Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 17, 2015

A New Era Begins and YOU Are The New Guides and Gatekeepers!!


I cannot tell you how much it makes me smile when we have two back to back days with such significant energy shifts that I cannot personally look directly into them on those particular days, and low and behold I either have a new zealand or australian connection at the end of those moments in my day of readings.  Sure enough, the end of the day on the 16th, new zealand was there to give us a look ahead at the day after the 15th event!!

There she was, in all her shear white egginess spinning in a counter-clockwise rapid energy system.  In my world, the counter-clock wise spin reflects opening.  I then got a flash as I was wondering what she was spinning into, of a Faberge egg:

fab egg

What is even more astounding, this was exactly the egg I seen, minus the stand.  The light blue representing Source (creator, god, whatever) energy, the golden lattice, the new super magnetized grid-work within her energy field, and the crystal inlays, power points.  I understood the exterior presentation very well, what I never took the moment to understand is the inside of these eggs.  Before they are bedazzled, they must first delicately be completely hollowed out.  The life that once was within, gone forever… well, sort of in our situation.  For those of us who cleared out our inner issues, we truly have arrived Here so differently than I could have ever imagined.  I’ll get back to this in a moment.

I am becoming quite aware that not all presents from the universe hold quite the presence I expect, it is so much more than that!!  As you know, I have been entertaining a new fishie in world, an interesting and mysterious creature at that.  One where rainbows can show up just for the asking, the flock of hummingbirds enters the core and buzzes like crazy and this crazy girl is pretty damn sure… this is it!!!  The One!!!  Not even close… well, not close in to what I was expecting it all to be.  Silly me and those pesky expectations!!

The communication between mine and his energy fields was like nothing I had ever experienced before, not to this degree anywayz.  The phone call we had friday night, was as of his mouth never needed to move, his energy field was doing all the talking.  Altho he told me he was doing laundry, his energy field said he had other plans for the night and if those plans were better than the plans we had for the weekend… well…  So I was not completely surprised when Saturday morning came and I got a text that he had to take his cat to the vet and he would let me know how it goes.  5 hours later and an hour before he was supposed to arrive pre-sudden vet day, I wrote him off, until he texted me and said he was still coming, just gonna be an hour late.  As much as some old part of me wanted to say thanx, but no thanx, my mind flashed back to all the previous signs and I decided to ride this out and see where it goes.

My beautiful Jemez sisters made my annual spaghetti dinner and and the evening was very nice.  When we came back to my house, I had this distinct energy wedge between me and him and nothing in me, could get any closer.  He then told me that he has to leave earlier than expected because he is going to the movies with a friend of his.  We were supposed to go hiking to the waterfalls.  I told him he might as well leave when he gets up, I still plan on having my day out.  I fell asleep on the couch, he eventually found his way to my room.  By morning, whatever rainbows and hummingbirds that once was… was gone.  I really am not interested.  We ended in a casual hug.

However, something huge hit me as he and I were having a smoke after dinner.  We were talking about our fishing expeditions and he had said he had met someone exactly like him, and he does not want to date anyone like him.  I could feel this surge inside of me as I stated with surprise… really??  That is exactly what I desire, someone so like me, in the way I see and experience this world.  I never realized how much until I felt that wave.  But if we really think about it, we are changing ourselves into our greatest versions of ourselves thru others, so we naturally want to attract someone opposite that.  Until we have come into who we really are… the energies are no longer seeking opposite but magnetic likeness for the grander abilities at hand.

I sat down to ponder myself.  I actually started to search around to see if I have some sort of relationship block in me.  Something I may have overlooked, because I am realizing, well, that thing inside of us, the chemical releases that will engage to take a possibility to experience, from interested to attraction, seems to be missing in me.  I really thought I was not as superficial as I was officially feeling, but I have zero attraction and really, now.. zero interest in this person.  It’s gotta be me!!

The monsoon clouds forming rearranged my day.  Instead of hiking out to the waterfalls and having a soak, I took a shortcut and went to the giggling springs resort to have a soak and take a deep look inside.  The moment my car reached Jemez Springs, the thunder started rolling, the rains started falling and I thought… well… I’m gonna get wet anywayz, and I need this time for myself.

As I snuggled into the hot springs pool set aside, no one but me in there, the cold rains falling into the steamy pool was an interesting mix of energy.  Hot and cold as the thunder boomers made their ways down my entire core.

Once I found the way to actually get comfortable enough to meditate and not be totally distracted by the pouring rain hitting my face, my first question was… am I blocked and show me where and why!!  Suddenly, I am down inside my heart and unexpectedly seen this tiny version of archangel Michael standing at the doorway of my heart.  Well!!  I sure as hell didn’t expect that!!!  As I locked my vision into that space and his presence there, I would watch him open the door wide, then close it to just a crack of light energy coming in.  I guess if I am going to have a guard at the gate of my heart, might as well be that truth wielding, shield protecting crazy angel we call Michael!!  So… lets be clear here mikey baby, am I blocked or did I just give my relationship power over to you??

As I asked that question, a long rolling thunder boomer released itself, and my focus went up to the antennas which now looked oddly like a series of metal, metallic gold and silver metal strips held together in a straight up pony tail that kinda created a fountain or spray image at the top.  I felt the thunder hit my antennas and roll down my core and out my feet.  THAT was so freakin kewl!!  With it… came a whole new understanding of how we work and what our responsibility is.  I will simply share the fuller understanding instead of the fractured way I received it yesterday.

Lets start with going back to the Fabrege egg.  Its hollow inside, the old programming… life plan we incarnate with, does not exist like it once did.  Lets be perfectly clear here, because this is such an important adjustment for us all to make.

Those of us who have cleared our way to being in/on this amazing field of energy, Heaven on earth, whatever… we no longer work like we used to.  There is no “life plan” that we should follow, there is no anything really.  There is only the moment, which fires off a series of other moments to come.  The moment I met Paul on Plenty of Fish, fired off the series of moments that culminated yesterday to really help me… us, understand our inner and outer workings now.

I was given a visual of a friend of mine who embarked on a life change that somehow, got stuck along the way.  I was shown something that looked similar to an hour-glass, a top (accelerated earth,) a bottom (filtered earth) and that place where neither and both exists together, from my point of view, a short tube looking place.  I could see her stuck, but doing all she could to lift herself onto the top of the earth, but could not get past the head and shoulders.  Think of a baby stuck in the birth canal (come to think of it, my youngest spent 45 minutes stuck in my birth canal, crowning, then being sucked back in, no wonder she is challenged now!!)

Well, lets now go to the bedazzled part of our egginess… we are meeting people who need that extra push, the cutting of the walls they are stuck within and out job is either push them out to the top, or push them in to the bottom, we simply do that by our Presence and our expression, by LIVING who we know we are.  Spirit incarnate in the world of matter.  We are the guides on this new earth.  We, equally, are the Gatekeepers.  Think about that for a long moment….

Getting to Here, we sought out the wisdom of our spiritual guides, either in our own meditations or thru the assistance of others.  Our guides guided us to Here.  They did not tell us what to do, but gave us options and we either followed the options or not.  Like my living example above, she was given several options and choose none of them, which is a valid choice.  We are going to find many from here on out, straddling choice points and not really going any further than their own perceived limitations… and our job, as the spirit guides on this new, heavenly earth, is to guide them one way or another.

So the hallow energy within our new pimped out Faberge egg changes day by day, minute by minute and our job is not to get hung up on any one thing or person.  There is a lot to do as we move forward.  I was even told, many of us came to this moment “single” on purpose.  There is a unique opportunity to serve those guided to our potential “relationship” energy, even if they appear to be sucked back into the abyss.  The Light energy shared is irrevocable.

Now, let me tell you how insanely magnetizing we are.  The very day I wrote my sharing about how tiny my new fishie was and put a picture of Sinbad out, before that very day was over, doncha know a new fishie came swimming over to my hook.   He is over 6 foot tall and burly like Sinbad and he meditates, does yoga and other new agey kind of stuff.  But that beautiful angel of truth within my heart can sure take something sparkly and show how lab created somethings are.  But the crack of Light still shines… for now.

Ohhhh, there are some things I completely forgot to share too, about the term my team uses as “divine counterparts.”  No not soul mates, not twin souls or whatever other wrappings we have.  To be very clear on how MY team uses this term, two people in love, fully aware of their spiritual Self, enlarging their spiritual territory consciously within themselves and within their partner.  I have two amazing couples that have given me the most amazing privilege of reading for them, together, that just blows my mind and excites my soul like crazy!!

Just before my new Zealand lady on the 16th, one of these pairs showed up for their reading.  I was pretty sure like everyone else before them and on my timeline, I would get nothing.  Wrong!!  I didn’t even try to do a reading and I was getting visuals instantly.


Two yokes, one body of egg whites!!  Truly one soul in two body’s, unique in their own rite.  The yokes themselves are their own unique food sources they are bringing to the oneness of each other.  They are not feeding off each other, but nourishing each other thru their own source of food!!

Little did I realize the next thing we know… Faberge egg.  I cannot tell you just how much I love how very specifically spirit places you on my day of readings.  Its insane and exciting!!!

So today is day one in the new Light of our Life, I cannot wait to see what’s in there thru you!!!  You’re so flipping exciting to my heart and soul, thank you… sooooo freakin much for giving me the daily gift of YOU!!! I love you!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of magnetic instantness and broad Light of Love to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    just want to share this amazing video. This guy is 15 years old and he speaks on behalf of the Earth in front of the United Nations! The sad part is, people clap politely and then they go back to business as usual … but it looks as if there are many young leaders emerging now.

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