Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 22, 2015

The Fork in the Road and The Energy Preparing It All.


Well I sure as hell didn’t see this big event coming!!  But then again, maybe I did and just didn’t take the time to find out more, which is the feeling that kept hanging in me yesterday.  So let me start there…

On the 17th and 18th everyone on the field showed up just on the other side hole in the ground, kinda like the birth canal we just came out of.  The 19th was a bit different and now I am realizing…. VERY different.  Everyone was about 3 feet in from that now fading hole and the energy just in front of everyone was like a golden honey color.  I have no idea why I didn’t take the time to interpret that, but I didn’t.  I have now!! lol

It was showing that we have shifted deeper, more prominently into what my team calls the accelerated earth and as we solidified into our next grand adventure, the energy amped up, directly from the central sun to top us all off.  Kinda like the waxing at the car wash, only better lol.  Equally, thru the three days arriving Here, spirit has been telling every person that much is happening.  New codes and DNA are opening, the consciousness is expanding, the body is accelerating to be able to handle it all.  I am so busy telling the story… excuse me, trying to keep up with the story, I completely forget that I too, am part of the story!!

So the woodpecker that arrived to peck on my skull was very much the new codes and expanding DNA consciousness opening me up.  The energy expansion from my spine was the heightening the energies of what I am able to pick up (lets hope understanding goes with it!!)  Yesterday was right in alignment with our sun.  I seen someone post on facebook that the sun let out an M class flair, first time in a long while.  So I mosied to com and sure enough: Aug. 21st at 0220 UT, AR2304 unleashed the first M-flare in 45 days: A flash of extreme UV radiation ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a minor HF radio blackout over the western Pacific Ocean.

Well, now I understand (sorta) why I woke up and remained for most of the day, feeling like I slept on the sun and the heat of it was just oozing out of my skin all day.  Must be that wax coating.

But the day was going to get a bit stranger than ever before.  Kinda kewl in the most unpleasant, but interesting way.  I had 7 people on my dance card for the day, not surprising at all, I still couldn’t see as my body went thru the weirdness left to experience.  But of the 7 people, 5 gave us what I call pre-glimpes.  These are visuals that arrive before our session starts.  I could not look directly at the field thru anyone once they arrived.  Each of these 5 had really bizarre, if not unpleasant to experience, effects on my physical body.  When my day was done and my team was wrapping it all together for me to understand, I did ask about the other two, why nothing??  They simply said they wanted to use the element of 5 of change thru the day, knowing I would understand that.  The two that had no effect represents our choice point in duality.  If we think about it, duality itself is neutral, it is you and I who choose how and what we shall experience in the land of duality.

One thing for sure with this two-day body altering event, it ripped my nerves to shreds.  I cannot remember ever being so pissed off raw with people.  Not you, one was with my auto loan company and the other directv, two places that are overcharging me on things.  Phew… been a long time since the fire-breathing leo came out and had its way… and they got the full blast of it.  I was plain old pissed off… angry to the max and they had no doubt about it by the time I hung up on each of them.

One thing I think about, if this energy can get to me in such a way, I wonder what it has done to those in lock up.  I have not heard from my daughter in two days.  She has called me every day sometimes twice a day, except one day when the entire jail was in lockdown.  I am praying I hear from her today to at least know she is alright and also find out why no phone privileges in 2 days.

Anywayz… back to the weirdness of yesterday.  Half way thru the day of pre-glimpses I started to realize that not only was the image I was seeing for each person for that person, it was tying a much larger story together thru each one.

My first lady showed up in a rain shower.  I could see this beautiful, small puffy white cloud over her head and this Light blue rain falling down upon her.  Hydration.  New gardens must be watered!!!  And she has put so much energy into recreating her life the way she deserves it.  What was really strange, at least, at first.  My voice started going thru puberty again with her.  Cracking and raw and I was starting to get concerned that I was loosing my voice.  But these energy events between each person was also showing the effects thru me, on them.  This too, I didn’t get until much later in my day.

My next lady I pre-glimpsed a dirt fork in the road.  No more peanut brittle looking dirt, but nice, rich dirt.  What I found interesting is that the forks were both set upwards instead of flat-out.  The fact that she is currently moving from Texas to Colorado is an interesting elevation increase.  But also what was explained as well, she truly is starting her life over from scratch.  The choice point we are all under and most especially her in this moment, do we recreate out life with threads of the past, what we consider old energy in her new.  If so, that will set up a very different set of experiences than just completely and utterly surrendering it all, and moving completely into the new virgin landscape of life.

We have all been undergoing this choice point.  How are we choosing to live in duality.  Mixing the past with the present, old energy in a heightened landscape of accelerated energies or so fresh and new its hard to reorient yourself into your new Self.  If I am remembering correctly, she kept giving me hot flashes, bursts of intense heat/accelerated energy setting life up in matter.

Then there was my lady who was sliced directly in two by a long golden sword with a silver handle.  What the hell is that???  I watched as her body fell to the left in right and then merged into the ground itself.  Altho I could not feel or see anyones guides or helpers, to include this sword yielding person, I had a feeling it must have been our crazy and wild AA Michael.  Later in the day as I was being schooled on what all these puzzle pieces mean to our larger story, the sword of truth is coming down on everyone and those in this landscape are changing, becoming as strong as earth herself to be the living example of that.  Thru our entire conversation my own throat was on fire, worse than a sore throat, it was on fire.

May I just say, all these body experiences only lasted thru our conversations, thank god.

One man had a golden wand tinking against his forehead over and over again with these golden sparks merging into his head.  It was beautiful really.   The pineal glad enhancing.

One of my ladys, now that I am rushing to finish this sharing (have a reading in 20 minutes) I cannot remember her pre-glimpse, but I do remember how much my eyes were burning while we were talking.

Now, to see what it all means as we move forward in the field today.  On that note, enjoy!!!  Thank you for allowing me, with such grace and love, the time to catch up to it all so I can continue to serve in this crazy, wild way that I do!!

I love you!!  ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas








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  3. I have a real sense of having come to new ground this morning. I dreamt that I was traveling, by car, with you, Lisa. We came to a small village in a very unusual landscape. Gumdrop mountains like are in China. I went looking around and found my family checking in to a lovely, peaceful resort kind of place. I was glad to know that the rooms they had arranged for would include me but I felt I had unfinished stuff and didn’t join them in what they chose to do. The whole feeling was newness, peace, and in-progress, not finished.


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