Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 29, 2015

Ready or Not… We Have Begun… Something… lol.


The one thing I never expected to happen yesterday… I could not see the field at all.  Nuttin, nadda!!  Considering that the entire blog I wrote yesterday came thru vivid visuals and specific information from my team, to approach the field over and over and I keep seeing my floor (where I set my physical eyes to) stupefied me!!  So instead, I had a lot of wonderful conversations, and I know spirit keeps reminding me that conversations are as important as readings too.. but hey!!!  One lovely lady reminded me there is a full moon happening today (the 29th)… ohhhh.  Lets couple that energy with the geometric storm happening due to the sun’s energy: As AR2403 turns away from Earth, the odds of a geoeffective explosion ironically increase. Magnetic fields near the sun’s western limb sweep back toward Earth, connecting our planet to the star: diagram. As the sunspot passes through this well-connected region, flares become extra-perilous. Protons and other subatomic particles accelerated by flares are guided by these sweeping magnetic fields right back toward Earth.  Taken from on yesterdays dateline.

So we are in the midst of an energy sandwich with wayyyy too much cream in the middle that is oozing out of us, our electronics, our weather systems and stuff.  My last reading of the day gave us a visual of what is happening, I could see in front of my face a fuse having been lit and that is burning its way to the first eclipse on September 13th.  …and it begins!!

As my day of great conversations and rescheduling concluded, I was paying attention to the party in the sky.  The intense, loud, rolling thunder I can remember hearing, thru the sunniest of skies, it seemed so out-of-place.  This started happening about 2 hours before my day of readings ended and not 10 minutes after I hung up with my fuze lady, my electric went off and on, rebooting everything in my house.  How strange and yet, weirdly exciting.

So I plopped myself on the couch to hang out with the sunshiny rolling thunder… and the energy passing thru my body from head to toe was rather invigorating, electrifying without the electric.  Then, I had this overwhelming desire to take a bath… just running my bath water created an experience I have never had before and god knows, I have had my share of baths in the last 15 years!!   It was as if I had taken on the feelings of the water itself running out of the  tap and into the tub, it was leaving my legs feeling like noodles, happy noodles, but noodles none the less.  It was as if that running water was as much me as I was it.  So of course, I expected (when will I stop doing that!! lol) to have a profound meditation.  Nope.  So I spent time kissing my baby girl and surrounding her with love and suddenly, my vision changed to warn me about someone else in my life who may be getting so unexpected blow back.  Rut roh!!

Let me tell ya, it is imperative that you debug your light field!  Sometimes, the only light we look at is our own, what we can have, get do… for ourselves and neglect the world in which we are connected to and must serve.

As today presents the first of 3 super moons, I went looking for information on these moons.  Something struck me when I found this from earthsky:

In North America, we often call the August full moon the Sturgeon Moon, Corn Moon or Grain Moon. The August 2015 full moon is also the first of three full-moon supermoons in 2015. Previously, we had three new moon supermoons in January, February and March, 2015. The full moons on August 29, September 28 and October 27 all enjoy the supermoon designation because the centers of these full moons and the center of Earth are less than 361,836 kilometers (224,834 miles) apart. The closest supermoon of the year comes with the September 28 full moon, presenting a moon that’s only 356,877 kilometers (221,753 miles) from Earth.

So this life changing year started with 3 super moons and October culminates with another series of three.  Given the fact that in my reading field, November and December simply does not exist energetically yet… suddenly makes sense.  What kind of sense, I don’t know lol.  But, the Light of our emotional field, the ebb and flow of our Lives in a massive 3 – 3 super sandwich.  33.  Christ.  3… action and communication at the beginning and the end to be the Living Presence of Love and Service.  3+3 = 6 which is soul partnership, which must happen if you are indeed to live in your Christed Self out loud!!

These are interesting times we are in, no doubt about it.  I am grateful to be aware thru it all and we, together, holding each other steady as we bob and weave and receive!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of lunar illumination to you, thru you as the fuze of your Life heads to the solar eclipse!!

Lisa Gawlas

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