Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 31, 2015

How’s Your Inner Attitude??

inner attitude

I love to witness the incredible magic of this life, especially thru my kids.  How the right attitude not only leads you to the right doors, but like I had seen in a reading several days ago, just walking past these doors flings them open for you.  Let me go into detail with these, there are so many nuggets we can all glean from my son’s experience yesterday.

As you know, I ended my blog yesterday with the sudden news my son got laid off unexpectedly from his job yesterday.  He didn’t even take time to grumble (much, for a minute with me, he did, but venting is a good thing, growing legs on it… not so much.)  He took himself to craigslist and sent out his resume to everyone that he thought he was a good fit in the painting/contracting world.  Within 20 minutes, he had his first job offer and was elated.  The job was making more money than he has been.  A couple of hours later, he had incredible job offers, more than he could imagine choosing from, with great companies who understood his plight and wanted to hire him ASAP.  This too gives way to a few of the readings I have seen and now I really understand it.  For some people I had several choices/opportunities and the field said, you don’t have to choose them all.  The field is not like humans, nothing is taken personally if you say, no, don’t want that one thank you.

Isn’t this a more exciting way to live life???  This is how we are meant to live, not struggling or second guessing where our next meal may come from.  My son is loaded with inner confidence about who he is and where he wants his life to go and the universe dropped the job that could not take him there and now lots of choice opportunities in a grander alignment of his path forward.

Yesterday in the field, it was still very much the energetics aligning now both body and airspace.  Stretching, pulling, tweaking and one even tea bag like, dipping up and down into the earth then topside.  Thru it all, we are all putting the final touches of choices in motion.  You may not realize it, but what you are holding onto with feeling, is a choice.

I can go into the opposite realm with a living example too.  I was reading the comments on the interview with me and Kelli in the Raw and seen a person say they do not agree with me, chemtrails are bad, Abraham (channeled by Esther) is bad, and there was not a positive thing in the several sentences written.  Let me assure you, I am not here to make anyone see the bright side of the dark, I could care less if you do or don’t, as long as I do, thats all that matters really.  However, I can see vividly why there MUST be a filtered earth, because if you believe strong enough that anything outside of you can harm you or hell, harm anyone around you, then you give your power away to that and invite it in as harm instead of love.  What you do to yourself is one thing, what you invoke for others… can we just say, bad karma coins.  Thank god for filters, otherwise that negative energy and expectation of that energy, would set up home in your body and life instantly!!!  I also got to see how “collectives” work in that little shout out too.  Like minds do truly gather and engage in like thoughts and give it more energy, more power.  This is what we call the “collective consciousness.”

So here we are, the last day of this phase as we step into August.  Well, those down under already stepped into august this morning, hurray for you, how’s it looking/feeling????  lol

Your inner attitude is seeding everything you are about to experience.  Are you feeling the wonder of you, the magic of life?  Or, are you still looking and fussing about anything that may be dark.  We have a choice of which garden we feed and grow for ourselves.  YOU are the miracle grow of life, use it wisely!!

Another short but sweet day.  Enjoy the kaboom of this moment into the next!!!  Sashay past all the doors you can, watch them swing open for you.  If they don’t, recalibrate your emotional field then do it again!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of miracles in Love!!!

Lisa Gawlas






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