Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 27, 2015

The Light of Heaven (US) Enhancing, Exposing (the self created) Hell!!


Man oh man oh man, talk about the extremes of life happening. and my own surprising view into the personal first hand experience/view at both sides of the coin.

There was a main theme happening in yesterdays readings, the fluid energy of Source (god, creator, whatever,) presenting the ground level acceleration of it all, of you, of life, of the changes beneath the surface.  I even had one lady, I got a pre-glimpse of her about 3 minutes before our phone call, she was standing in her center and this slushy intense rain was pelting slant ways at her body, I never question myself with a pre-glimpse, but I did for her and instantly it started pouring rain outside but only for the 2 minutes that was left before our call and then it stopped as suddenly as it started.

Think about how huge and significant that is.  When we talk about Source, about God, how often do we really Know that that energy is who and what we are now.  Granted, yes, it always has been, but filtered, diluted in its enormity of powers…. not no mo’ for some of us.  Not to this instantaneous, powerful degree.  Equally, this shows without a shadow of a doubt, my precious lady’s super power is working with the elements too!!  Holy rain batman!!

Think about it, Source is in and thru everything, even the most intimate of things, now that we are starting to fully realize we are Source and have done the inner work to clear our vessel and our minds of judgement and conditions, we become fully imbued with that energy as a human too.

If we can really understand the story unfolding, think about our history, we are coming out of the dark, dense ages.  The time when Source only had a proverbial finger in our energy fields to allow us the full spectrum of experience in duality.  Thru this time, dark (those immersed in the denser side of Life) could take those of us who dared to shed light in the dark and wiped us out of life.  But we kept coming back!! lol  Now the tides have turned (be clear to know there no turning… they HAVE turned.)

I always pay attention to what comes out of my mouth.  Just because I say it, doesn’t mean I knew whatever it was 3 seconds before I said it.  I learn so much from having conversations and of course, the readings.  I love my time with Kelli in the Raw, she takes my consciousness to places it normally would never go as she asks questions and she shares experiences.  When I was on her show the other day (I will leave the youtube at the end of this sharing for those who want to watch it) she was asking about karma in these accelerated times.  We talked about good karma and negative karma and the shitstorm that approaches if you have not resolved negative karma within yourself.  This extends to relationships, jobs, places, and most especially, your own thoughts and feelings about anything.  What is unresolved will be massively in your face to look at, work thru, release and step into the purity of Light you are made of.

I share from experience, be it mine or yours or someone close to me.  It’s not just woo woo, but experiences.  As she and I were talking about the negative karma, and the intensity spirit was pouring out of my mouth with, I kept thinking to myself I don’t know anyone with such negative karma to see the other side of the coin personally.  How the hell did I forget about my youngest daughter.  Maybe, because I see her in her original form, who she came into life to be, how in love she was with being on earth, Being alive in body.

Tuesday, the same day as my time with Kelli, I was scheduled to have a 40 minute video chat with my daughter and for those of you just tuning in, she is sitting in jail awaiting her hearing on Oct 2nd.  It had been into the 6th day I have not heard from my baby when she had been calling me every day, sometimes twice a day since she was locked up on August 2nd.  EAch day grew that maternal knot in my stomach… something bad happened, I just don’t know what.  I really expected the jail to send me a cancellation on our chat video, especially as the day went on, I kept seeing my daughter sitting in front of me with a huge left black eye.  Not for a moment did I think metaphor, I kept thinking holy shit, maybe she got in a fight, is hurt, something…  My daughter may look like a badass with all her tattoos, but at 24, she really still has the innocence of a child that is within her.  So when our time came and went and I called the video company to see if I did something wrong and they said she never logged in to have the chat… I broke down and cried.  Not only that, her roommate showed me another summons the sheriff’s department tried to serve on her.  God, my baby girl is bleeding bad karma… but I need to know whats up.  I put a call into her attorney and begged him thru my mama tears to please find out whats happening with my daughter and the reason I have had zero contact with her in 6 days and let me know.

I really love that man and the compassion in his heart.  He called me bright and early and said my daughter was caught with contraband and is in restricted housing until the jail schedules an internal hearing for her… as of yet, an unknown time frame.  He did try to inquire exactly what type of contraband did she have, who ever he talked to on the phone at the jail, did not know.

So there my baby girl is, sitting in an 8 X 10 cell, no contact with anyone, no phone calls, no visitors, no iCare or canteen packages, no nothing at all.  Life completely and absolutely stripped from her.  Her soul ain’t playing around no more.  I also found out what she stole to land her in jail this time, a freakin GPS unit and sunglass from a parked car.  Man was that telling a story!!  The fact that her car has a built-in GPS unit and her roommate just bought her a paid of Gucci sunglasses from his Vegas trip says she does not need either of these things in her life, she already has them… so why steal them?  And it’s not the first time she stole these types of items.  She is desperately trying to find her inner navigation thru life, externally.  She cannot and does not want to see the light of her own soul and blocks (hence the sun glasses.)  Couple all this with an opioid and anti-depressant addiction, and its all spilling out on the floor of her life and getting bigger and worser (smile.)

So the black eye, was not a fight external, but the fight internal.

The one thing I know for sure, when she got arrested and confined two months ago, her soul said this is not part of her life plan and her addiction is getting out of hand and they put her in jail to save her life.  Obviously two weeks in jail was not enough for her to take a look at herself.  Hell, the time she has been in now, hasn’t either.  I could feel how comfortable she was getting in jail, making friends, learning the “system” of barter there and getting content and thinking she can get away with stuff… again.

There are some people who do come into this life to be the adversary, to steal, murder, whatever… and then others, like my daughter, who just strayed so far from their life path divine intervention MUST take place.

There is another kind of mercy raining down upon life… one that shines a light on all the things you must change in order to be who and what you came here to be.  There is no more getting away with it, getting around it, delaying the outcome of anything.  Keep trying to travel the road unintended, well… please learn from my daughter’s ongoing experience!  And if you insist on going that road, take responsibility for it too.

The hazard of the intensity of light topside is breaking down the density below.  It is going to be a very interesting time, no doubt!!

Ohhhhh, speaking of interesting and powerful times.  After I heard from my daughters attorney about whats happening, I put a little plea for light to be sent to the jail my daughter is in.  Within an hour, my jaw dropped to the floor because the jail themselves called me and explained to me that I really should cancel all the remaining video chats I purchased and scheduled thru September and not schedule any more until I actually get a phone call from my daughter.  Think about the power of YOUR Light and how amazingly effective it is.  6 days I was left to wonder about my daughter, no call or cancellation for the video chat I sat and stared at my computer for 40 minutes for… and one plea for Light thru you, wham I get a call directly from the jail.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

May the rains of Shambhala drench your new reality with the wonders and adventures of unlimited bliss and experience!!  My day begins…

I love you all so much and appreciate you pure, unjudging love light thru the times of change, for my daughter and for the ALL of Life!!  You really are Power Houses!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of the brightest blessings to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I want to leave you with something to ponder that was not written by me.  This has been hanging in my heart to share specifically to that one person who adimently disagrees with my take on food.  I have shared this excerpt in my blogs years ago, but warrants another sharing today:

“How can we feel awesome if the air we breathe is filled with toxic energy?  It really is the toxic air, the judgments, condemnations, energies of imperfections that keep us sick.  Altho we want to blame it on the food, the water, the known pollutants in the air, but it has nothing to do with any of that!

One of my most favorite authors is Ken Carey and I want to share an excerpt from the book: “Vision” Published in 1985.

The Great Separation
As the Twentieth Century draws to a close, those who are at peace within themselves will find their lives increasingly aligned with the strengthening field of my Presence. Those who fear will come under increasing pressure to confront their dishonesty and change. The fearful will not have an easy time in these days; for they will be withdrawing from my Spirit, thereby forcing themselves into crisis situations designed to stimulate a change of heart.

My consciousness is available to all, but the time I will wait for it to be received must eventually pass. I have come here to act. Soon my activity will begin. Those who do not accept my invitation to life will be separated in the end from those who do. Weeds and corn may together flourish in the fields, yet at the time of harvest, their destinies diverge. It would not be merciful to forever sustain in consciousness those who give others cause to fear. 

I come as the Spirit of Truth to comfort those who live by love, to challenge those who do not. I come with the Great Sword of Division, to separate those who destroy from those who create. All will meet me, in honesty or in deceit. And as the years go by, these two ways will grow ever more distinct.

Conflict cannot exist where Truth is in expression; it occurs only in the presence of dishonesty. Where truth is denied, self-destruct mechanisms go into effect. People get sick because they are sick of themselves; they die because they do not forgive.

Disease is not caused by germs, toxins, viruses, excessive radioactivity, microbes, bacteria or any other physical agent. Such things are ever-present; thousands of them pass daily through every healthy human body. Such agents are only destructive when they do not pass through the human body but are retained instead.

There is only one reason why germs or toxins are retained in a human system: because present in the human system is an evil spirit.  To the degree that an evil spirit is entertained and made welcome in an individual’s life, his or her body will disease. This regulatory mechanism, designed to deprive destructive spirits of physical bodies.

Evil Spirits are negative attitudes, destructive emotions rooted in fear. Some of the more common evil spirits are resentment, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, hatred, greed, revenge, jealousy. All thinly disguised forms of fear, their presence in a human system gives harmful physical agents something to attach themselves to. … 

If you have not read any of Ken Carey’s works yet, I would highly suggest the read!

We must become responsible for the air we breathe!  It is no longer enough to just walk away from such pollutants, we must break the energy of their arrival in our airspace!!  If you hear a conversation being had by someone and they are judging, condemning, complaining or blaming, get into the conversation with an opening up their minds to what their conversation is really doing.  Helping those in conversation to turn their words and feelings around to a positive tone.  If you are present, you are as responsible as they are for the energy if you do nothing at all.”


Have two hours to burn??  Hang with me and Kelli and PLEASE KNOW that when I say something is only good for one day, THAT day, I really do mean it.  Please, no more emails asking for the super powers course.  I am not responding nor sending any more free ones out.  Thank you for understanding that.  Thanx to one lady’s request of wanting to know more, several hundred people got a free gift to learn about the many facets of their extraordinariness.  Right time, right place is always key!!  






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