Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 25, 2015

The Wonders and Intensity of September!!! (and other stuff too)


I swear, yesterday was like hitting the information lottery!  It really tied together the information that came out the day prior but that I woke up too late to share yesterday, now I see why.  Here’s praying I do not forget any of it today!!

Many of us fully realize so much has changed in our lives since we moved past the August 15th dateline, equally, there is an odd (odder than usual) disorientation with this period as well.  However, thru many readings over the last two days, so much precious information came thru you that often times, I was literally on my feet going OMG, now this all makes sense.  So let me see if I can find a beginning and tie it all up!!  Warning, this is going to be a long sharing!!!!

A couple of days ago I was writing a check to pay a bill and surprised myself by writing the year ’95.  What the hell???  Where did that come from, I brushed if off as just dipsy doolittle me and fixed the error and went on with my day.  Until I was in reading and we were talking about this enormous time we are in.  My team used my dateline error on the check as an example for the enormity of Now.  A 20 year cycle now fully complete.  We know that in life, there are cycles within cycles within cycles, within our personal lives, our collective lives, within earth and space and everything in between, but rarely do we think about it, one day just goes into the next.

For me personally, the year 1995 was a great year.  I got divorced, my telemarketing business went off the charts in making money, so much so I opened a second office in PA, at that time, I was living in S. Florida.  Altho the entire year looked like intense and wonderful new beginnings, it was truly the beginning of the end.  A lot would be stripped from me over the course of the next many years.  My business, my life, my belief systems, everything.  Many of you arriving on the place we now call the accelerated earth are going thru the same exact ending, pivoting into a new never before imagined life as we crossed into August 15th.

So lets look at this more closely to really understand the enormity of it all.  I have said before, there are two sides of this coin, one my team is calling the accelerated part, the other the filtered part.  To be on this accelerated earth, we would have had to change ourselves so completely that looking back 20 years (more or less) who you were then is completely unrecognizable to who you are now.  My father gave me a very special view of what this means as I thought about so much yesterday, and he came into my view.  When I met him after a 38 year absence in 2012, I knew he was sick, very sick.  I intended to do energy healing with him when we got together, which he was open to.  When I started to get ready to embark on his energy work when I was at his house, his team clearly told me “that is not his path.”  I honored it and did nothing, but until yesterday, did not fully understand why.  He had end stage emphysema and COPD as well as a benign mass in his lungs.

My father judged everything, seemed to be angry about everything and condemnation was a normal part of his day, all day long.  I would go outside and smoke a lot of cigarettes just to clear my own field and stay centered in love while I was with him.  He was so entrenched with how he viewed and interacted with life, all the energy in the world would not change his mind and view about life.  So, unbeknownst to me, until yesterday, my energy field accelerated his.  That begin thing in his lung grew into cancer and spread, with it, that allowed him to really be open to see and understand life in different ways, gentler, less condemning.

This is so important for all of us to really understand with an unconditionally loving heart.  We will accelerate many things simply by bring present.  In our view of life, cancer, illness, anything that causes death is bad when in actuality, it can be the greatest blessing to all.  We are Here, no matter what version of earth we are on, to experience and open to Divine love.  Those who have changed their entire life to Be that expression in all the do, think and say, have intense affects to open others to that.  Not everything that is wonder appears as roses.

One of my ladies yesterday, OMG the challenge to get connected on the phone!!  She called me, the call dropped, she called me back, when I answered I got a recording telling me if I want to make a call hang up and try again.  She called back, neither of my phones rang, only my computer and I cannot answer my computer.  She called back again, it sent her straight to voice mail as soon as I answered.  I finally called back and it worked.  But thru this challenge I started to get a visual of the old time operators at the switchboard:.



All of this plugging and unplugging was taking place at the upper atmosphere level, in the higher consciousness area of our lives.  Many things being unplugged, old desires, passions, relationships, while the new was being plugged in in the same areas.  For her, it was all about increased frequency and experiences as we move into our new life, most especially in September.  I’ll talk about September in a moment tho.

The information that came out thru several of the folks yesterday stated we are in a total reincarnation phase, no matter which version of earth we dwell on.  The acceleration is happening on all levels.  Those who have not put into motion their soul life, their soul path will be experiencing intense karmic close outs as we progress further down our perceived timeline.  But lets save that information when i talk about September, let stay with this moment.

Our days can seem very confusing, as bits and pieces of new soul blueprints start to get plugged in, come online.  This is not a one day even, it would melt the ego mind with all the changes.  We can look at my own crazy experience from the fishing pond to see how drastic this may very well play out for us day to day.  My fishie that I got the flock of hummingbirds in my gut, the rainbow out my front door… I was still plugged into the old program for that relationship, three days later, none of it existed, baffling me.  In the course of those few days, that new part of my soul blueprint around intimate relationships changed, changing my chemical reaction to this person or should I say, voiding out any chemical reaction.

This may seem like a very confusing time and from the human standpoint, it is!!  I am passionately walking into brick walls.  So just know, its not you, its the new soul codes coming on line and changing things out.  We really may seem to be doing a square dance for a few more weeks, not knowing where to dosey doh to or with.  Its all good and perfect.  (Yeah right.)

Along with this information, even more came thru when someone asked about her mama and her mamas potential exit point.  Spirit said everyone’s exit point is changing, every soul blue print is changing to include when we shall exist this life.  Thats freakin huge!!!

But it also gives clarity to the surprise in the field when someone asked about November/December in their life.  That energy does not exist… yet.  I have never moved into a timeline that was so relatively close that did not exist yet.  It was a massive void of energy.  What the hell???  But the information that came thru yesterday, put it all into an amazing perspective.

Now, if I can back up to the first lady I was able to see yesterday, the first thing I had seen in her field was what looked like the approach of a solar eclipse.  I could see the sun but also a black disk moving towards it, I know an eclipse when I see one.  But why start a reading like this?  Well, little did I know, we have a partial solar eclipse coming up, thank goodness my lady knew that!!  I am barely hanging on to today and all the changes happening thru us Now, forget the energy of September!!  Well, now, September is prevalent in my ongoing understandings.

The energy of the September 13th eclipse is already having an affect on us.  It is igniting the new energy, the soul codes, the blueprints of ALL life with its frequency Now.  The emotional field of the darkened moon illuminating the heightened emotions/Life plans of the sun.

Ohhh did I mention my lady with the new circuit energy being plugged in and out was actually happening at the center of the sun, where, in my view, all new codes and energies come from.

Now this all makes sense of why everyone’s “bubble of creation” that I have been seeing, is changing.  No longer spherical, but formless in the formation of its energy.  Nothing is ever going to be “concrete” again.  The Presence of the Presence will flow thru us as us in ways never before experienced, because the energy was too dense.  Not no mo.’

So to include in this freakin huge month we are gonna call September, we also have the fall equinox on the 23rd and the grand finale of its intensity with a full lunar eclipse on the 28th!!  Holy flipping shivers batman!!

Now let me bring in a very often asked about thingie… that thing that folks are calling Wave X.  I have read very little about it, the various links posted to my facebook wall leave me more confused than enlightened.  My team has no relationship to much of what is being shared by others.  However, this sub atomic energy was shown to us thru the readings either back in June or July coming from the crack (if you will) between 2015 and 2016 billowing forward to our present timeline.  Thats when I started to see that membrane across the timeline of August 15th, a filtering system was already in place.  For the unsuspecting incarnate to be hit with such a massive blast of pure quantum energy all at once, hell, even us suspecting souls, would do more harm than good.  Even mother nature does not trash all of earth all at once.  A storm here, a volcano there, it is equally dispersed thru areas and over time.  Same thing here.  That sub atomic energy served to release us thru the gateway of August 15th, to the accelerated zone.  It is also what is igniting all the codes and new life plans for all the souls incarnate within earth.  For many, unfinished karma will be playing out as if on steroids.  For those topside, the wonder and bliss of union of source, soul, physicality is already showing itself its instant wonders and radical change.

So the magnetic pole of the 23rd equinox, from my view, is pulling the energy from the solar eclipse and planting it as your life experience moving thru to the 23rd.  The total lunar eclipse is the curtain call to this preview of the new life stage and opens up to the wonders (and intense chaos) of all new lifecodes now set and working.  Keeping in mind, chaos always precedes change!!  Where and how we choose to land thru the change… well… that will be a tell if there is more chaos to come or eternal sunshine on the horizon!!

Speaking of sunshine!!!  Something finally makes sense now.  When I look at September, the very few times I can actually see the field of September, it is immersed in a dense fog covering.  Given the enormity of what I now understand, I so understand why as well.  But I have also seen the gateway of October.  Just the beginning sliver, not the whole month, but it is so stunning.  Like a honey golden energy coming from the ground itself beaming upwards.  Thats US!!  Many of us have already accepted our new life energy, codes, relationship changes outs and stuff… so we are already illuminating the first sliver of October.  YAY??  And yet, nothing else exists beyond it… as of yet.

So whats all this fear stuff surrounding a wave??  I have no flipping clue, I am beyond excited and excited for all of this crazy world(s) we live upon.  But let me put this thought out… be excited about it all, exciting things will be what you experience.  Fear or send out fear… well….!!!!

I know I am leaving so much out, but I suppose that’s on purpose because my mind just went blank… dammit!!  But then again, I have a date with the Divine Miss Kelli in the Raw coming up at 10am MDT, so I am sure spirit is saving up the rest of the story to be shared when she and I are together!!

On a completely separate note, I have still not talked to my daughter in 5 full days yet.  She did try and call on Sunday between 11 and 11:15 and I am so challenged at using the flash button on my phone… I never put anyone on hold to talk to someone else, well, not until my daughter got locked up.  I missed her calls and haven’t heard from her since.  We do have a scheduled video chat for this evening at 5:30 in my world.  I will ask you again, since you did so magnificently well on Sunday, please flood that jail with your light today.  Thank you so much!!!

Have an amazing, wondrous day today!!  I love you all so flipping much.  You are all the greatest Light Messangers the earth has ever known and I thank you for Being Here, as a conscious spirit in body!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of sudden changes, giggles and bliss!!

Lisa Gawlas




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