Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 28, 2015

The Power, The Source of Light, and Bugs/Fears ;-)

This is what fear of any kind does to our light.

This is what fear of any kind does to our light.

Interesting, as I am sitting here feeling into what to share today, my team is rotating the word power all around me.  What Power is, how important it is to us Here and Now and most importantly, how it is growing, or stunting the growth of our life.

Imagine you are a 100 watt light bulb (this analogy is being shown to me at the moment) and you are standing there shining your bright light by simply being you.  In this position, there is an amazing energy field that surrounds you, protects every part of you, enlivens the space around you.  This is also your Source/God Light.  Now imagine, all the bugs (no offence to the bugs) flying around are particles of fear, for as long as you are steadfast in your power, in your Source energy, those bugs cannot come anywhere close to you, nor would you see them as anything but love in their own creation.  Equally tho, that doesn’t stop them (the fear bugs) from existing.  Suddenly, someone tells you this particular bug is bad and you have a moment of doubt inside of you… something inside of you says, maybe it is not source love and it is bad, suddenly, that bug fly directly into your light bulb and splat, you now have a bug stuck to your light, reducing the output of your light.  Now imagine, someone else points out another bug and tells you it is bad, you change your mind about love and splat, another bug melts onto your lightbulb, diminishing yet again, the light output, your personal power.

If you allow enough of these fear bugs to gather on your light bulb of life, you not only diminish your power, the love you seen as pure and radiant becomes dark, zero energy to hold your own power and it now starts cracking the bulb itself.  Enough fear and the light bulb starts to decay, the light is no longer strong enough to kill the bugs they now start to own your space.

My mentor back in the day wrote a beautiful expression about fear and how it works and how you can remove it.  I have shared it in several blogs and want to bring it back today.

We are all birthed of the light…
We are all stardust…
We have just forgotten…and covered our light with the cloak of darkness.
This cloak is layer upon layer of fear.
Earth is cloaked in fear.
Earth is a plane of the vibration of fear.
Now then, fear is not just fright….
Or being scared of something in the night…or darkness…
Fear is like a dust particle….made up of a vibration….
A dust particle of fear…is for example, fear of getting wet in the rain….fear of the traffic light turning red before we get to it…fear of running late for work…fear of not being able to find our keys…fear of another whom we think might not like us.
These are the particles that really do not seem the obvious fears. Yet these are the particles that crystallize in layer upon layer that we cloak ourselves within…mistakenly holding onto the cloak for warmth…and lest we appear naked to others. And as our cloak builds denser and denser….we vibrate at the vibration of fear. This vibration is like a deep sound that we forget to know is there and grow used to as a companion.
Bringing the light in is our way of forcing pinholes of light through the cracks of fear.  As the light increases, the pinhole turns to a hole, widening the cracks in the folds of the heavy cloak, until pieces of fear start falling off in chunks… revealing the light that was always glowing from within.
This creates the distinctive feeling of changing….and even creates a fear of changing.  We may attempt to “plug” this hole, as it almost seems as if something is “wrong.”  Others may sense the changing and may even move away lest we infect them with this threatening influence upon their warm cloaks of darkness.
The morale of this story is to perhaps not try to change those obvious fears that we hold, for they are dense and solid, but to concentrate on the dust. Remove those dust particles and the chunks of fear will eventually fall away. Erode the cloak. In order to do this it is necessary to observe those little fears, like the ones in the example that bubble up to the surface and sit, hidden almost, from the mind’s eye. You will be surprised by the intensity and the sheer amount of non-obvious particles of fear you manifest in every moment.
By observing our Self-propelled particles of fear, we have the opportunity to not let them coagulate and thicken upon our cloak of darkness that hides our light, but to cleanse them into shining examples or even release them to allow them to do what they may elsewhere.  Many have been taught to release fear but often do not realize the influence of these particles and the speed they move at to “fix” this crack in the fold replacing it with these tiny, seemingly irrelevant particles.

Now with all that said, I don’t think I realized exactly what has been shown thru the readings the last few days, until this morning.  Rain, water flowing, water this, water that… lol, of course it’s always showing up as the emotional field of your light, but until this morning I didn’t fully realize it is also expressing your relationship with your Source power.  The power of your creation, untainted, unrestricted by fear and judgement.

If God is in and thru everything… wait… EVERY THING, then everything MUST be made of Love, of Light of pure source energy.  Unless you define it as not.  You attach your fear, your beLIEfs to it, then it becomes the opposite for you and only for you.  But this (fill in the blank) loves you so much, it will manifest as what it is not so you can choose again and see the love light it is, to include yourself!!  Yes, small s there.  How incredibly important we are, the incarnate amazing human we are!!  But how many see themselves as something broken, unworthy, less than.  Clear the freakin bugs out of your field!!

But speaking of the field… I understand something even more now.  We have gone thru some condensing in our energy field over at least the last 15 years, for as long as I have been learning and seeing how we are made, energetically.  When I started reading in 2003, everything was focused on our dysfunctional emotional field, the breath of energy we had between us was massive, meaning, there was such a delay in anything appearing our created world, that was for our own safety.

As the years went on and the light field of earth increased and we as a collective starting to get all the bugs (fears) out of our life, that breath of creation started to condense, get closer from desire to outcome.  For the last three years or so, I started to see it as what I now call your bubble of creation.  That energy system for those who are so aligned with wholeness even their chakra centers are no longer individuated, but work as a whole system known as the torus.

magnetic field


This image, is truly have I see you and what I call your bubble of creation around you.  Between your body and your bubble resides the power field of your creation/life.  This condensed all the quantum energy around you for your use.  But with it, there was still a lag in arriving in your world since, on purpose, this energy was exterior instead of interior.  We really had to clean our inner vessel to hold the pure, untainted energy we call Source or God or whatever.  God has no judgement, for all things are him.  (And for those who do not like my choice of reference… god/him, get over it lol.) God is the Presence of pure love, pure atomic power and is now moving INTO us for as long as fear has no resonance within us, to use and enjoy at Will.

Well, there is more, but my day is about to begin and I have no time in between to continue.  So… until tomorrow.

Ohhh and my daughter got a written letter to her roommate, she is in max security, solitary confinement, alone.  As I read her letter, I can so feel the exchange of karma.  Steal from others, life will steal from you and put it in your face.  She and I had a conversation about being in “red” which is max security and she kept saying, I don’t ever want to be there, that’s bad.  That’s where the murders and rapists are… by the power of her fear, there she is.

If you have any bugs sticking to your Light, get cleaning, because you will have to face them down if you don’t.  Because otherwise, you have given your power away.

On that note… I love you, bugged or debugged!!

((((HUGZ)))) of Shambhala rains watering your new world of creation thru the All!!!

Lisa Gawlas






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