Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 30, 2015

The Tools Of Your Power and Ability


Well, happy day after the stunning full moon. For me personally, it shined its light on the greatest gift I could have ever hoped to receive in its new light, my daughter called.  But she did so much more than call, she is shifting inside of herself.  She is shifting because of YOU.  Your letters, your love sent to her in her time of desperate need and deep inner reflection cast a large shadow of light she had to look at with new eyes.

Ya know, we talk about this time we are in, of being on the accelerated earth, of being the spiritual guides in human form and our growing responsibility to help others thru the filtered earth, the land of deep, dense karmic energy, up and into the Light of who they really Are.  Not preaching, not judging, just simply illuminating from the depths of your heart.  And so many people wonder… what can I do?  When we think of shining our spiritual light and how we can best use our full resources, often we think of esoteric things…  interdimensional doorways, energy work, things like that.  But I am learning thru my daughter, pen and paper really have the same power, if not more power because it goes direct and is received by the present consciousness.  I gotta giggle, maybe that’s why my team pestered the hell out of me to start sharing out loud.  I was so adamant not to do that, now I cannot imagine not doing that!!

My daughter called me last evening, her first few hours out of solitary confinement after 7 full days in there, I about cried just to hear her voice again.  But more than that, I rejoiced in how she spoke.

I asked her what she did for those 7 long days when she could not get out of her cell, no one in there with her to talk to, food slid thru a slit to consume… She said she was reading the letters these people are sending her.  (Whisper, that’s you.)   People offering hope, reflection, worthiness.  This is what held her strong, held her focus on the things that got her in this position and the strength to start to change.  Just having her say this, is change!!  As she talked, I kept thinking about Marc’s “fear” sharing I shared in my blog the other day.  I am witnessing first hand, thru someone I know intimately, the chunks of fear falling off a very closed, protected heart, because you share your love and wisdom out loud.

I think about my last reading yesterday, a beautiful man in New Zealand, who of course was living the day after this super moon.  His body itself was an explosion of shiny silver strands of energy that was zooming outwards from his present moment.  What I didn’t understand yesterday thru his reading, is so damn obvious today.  By being “present” he is affecting days out in our perceived future.  His shiny silver energy strands were about 3 feet long from head to toe.  Silver itself is the highest vibration of earth energy I see.  Directly in front of his shiny silver strands of energy were three very distinct tools, a socket wrench on the right, a pipe wrench at his center and an allen wrench on the left. All of these tools hovering between his sacral plexus (his community center of power) and his high heart (his passion center of power.)  His team said these are his super power tools and each one gave me a personal relationship with how they are used.  Socket wrenches are commonly used here in the states to fix cars.. how people travel from point and to point b.  The pipe wrench is used for plumbing… the emotional flow (or lack there of) and the allen wrench is used to put furniture together… the furnishings of our interior lives.  How they work, or how he works them, is for him to understand.  But think about the simplicity of it all… his visual were things that are already in our world, understanding their use in our world will allow him to understand how to use these innate tools to assist not only others, but himself.

While I was talking with him, I had the most profound, unusual experience.  My feet were vibrating like hell, my head was filled with ongoing light spins and I was breaking out in heat flashes over and over again.  Talk about body signals!!!  lol

We, as a collective, are the new toolbox of Life.  I have got to insert a quote here:  “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”– Will Rogers

So, now is the time to reach into your new toolbox of Life and start using yourself in new, expanded ways.  For those inspired to put pen and paper (or keyboard and printer, for the modern age lol) and write to my daughter, I want to give her address here:


Valorie Gawlas  0039229

Unit 2  Pod 2
Hampton Roads Regional Jail
P.O. Box 7609
Portsmouth, VA 23707

Again, I will ask, no judging, no preaching, just love and inspiration please.  I know several had asked about sending her books, altho the ones I ordered arrived at the jail, they have no been released to her yet.  They are being inspected, whatever that means.  I purchased them from amazon and they are both soft covers (hard covers are not allowed in any way.)  So until we know what is allowed… just send her your personal messages.  I will let you know more about books when I know more.

I thank you from the depths of my soul for the love light you have already shined on my daughter and the chunks of her cloak of darkness already falling off as she takes responsibility and is already undergoing the inspiration of new approach.  Keep it coming, the newly hatched need lots of food!! lol

I love you sooo much and thank you for loving us so much too!!

((((HUGZ)))) Super Powered deLight to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Three more days left to save $26 on the Super Powers course.  I have extended the price special until the last of August.  Normally $59, now $33.






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