Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 10, 2015

Understanding the Joy and the Responsibility!


Can I just say how incredibly majestic and beautiful you all are.  How indescribably powerful you are, we are, Now.  Your “super powers” are online now, whether you realize it, know what they are, doesn’t matter.  You are Here and therefore, you are absolutely responsible to know, because they are being used thru your energy system, at least for those who are on the accelerated earth.  I feel, more than anything, we all need to be very clear in understanding what this all means to us.

If we can look at earth right now as a two-sided coin, the top side is where everything is unrestricted, the other side, very restricted and buffered.  Now let’s make wider… one side is what we have been calling Heaven on Earth, Shambhala, 5D, pick a title that suits your fancy.  The other side, slow-mo 3D earth as we have known it to be, with some twists.

So the top side of the coin, the accelerated earth, think of it like spirit now fully immersed into an unrestricted field of matter.  To be here you must have tempered your ego to the degree it is now a full on partner with your soul.  Meaning, judgement is a part of your history.  Judgement: an emotionally charged emotion about something or someone.  However, if you have gotten yourself to the consistent point of looking at anything and saying “I may not like it, but I do honor its place in our world,” that’s the release of judgement.  To be Here means you fully recognize and Know that to change anything, it must be done thru the element of love.  Not fear, not hate, not judgement.  LOVE is the only force that can and will change it all!!  And that FORCE, MUST come thru us.  That FORCE, MUST start within your own life.

With the knowing we have been prepared, entered and are fully engaged in that place I’ll just call Heaven on Earth, I personally thought of all the exciting things that go with it, even knowing from many previous readings over the year, this place, when we are fully engaged within it, is completely unrestricted.  Until recently, very very recently, I didn’t see the cutting edge of this finely tuned sword.  But man oh man, it is vividly in my face now, enhanced by one of the lady’s on the field yesterday and her questions that brought a lot more clarity to Light.

Because we would never ever intentionally do harm to another, we know fully that judging inflicts harmful energy into anything and everything we have a judgement against, we have been given full access to our superpowers.  However, we are still and will always be in the land of duality, which means the sword cuts both ways, WE are more responsible now than ever before.  We WILL see a negative outcome now and again, one that we never intended so we can fine tune ourselves.

I am a living example of what not to do… that is my second skill set!! lol  I know full well that in meditation, in readings, the universe speaks to us in metaphors and symbolisms, the field of creation, quite literal in its return if energy and outcome.  Innocently I omitted a word in a sentence the other day in my sharing.  When I said “Christ… needs to hang in jail,” that very morning, a girl tried to hang herself in that jail as witnessed by my daughter.  Fortunately, no harm came to anyone at all.  I do see the bigger message beyond just my omission of the word “out”… hang out in jail.  There is the Christ energy in every human on the face of this earth, the full spiritual Beings they are.  Even if it appears to be buried deep in the recesses of their mind, that energy is still there and can be activated and brought to the fore.  Obviously.

For this very reason, the filtered earth, the buffers must live within many minds and hearts until they release judgement and to keep those “unaware” safe and free from harm, of oneself and of others.

Think about how many people have issues, judgements with food, the quality, the making of, whatever.  What happens if you say something is bad for you, it becomes that for you personally.  Get an entire collective saying the same thing, that “negative quality” you are embedding in that food source, enhances and you spread negativity to those who are aligned with negativity and consume it.  So I stop for a moment right now… is it the food itself that is causing illness or the collectives embedded energy within it that is??  What you put out, must return to you in some form energetically within your life.

Be ever mindful of what you feel when you speak of anything.  The fortunate thing about being on the filtered earth, those of us loving all life helps to debuff the negatives within anything.  Very much like nulling a charge in the energy field.

I spent some time the other day flooding the jail where my daughter is, with foamy Light.  I spread it out on the floors of that place so everyone could walk around in it.  When my daughter called last evening and I asked her what’s the drama of the day, her reply made me smile.  She said surprising nothing, everyone was in a good mood, no fights, no break outs, someone even cornrowed her hair.

We have a tendency to want to target someone’s heart, but if that heart is closed off to love, the light will just park there until there is an opening. But the feet… who thinks of closing off their feet chakras??  Ha!!  Here is news we can use… for any chakra to close down, it must close due to the person’s intent, consciously or unconsciously.  Target the feet!! lol  Think about it, well, I am obviously.  Even the hands, many people close down, you can witness this with obsessive washing, kinda known as germaphobes.  Its less about germs and their repetitive way of cutting off the energy that flows into and out of them via the palm chakras.  But you don’t see many people taking their shoes off and washing their feet all day long!!

With all that said, all the wonders of living heaven on earth is alive and in play.  All the responsibilities with living heaven on earth is alive and in play.  We are the custodians, the caretakers of both realms, accelerated and filtered.  Just like in spirit, we are here to use all the energy, magic, wonder that is US to thrive in life, while, at the same time, helping others to become that too.  Thrivers not survivors.

I keep thinking about my one lady yesterday, she was dressed just like the fairy godmother in Cinderella.  In her right hand she had a white rag and she was doing something that looked like cleaning windows.  Her team explained that her job is clearing the way forward for herself and others, emotionally.  Recognizing the smudges in the energy field, pointing it out to the others in her life and assisting with clearing the smudge so that they can see their way forward, clearly.  The fairy godmother in cinderella was an interesting creature, she used her magic to enliven the world around cinderella to assist.  Turning mice into horses, pumpkins into carriages.  She used things to assist…. not changed them forever, just for as long as was needed for the experience.  For this, it is for cinderella to see what a magnificent, worthy Being she is!!

Ohhh and the most common thing in yesterday’s field of readings, your soul energy is now your dress.  We have been so accustomed to our soul energy being in our core, hidden inside, not any longer.  It is the very skin and clothing we have on now (energetically speaking, of course.)  The fields of kundalini are now in front of you, igniting bliss into your path of creation.  …and so much more!!

Let me tell you, the energy streaming off of all of you yesterday left my mind in a puddle of blissful mush.  I couldn’t move, think, nor email.  I will get to my emails today.  Love the stream we’re in!! 😀

On that note, my day begins and there is so much more I haven’t shared.  Dammit.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of responsible bliss to All!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas













  1. Thank you,thank you I Have going through lots this summer with my car being stolen and the job being sooooo much difference with the new owners your posting are what keep me going Blessing to you The Divine Miss M Sent from my iPhone


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  2. Thank you, Lisa, for today’s message! We love and use these reminders and the mention of feet chakras and visualization of walking around in loving foam….priceless! Each day I ask all “ancestors” surrounding me to show me what it is I need to know and part of that is often your blogs. Love ya and sending heart hugs.…………

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