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The Age of the Dinosaur… Returns???? Sort of…


Do you ever feel like things are moving so fast you’re actually standing still??  Phew baby, what a bizarre day yesterday was and I think, today may be more of the same.  We will see tho.

I woke up at 4:30 grateful because I had so much to share from the day priors readings.  As soon as I had that thought, I heard my team say, you are not to write a blog today.  Really??  Usually its the opposite, my hind end is sooo tired and they say write girl… write!!  This has got to be a first.  I was going to share anyway, a little somethin’ something just to do an information dump out of my head.  So my team wiped my head clean.  For the life of me, I couldn’t recall the first bit of information from the 6 readings the day prior.  HEY!!!  Leave my head alone!!  When you give your human free will up to spirit, they sure can take advantage of that!!

About 6am a woodpecker showed up and started pecking at my skull.  How strange to have the actual skull bones start to hurt, which radiated bulging energy to the brain.  Hey!!  I was planning on having a great day, get off my skull.  Nope.  So I decided to take this to the bathtub… what the heck gives??

I slink into the bath and much to my surprise, my stomach starts rumbling over and over.  This rumble has been my spirit guide Jill’s body signal to me for 15 years.  I have not felt it, had it stir up in many many years.  I have not had my team individuate to me in forever.  OK, I am paying attention… what???

So they take my body and place it on the field.  Bout time I get to see myself on the field…. only… I was unrecognizable.  I kinda looked like this:



Only I was in the form a human, and the entire color structure was the golden honey color I tried to add in.  The winds of change were at my back and blowing my entire form, the entirety of me outwards in gel like, globs of energy.  Like this wave.  What the hell????

Then the days readings came back to me in a flood along with a part from my previous meditation that I ignored.  I ignored it because I sure didn’t understand it and wasn’t completely sure I didn’t make it up.  Yeah, I still question things too.  So let me back up to that meditation, cuz its relevant to what came thru the field on the 19th.

This is the meditation I wrote about in the long open in the front white robey thing with the fur at the wrists and feet that my team said was akin to the lion’s mane.  Well, what I didn’t share and completely ignored was what started to appear under the robe.  These humpy things started to emerge all down my back.  Truly something out of the dinosaur age:



The main reason I ignored it, my daughter was heavy on my heart during that meditation.  Her main two totems since she was little is a lion and a dinosaur.  The first two tattoos my daughter put on herself was a T-Rex, one completely skeleton, the other with skin.  I assumed I was feeling my daughter too deeply when I seen these spiky things emerge under my crazy robe.  And then, I just forgot about it all together.  Until yesterday that is, when the information from the days prior readings were released back into my memory.

Two of the readings had dinosaur elements to it.  One lady had a dinosaur tail that really served to balance her as the energy release forward actually tipped her body backwards.  There was more to her dino tail than that, but that was the first image I seen for her.  Another lady had these crazy HUGE dino feet.  If it wasn’t strange enough that I had two readings in the same day aligning with the dinosaur energy, one of my Divine couples were on my dance card too and he had a dream involving a dinosaur.


The information that came thru my series of dino folks was this:

There is so much we do not understand and (on purpose) remember about the age of the dinosaurs.  The reason it is “on purpose,” once we start access any part of our “memories” we automatically start misinterpreting them.  They are coming thru the human filter of now and so we (be design) give them current day attributes when in many of those “times” none existed.  It’s simply the way the linear brain can make sense of what it is accessing.  Plus, we tend to lose our Now experience by the memories and ideas of who we were in the past.

So this time on earth was held back from accessing in its truth.  And even now its coming in to serve the NOW purpose.  So, again, thru the readings, what was shared by their teams is that back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, so did the Master in human body.  Much of our history says humans were not around in the dinosaur era, and if they were, it would have been the Neanderthal man.  Not even close to being true, altho the prototype we know as Neanderthal man was also roaming around back then, so were what we know as the Ascended Masters… US!!!

What I could see thru the readings could almost be taken straight from the movie Avatar.  We had a unique relationship with the dinosaurs, sharing space and consciousness at will.  Dinosaurs used the energy of the earth for many things and I could really see that with my lady with the HUGE dino feet.  The pure power that came up thru the earth into those feet reminded me a firemans hose on full throttle.  Intense.  Our human bodies not designed to take on that full flow, I watched as the master that was her in that timeline merged into the energy of the dinosaur to access what was needed.

So, what I am understanding and this is only… barely, those showing up with dino parts are using that part of the energy system as they move forward.  The power and breath of the feet, the balance and protection of the mighty tale, and my crazy spiky things, accessing the information in the air.

I wish I would have had my divine man email me his dream, it was stunning and informative (hint, hint lol.)  If he does share it in email with me, I will share it with you along with the interpretation/understanding that came with his dream experience!

Something is finally making sense to me.  Back in my tweenage years, my dentist at the time was not a big fan on filling my cavities, instead he pulled my teeth out of head (I was a serious dental-aphob back then, well still am really.)  In the early 70’s they would use ether to knock you out, every single time I was placed under ether (which was a lot) I had nightmares of being a child being chased by dinosaurs.  I would come out of the ether screaming and sweating.

Hmmm… come to think of it, I was never a fan of cartoons, not even as a child.  Except, I loved the Flintstones and the Jetsons… hmmmm… the stone age meets the space age.  Bread crumbs to Now??

Now I wonder, was it my personal dinosaur that was chasing me and my current mind created the field of fear during my ether trips back to that timeline.

So now, let’s get back to yesterday lol.  Once I got out of my bath and attempted my first reading, I knew, I was down for the day.  Besides, that woodpecker was a constant.  As I rescheduled my day and ate some ibuprofen, I could feel the entire energy of my back , the entire length of my spine, open up and this clear energy gushed out.  What the freakin hell?  About an hour later, its like all my antennas went into overdrive.  The first thing I experience was… freakin weird.  Have you ever been outside and a plane flying low creates a shadow on the ground.  This exact thing happened only, it was in my house.  I was at my computer when it happened and I really thought maybe a large truck pulled up in front of the house.  I turned around… nothing but pure sunshine streaming into my front door.   What the hell was that??  I got up and decided to do my dishes and as I did, I know I heard voices coming from…. nowhere.  I didn’t have my TV on or anything sound producing… and there was muffled voices coming from the same place the shadow happened, over by my TV.

I had already understood that those spiky things I had seen from my last meditation served to be super enhanced antennas that pick up much more than I am accustomed to.  But then again, this is the season we are all in.  Antennas supersized!!

Even this made sense of a surprising experience the other day.  I was watching my recording of “The Whisperers” and it recorded the start of the news.  The news was talking about a young teenage high school football player that was just shot in a drive by in Albuquerque.  My lower mind caught it and said something like… geez, that so sux.  Instantly I heard this young mans team say it was his time to go and his way to go and watch what happens because of it.

Alrighty then, remove me from judgement, instantly!!  I have never had someone unrelated to me (be it clients or family or friends) ever share like that out of the blue.  Guess we are changing fast!!

I collapsed into a heap for the rest of yesterday.  Could not even get near my computer or engage in much really.  This morning, I feel like I was sitting in the sun all night long and got a sunburn.  You know that feeling when you spent way too much time in the sun and you can feel the heat of the sun coming back out of you… yup, thats been my constant for the last 3 hours.  Like a fever on the surface of the skin.

Ohhh at the end of my meditation yesterday, I did ask my team about my daughter.  I could see a huge X placed on her jail cell.  I don’t think she is getting out any time soon.  However, she did say with so much excitement and surprise, she is getting letters from my clients.  I have forgotten to tell her she might, its amazing how fast a 15 minute phone call goes by.  She is so thrilled and humbled and even got one from… sheez… Belgium?  She is writing you back, however, the ones out of country she will have to mail to me then I will mail her reply to you.  Jail only gives a regular stamp to use.  So, thank you from both of us.  Your love, your personal stories and understandings means sooo much to her!!

Enjoy the winds of change that are blowing you into the most amazing creation never realized!!!  Ohhh and the woodpecker… expanding/opening up my consciousness.  Yay!!???  Love these times we are in.  Here’s hoping I am not too hot to see today!! lol

I love you all so much!!  Big big (((HUGZ)))) of heated acceleration to ALL  (smile.)

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. It’s almost that time again when I get to hang out with Kelli in the Raw.  Join us August 25th from 10am until noon for enlightening laughter!!















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