Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 23, 2015

The Inheritance of the Earth being Divvied out.


One thing’s for sure, everything has shifted, enhanced, became more vibrant thru every reading yesterday.  It really is hard to put into words, but I think the best way I could describe the very air thru the readings… filled with joy and a love energy that just uplifted everything, including me!!  Musta been the fields way of making it up to me from the day priors burn out!! lol

I am also so thrilled to hear that for some of you, your enhanced, expanded abilities are just showing up, coming online and you are not only recognizing their presence, but working to enhance and perfect them as they show up.  Keeping in mind, the more you use what you have, the more that is given to you.

Funny, of course I woke up late today, so I have to condense or pick the most important focal points of yesterday to share with you.  What spirit is hanging in my face, is a reading with a lady who showed up leaning up against this amazing tree.  The tree was so tall, and the trunk so strong and her body, her vertebra was leaning again this trunk, a piece of hay in her mouth, she was so looking like a country girl, which, she is, but still.  I could see the energy exchange between her and this mighty tree, a sharing of the energy of the connected relay system beneath earth of the tree to her, and her connected to that which is above the earth, to the tree.  The piece of hay in her mouth served a similar purpose, a vibrational exchange thru the vibration known as language.

This is what it means by the old saying “the meek shall inherit the earth.”  The humble, the gentle, the lovers of the earth and sky are now infusing with the growing strength of the earth.  Look how strong the trees are, how gentle and vibrant they are.  Deep beneath the earth is a network of communication and nourishment called its roots system.  The tall grass that grows that turns into food for the animals, a way we digest the living energy of earth’s energy.

So not only are we now the embodiment, the living, verbal expression of animal totems, we too, are the living energy source of expression of that which grows upon earth.  We are now “inheriting” the full spectrum of energy, of life, of loving power called the earth.  Which really helps me to understand my sleeping sunburn sensation.  Since I was little, I have been in love with the sun and as my lady had her spine aligned to the tree, in my sleep, I suppose I really was sleeping on the sun.

I also now fully understand the energy of the hummers that fill my life during the spring and summer months.  I am That, their living embodiment.  I eat like them too… the sweetness, the nectar of You, Your Soul Light!!

Many of you have been shown over the years where your inheritance lays.  Some have the water elements showing up over and over, others wind, others pure energy and so on.

This brings back the information of the other day with the dinosaurs.  We know how to embody the pure power of earth because of our relationships with the dinosaurs.  The giants of this earth, returned.  We are the giants in human form.

Keeping with this same lady, I could see the threshold between August and September.  In her reading, it appeared like a very large gate, very much like you would see on a farm.  A grey silver gate that opened inwards (in the field of august.)  Her team said it opens this way on purpose, thru her actions and whatever else happens thru August, she is the one pulling the gateway open and will walk thru it into September.  Of course, being the sneaky (yeah right) nosy person I am, I tried to see what was in September for her… nope.  Several times yesterday I was told my vision has not raised that high yet.  Her team also explained that the entrance into September (keeping in mind, I am talking energy system more than I am a particular month) must come from our interactions with Life.  The gateway will not just open for us (which is why it is not swinging open into September,) we must pull it open with our Life itself.

Ohh, before I run out time to keep sharing, I do want to mention my last lady of yesterday.  She had come into this lifetime with what one would call an illness, forgive me, I cannot recall its name, but she has had a firing pain body all of her life.  It has required her to walk on hand crutches and such.  When these energies amp up, god bless her, it really hurts.  I got a pre-glimpse of her before our connection.  There she was, arm crutches waving in the air above her as she celebrates her new-found freedom in body.

When we connected, her team said there is a parallel earth that has an incarnation very similar to her, her body type, even the same was almost the exact same.  I watched as a wormhole opened up in front of her and allowed her to go embody this other incarnation and download the DNA and memory stamp of health, of full health.  Releasing this illness and the cellular memory that keeps the pain body firing.  She was a student in the super powers course and those sessions are geared to teach you how to navigate the dimensions, the wormholes to travel and access all that you need to bring back to this realm.  She got homework, but like everything, it is up to her to be consistent, diligent and I cannot wait to see her progress and share the exciting news with you!!

On that note, my days is about to begin.  I am going to ask you to please send love and white foamy energy to the jail my daughter is in.  It is now 3 whole days without a phone call from her and I have maternal knots in my tummy.  Thank you in advance.

I love you so much.  Thank you for illuminating the exciting world we live in and for daring to be You out loud!!

((((HUGZ))) of buoyant joy and magic to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

 P.S. It’s almost that time again when I get to hang out with Kelli in the Raw.  Join us August 25th from 10 am until noon MDT for enlightening laughter!!  We will be talking about all the hoopla around Wave X too!!!





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