Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 30, 2015

Inner and Outer Electrical Work Finishing Up…


Are you enjoying this intense and bumpy slide into August.  Holy flipping heavens batman!!  So lets quickly do a recap of this past week or so, getting here to today.  We passed that “pivotal point” on the 23rd, only to find out we were in the midst of another system caused by entering that point.  That system being, the air becoming more highly charged with the energy of Light, a three day process.  Then the earth itself sliding on up higher and parking into the new airspace the day after the air was done.  Silly me, why did I not think for a moment when all that was done, WE had our turn to adjust.  Never even crossed my crazy mind until it was unavoidable.

On the 28th, thank god, a day off, but one I was going to enjoy with that wild and wonderful Kelli in the Raw!!  10am we had a date to discuss anything she wanted.  Well, talk about the electronics and internet juice being caught up in a wind of their own.  It took us an hour to get our connection anywhere near stable to do the show.  But I had experienced something similar the day before with an element of google.  Kelli does her interviews from google plus or circles or whatever that is called.  I do all my calling, incoming and outgoing, via google voice.  One of my readings the day before, once we finally got connected suddenly we disconnected and both of us could not get a call thru, she was getting a fast busy signal when calling me, I was getting one trying to call her back, I finally gave her my direct landline number and that cured it.

The satellites are going a bit buggy as our personal worlds are being rewired.  Just like with the air and earth, we are now in a similar vein of change.  The electrical connections all around us are changing, upgrading, downgrading all depending on where we are at within ourselves and where others are at within themselves.

A hazard of this outer electrical rewiring is that hazard it has on our sleep or lack there of.  With all this electricity zooming around, sleep seems non-existent.  That was my scenario the evening before Kelli’s show.  It’s not that my body was filled with energy, my crazy mind could not find the shut off button, I was wide awake until after 1am, then seemed to get up every hour thereafter.  I was a limp noodle by the time I drug my butt out of bed at 6am.  Only to crash that night and sleep for over 10 hours, waking up 5 minutes before my first reading of the day.  I didn’t read squat yesterday.  Instead, as I begged the field for mercy and understanding I a tool set dangled in front of my eyes.  Ahhhh, with all the new lines now laid externally, gotta put them together internally.  It was an interesting day inside body yesterday.  Good, but rapid and sudden changes… Ohhhh and laying down to go to sleep, the coolest sensations.  the first thing I felt was like my entire external energy field, still connected to my physical body, quickly expanded.  I don’t even know how to describe it, but it was kewl!!  About 5 minutes later, the that sudden expansion snapped back to the body and I fell asleep immediately and woke up late again today, dammit.

I learned so much. as usual, with Kelli’s interesting stories and questions, I was going to share them here with you.  Sadly tho, it is almost time to start my day again (and dammit, we better see something today!!)

Ohhh a sudden lightbulb just went on.  My son called me and out of the clear and unexpected blue, he lost his job today.  Old wiring being taken out so new ones can be inlaid and come on-line.  Anyone in the Boston, Cape Cod area need a perfectionist of a Professional Painter – (former, in VA) contractor, hit me up and I will put you in touch with each other.

On that note, my day begins, may this high light of August bring all you need to Lighted Reality and then some!!

((((HUGZ)))) of radiance and opportunities to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I know I am easy a week behind on replying to emails.  Forgive me for the delay, I usually spend my mornings tending to them, but my mornings have gone haywire.  Please also know… I DO NOT READ private messages via Facebook.  If you have something private to say, emails get my first priority.  Facebook to me is an outward sharing of each other.  My email is where anything you need to say privately, is looked at.   I WILL catch up on responding to emails soon.




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    Look at this for those needing a painter the the Boston, cape cod area.


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  3. Of COURSE he lost his job! Better opportunity coming up! Luv you Lisa!


    • That is a man who knows how to work it. I no sooner posted this blog (30 minutes after I hung up with him) doncha know he already got a new job with more money!! ❤ Yay for him and for us, talking about manifesting instantly!! ❤


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