change we are undergoing, our team had to knock on our energy doors to assist us, if we desired.  They had to use whatever resources they had available to “guide” us.  Now, for as long as we are in a unified alignment with the ALL of ourSelfs, they are all within us, using our nervous system, our brain waves, this is why yesterday’s sharing was so important as a precursor to today’s.  WE are now the living energy system of prayer in motion.  Love in ACTion!!

When we are not embodied and in pure spirit, we do not ask permission to assist anyone.  We simply feel it and it is done.  Well, welcome to our new enhanced reality.  The only huge difference is we are still in duality here and always will be.  Anyone thinking otherwise, well, they just don’t understand the grandness of this dualistic experience we are in!!

As I was doing my dishes yesterday and thinking about a conversation I was having and trying to wrap my understanding around on facebook, I got this quote about where we are out now in this massive state of change:

“We are a compilation of the choices we have made and the desires of choice yet to come.”  I am going to end this sharing with a quote that one of my wonderful lady’s received at least 4 times thru her reading as she asked about what to do next:  “Follow your bliss.”

 1. perfect happiness; great joy.
  1. reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else.

Even when the choices and experiences before you are challenging, there should be an element of bliss flowing from you in doing it anwayz.  If there isn’t, recheck what you’re doing!!!  This is following and being in alignment with your magnetic flow!!

I love you for flowing into my life every day and especially on those days I have got to say those dreaded words… I cannot see the field today and you smile and hug me and love me anywayz.  True masters that comfort me!!  I love you sooo much!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of bountiful bliss and over flowing cups of change to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. I have been experiencing what I would have, in the past, called a lot of shit in the last few days. Yet the abundant blessing in it all is (almost) instantly clear to me. Moment by moment I have been making choices that often feel like shots in the dark and that, once made, are clearly in the precise direction I know my heart is taking me. I resonate so much with your last two posts. Yesterday’s not until today, however. But it all feels so very magical. Thank you, Lisa for the fine work you do.

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