Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 19, 2015

Your Arms, Your Legs Your Mind, Oh My!!


I am starting to find a common theme in the readings since we emerged thru the birth canal into the accelerated zone.  For what seems like forever, the focus of all energy was from the core, the chakras and the core itself, aligning, balancing, clearing, you name it.  Now, the focus seems to be on the extremities, arms and hands, legs and feet, not to mention, your new clothes/skin.  But why not??  Getting to Here means our core is solid, clear (and yes, we still get to be occasional human) and all the chakras should have merged into a living sphere of energy around you (as opposed to working individually, that got us to here,) known as the torus.  So I suppose it would make sense that now, it’s all about our reach for life and how we grasp into the realm of all possibilities and pull that desire back to our created reality, which is arms and hands and then how we move thru life and where we are willing to take ourselves and the support system we surround ourselves with (legs and feet.)  This alone shows us it’s time to get up and LIVE.  LOVE in motion.  Yup, that’s us!!  lol

The skin tho, isn’t that an interesting focal point of spirit.  So I looked up the function of skin and it has three main functions: Protection, regulation and sensation.  The one thing we all know, being on this path, openly different from the rest of society, we had to develop a “thick skin” of protection, to not take anything personally and stand in our inner knowing, our inner power.  When we have accomplished that, it also regulates our “mood” as well.  When we are no longer allowing anyone outside of ourselves to affect us, to take our power by their words or deeds, then we are in a constant state of joy.

Now lets me very clear here, because I think a lot of people confuse happiness with joy.  I am not talking about the giggle your pants off happy times, but a constant states that becomes irrevocable by anything.  I found a wonderful website that makes the difference clearer explanation wise:  Happiness is subjective. What matters is our individual perception of happiness. Scientists say this emotion can be studied and measured because people can reliably and honestly self-report their increases and decreases in happiness levels.  Joy is a state of mind a combination of emotions and in the spiritual context is an orientation of the heart. Joy contains the established elements of contentment, confidence and hope.

Is There a Relationship Between Happiness and Joy? 

Yes and No.  Joy is something that lasts. Happiness is something that is temporary.  Joy is an inner, conscious belief.  Happiness is external. Something people may feel for a short time, for example, when they buy something that they desire. Joy brings with it a feeling of contentment when someone is in the middle of a life storm. Happiness is not present in a life storm. A persons genetic baseline level of happiness is fixed on the personality style in which they were born and can increase over time. People can receive the internal feeling consistent joy by practicing the behaviors and techniques.

– See more at:

Now the sensations part, we think of what we feel, which too, counts, but we are equally emitting sensations from our very skin, the tiny little chakras called our pores. So in your own way, you sweat joy to all that is around you and it is contagious and dare I even say, sought after!!  This is your attire!! A very fluid, powerful attire I might add!!

Your legs and feet.  This can be tricky really.  Many people use these powerful tools in search of “happiness,” moving from here to there to the next place, never feeling like they found what they sought to experience.  This really comes down to spiritual movement.  Moving into full alignment with the next great adventure called your Life.  Most people tho, seek the exterior concept of what will make them “happy.”  Who you surround yourself with, is as crucial as your movements.  The feet themselves creates the stability of placement, where you find yourself.  The toes add support to your balance, think, external relationships.  Who and what we surround ourselves with is as important as who and where we choose to be.

Now I am going to straddle all this with one of the readings yesterday.  There my lovely lady was, standing on the peanut brittle looking new earth near the birthing hole (like everyone else yesterday.)  Directly to her left, physical life side was this bizarre looking thing, kinda reminded me of a stripper pole, but corkscrew style made of solid gold:

gold screw

The next thing I know, there she was, sliding upwards on this screw thing.  What the hell????  Your visuals are getting down right challenging, thank you very much!!  Gotta love new growth!!  Once I understood what I was seeing, she was telling us all a very dynamic story for this time we are in.

First, when I had seen her body standing next to this thing, she was human sized.  When she got on this corkscrew somehow sliding upwards, she was small enough to fit onto and in every loop.  Her team said, you’re not limited by your size, you can shift to small as needed or as large as needed to experience anything you desire.  The gold of her tool represented the spiritual/magnetic field of energy.  The acceleration or deceleration of her use of the ascent upwards, the energy in which it creates, is important to understand and use.

Once she arrived at the top it really got strange.  There she was, squatting with incredible balance like a frog on her hands and feet, at the very top (which was pointy) of her corkscrew thingie.  Here again is the emphasis of hands and feet and might I add… balance!!!  But what came next… invigorated me!!

Suddenly what was surrounding her balanced body was her consciousness.  Keep in mind, I see consciousness like a hurricane storm system:


So there she is, consciousness surrounding her balanced body on the top of a tool that is her ability to climb up and out of the denser human realm and see things from spirits vantage point (since she and we, are all now spirit in body.)  With her visual came a very important understanding for all of us, the combination, full use of our physical body, our mental body (aka ego) and our spirituals mind and body… MUST be one full tool set working so intimately together you cannot tell the difference any longer.

Think about this for a moment.  Many people refer to, that which I call soul, many call higher self, as something separate from them, continuing the exterior relationship.  It is Now time to see, excuse me… KNOW that YOU are the higher Self in body, not separate but one powerfully, fully functional system!!  Should you continue to express yourself as separate, that consciousness resides above you, that you keep having to “access’ instead of a part of you that simply flows thru you as you.

Another reading I want to talk about too, is my matrix lady!!  God knows she hit my pineal gland hard a good 10 minutes before our reading was set.  I started getting light spins and could not figure out why.  Unlike the day prior, I was not getting pre-glimpses, so I was unsure where this sudden onset of light spins came from… until I seen her on the field.

The first thing I could see was her arms and hands extended outwards, wrist bent and fingers outstretched upwards.  This spiral energy coming out of each palm and all I could think of was a scene from the matrix:



Except for her, there was one spiral connected to each palm.  Here too, acceleration and deceleration played a huge part in how we are learning to work our energy fields.  I watched as she extended that spiral out into the “unlimited potential” aka quantum soup and hooked the spiral into what she desired, then pulled it back towards her.  Her team even explained how differently each arm/hand worked on several levels.  Taking it into the brake and gas pedal of a car, instead of a break tho, they changed out that peddle to be the “solidifier.”  You must reach for your desires, put you must also know how to pull them into your reality as a solidified experience.  And the arms work differently depending on your desire.  We used my own personal two examples, and her team said, if they used her energy as an example, it would be set in motion and they cannot do that.  Well, they can, but won’t.  Think about that too, for a long moment.  There is nothing that is just a movie playing out in the field of readings, what I see is what is happening on all levels of light.  Kinda freaky really!!

But they gave her my examples of desire… the divine counterpart would be sought using the right arm and hand, because it is a deeply emotional desire.  A chocolate fix, tho a love of mine, would be the left hand, a physical desire.

Of course, while I have visions of Neo paralleling her matrix abilities, I was so surprised when she said she does matrix healing or something like that.  Something that begins with the word matrix.  Ha!!  Isn’t that just freakin kewl.  Spirit so knows how to address what you do, thru my crazy, often times confused mind and let you know, what you can do, is now being presented on steroids and more than ever before!!

How did I forget, I did preview someone yesterday!!  Geez my poor mushy mind.  I was watching her do the chicken dance and like my sprite lady, these globs of white stuff flinging off her skin as she wiggled.  The focus on her arms and hands, which of course is the chicken dance itself!!  But imagine what you spread while dancing to the song of your soul outwards.  OK, so maybe the chicken dance may be a bit exaggerated, but you cannot hear it and not smile.

Now let me wrap that around one of my ladies showing up kinda like Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty during the “clap on, clap off” part of the movie.  There she was, both arms extended to the left (physical life) and clapping.

The days of long rituals, alter producing effects, are over.  Clap on and clap off the field of energetic desires while doing the chicken dance!!  On that note, let me share a room full of children joyfully working their stuff.  Be that!!  With intention.

I love you all so much you crazy bunch of chickens dancing out Loud to the Beat of Your Soul!!

((((HUGZ)))) of Joy and dancing to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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