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Day One of the Extraordinary Life and Light of YOU!

light and life

What an amazing day in the field of YOU yesterday.  And man oh man, talk about some rarefied light called YOU.  One thing for sure, we are going to have to completely reprogram the way we look at ourselves.  Very much like the information coming thru about our “totems” they are not here to give us a message as they are to show you are now the messenger of their attributes.  So as we emerge into this amazing new Life we brought ourselves to, instead of thinking “I am aligned to this or that,”  it is much more “I Am that!!”  Let me ‘splain! (smile)

But first, lets take into account how incredibly important this whole venus retrograde phase is to where we are now.  I am going to bring back the image I used the other day:

Venus-phases-wiki-pub-domain-2015-phases_arrowsn i

Obviously (which I had no idea lol) this transition into our New Life began in earnest this past October with the sun shining its spotlight on Venus.  Venus being the representation of love and values, we started to make major choices getting to this point this past October and with each passing day, solidified our arrival either in the accelerated zone or the filtered zone.

And here we are… but even this is a choice point too.  Because as exciting as knowing we are on the accelerated earth, it comes with more responsibility than we probably ever wanted to have.  Thru the months, day by day, your soul has been giving you larger handfuls of your true self and then seeing what you do with it.  Are you standing, speaking and most especially, LIVING your truth?  Are you helping others the way you have been helped getting to here?  Are you making the magic of your life happen or waiting for it to arrive??  Do you know how you work as a spiritual Being incarnate??

Well, yesterday being day 1 in this new crazy field, you are being shown.  My first lady gave us a lot of information that I did not realize how valuable it was until this morning as my mind tries to organize the vastness of readings yesterday.

My first lady showed up popping up out of the middle of a hole in the center of what looks like a very large, round piece of peanut brittle (with a hole in the center lol!!)

peanut brittle

I find it kinda strange that the ground beneath us looks like a thin layer of peanut brittle instead of deep, rich earthy dirt.  However, we did get an explanation, especially thru my last lady of the day.

Where we arrived now is so new, including the earth, the ground we walk upon.  As we move forward day by day, we are either going to enrich the dirt of earth by our Presence or fall thru it.  We have until October to decide.

So my lady shimmied on up and plopped her butt on the peanut brittle earth with her legs still dangling down in the hole.  As I watched her, suddenly someone that I could not see but knew was there, put this long flowy sheer light blue gown on her.  I even mentioned how talented she must be, her but never got up yet this gown was from neck to foot.  This was representing her new skin, the ability to flow with the winds of change thru her life and the lives of others.  To step into the changes and understand them on a deeper level of experience.  I also watched as that invisible force took her hair, which I knew represented her “antennas” and pulled them up into a pony tail at the top of her head.  Her team explained that this phase of the Venus retrograde is going to allow her to see more clearly, the light side of the dark side.  Her new role will be assisting others from that hole upwards or even downwards back into the filtered zone.  Her antennas will continue to absorb and align to the light of Love thru October, when this retrograde fitting will be finished.  So there is time to adjust and start becoming what you have (re)incarnated to be NOW!!

My second lady started showing up (as everyone on this day did also) a good 10 minutes before our appointment time.  She (like everyone else as well) was standing just on the topside side on this peanut brittle earth next to the hole she came thru (which kinda reminds me of a vagina, not in look, but in purpose.)  She was standing there shaking her hands and arms like mad, like she was trying to flick a stuff off and she was successful, globs of white light was flinging all over the place from her arms.  What the hell??  Instantly I heard “sprite.”  Huh???  So I look up sprites…

From wikipedia:  Sprites are large-scale electrical discharges that occur high above thunderstorm clouds, or cumulonimbus, giving rise to a quite varied range of visual shapes flickering in the night sky. They are triggered by the discharges of positive lightning between an underlying thundercloud and the ground.

…Sprites are sometimes inaccurately called upper-atmospheric lightning. However, sprites are cold plasma phenomena that lack the hot channel temperatures of tropospheric lightning, so they are more akin to fluorescent tube discharges than to lightning discharges.

So with all that, as we got connected to actually do her reading her team said its not that she is “aligned” to this energy system, SHE IS this energy system!!!  And now her job is to understand the depth of what this means to her and to others and use it consciously at all times, because it is happening all the time.

My next guy, again in the preview, I could see him standing with his arms up in the air… invoking this amazing series of magnetic gold strings of energy into his body.  I have no idea what this means… the next thing I get is an image of him with this hat or helmet on with horns on it and I hear his team tell me to look up norse gods.  Alrighty then!!


I had no clue Thor, whom I thought I was familiar with, wore a horned helmet!!  This image is souly to share the helmet, I didn’t see his body cuz there was wayyyy to much golden magnetic energy coming into him.  Even the air around him was like a golden shimmer (as opposed to clear like I usually don’t see (smile) air.)

When he and I got together, I had to wonder why did his team take me the long way to understanding his body system is now the energy of Thor??  Well, because the only thing I know about thor is his kewl hammer.  Well, in order for that kewl hammer, which when released will release silver energy (earth energy) one must pull in the power source of its discharge (pure magnetic spirit energy.)  And that crazy, horny hat, super antennas!!

My next lady, she was doing cartwheels in place, hands to the ground, feet to the ground as this beautiful flowy energy was being released from her (I thought yesterday, it was wrapping around her, nope, she was releasing it.)  Quartz energy.  The pure power of the wholeness of quartz crystals.  her job, initially is to go deeper into the quartz frequency than ever before… cuz their… excuse me, her magic is more than we have ever realized.  Her constant cartwheels was calibrating her hands and feet to and for the new earth.  Think about it really, when we want something two things must be in motion… our feet, our walk towards that as well as our hands, to grasp it and bring it to our realm of created matter.  She is aligning no doubt!!

It is really the last reading of the day that gave a broad sweep of understanding to the whole days presentation.  There she was, shovel in hand, digging into the peanut brittle looking earth.  What the hell??  Then I kept hearing the phrase “gold digger.”  Geez Louise!!!  Well, when she and I got together, it made much more sense.

By her very nature, she automatically opens people up to expose their hidden issues and they just tell her about them.  Well, the digging is naturally opening people up, weather she is present or not.  Her energy field moves outwards far and wide and does this without thought (from her.)  Now her job, her skill is finding the gold, the spiritual essence hidden within their “issues” and revealing that to them.  Helping them see their way to the light side of the dark.  She was not thrilled!!  I cannot say I blame her either.  It can be hard when you are surrounded by someones issues, especially if you do not clearly realize they are someone else’s issues showing up in your awareness field.

To Be Here, on this amazing accelerated earth means you have done your work, all the clearing and releasing you ever need to do.  Period.  Because our field is so rarefied with energy, and we are (unconsciously, until we become more consciously) helping others open up… we are assisting naturally the processing of old into golden nuggets of Life.

So I also realized, that crazy tiny angel controlling the door of my heart, is not that I gave my power to AA Michael, I have become that vibrationally.  Now if I could only embody the quantum physics he always showed up talking about!!!  lol

On that note… its time to start my day again.

Big big (((HUGZ))) of SuperPowered Illumination to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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