Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 27, 2015

New Air, New Higher Realms Available Within The Higher Earth.


This is going to be a quickie, actually, I wasn’t going to write today so I can tend to some long over due replies to emails, but here my team is, hanging stuff in my face that I just cannot ignore any longer.  I really need a clone to sit and just tend to emails… grrrr!!

So yesterday, being that interesting day our precious earth parked herself into the new, higher resonant airspace, I wasn’t completely surprised not to be able to see the field yesterday.  But like a gift all wrapped up in a bow, we weren’t left hanging/wondering what this new parking space looked like, I had a wonderful man from down under scheduled as my last dance of the day.  He is on tomorrow’s dateline.  I have seen in the past when those in tomorrow’s dateline showed up on my can’t see dates, I could see for them.  The wave of time….!!!!

He gave us all an incredible message about this amazing transition up we underwent the last several days.  (Up = higher in light frequencies)

As soon as we connected I could see him as if his whole body was a really big caterpillar standing straight up on its hind end.  The moment my eyes met his field, within seconds I watched him morph from a standing caterpillar to a blob of nothing to the most unusual looking butterfly my eyes ever witnessed.  His team said that this day (as we humans perceive it) is instantly transformational.  By virtue of being here, we once again shed our old bodies and get pimped out with the new.   There is nothing we have to do, except be fully aligned with the accelerated earth as opposed to the one just under it where things must still be filtered.  So we open our eyes and morph!!

With his crazy looking huge butterfly body he had these things that were between the body and the wings, they reminded me sort of like hinges, moveable and there was a set of three at each side of his body.  Putting his image into human form, they would align with legs, abdomen and head.  His team said this unique butterfly body is actually a true body in another realm of life and now his job is to learn how to use it.  They showed us that he can manipulate time and space and stuff with the purposeful movement that is triggered by his emotional field to take something from one part of time and bring it to the present.  They gave an example… if he had a new car that was already sitting on his timeline to receive in January 2016, then he can harvest that energy and bring it forward to now.  He asked the wonderful question of “well how would I have the money now to purchase it” and his team… listen carefully everyone, this is sooooo important to take in… “it is not your job to know how it will happen, but to know it will happen.”  The field of life is a partner itself.  It will do its part if you do your part.  They brought this example down into something even smaller, more relatable.  What if you asked me to meet you somewhere for lunch and I say I will be there.  Are you busy worrying how I am going to get there, are there roads that will connect my body to the place we talked about, do I have the means to get there, no, if someone says they will meet you for lunch, you both show at the said time and place.  Same here!!  Wait….. SAME HERE!!

So know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, today everyone woke up with their amazing superpowers embedded in your new form.  Your job now is to practice using them, understand them as they relate to this realm of energy/matter.  Of course, he got homework to do!!

Ohhhh silly me, in front of him was this amazing HUGE sun of golden bronze coloring, it was 3 feet in front of his body, down here at his level of living, shining the most stunning energy and illumination to assist him in all he is about to do.  No wonder the sun has been so quiet lately, its here in our realm assisting us personally.  I love that flipping sun!!!  Ohhh, ohhh… the golden bronze color… gold being the highest vibration of spirit and bronze being the alloy, mixture of several things to form a new thing.  So are we!!!

I spent the day in silent gratitude, I didn’t have the energy to do my much needed house cleaning again… and just sat around in the depths of gratitude wondering what tomorrow will look like.  Seems our earth and sky wanted to give us a gift…

About 8pm my eyes were suddenly drawn to look outside my front windows, I got so excited to see this:



I could tell a storm was rolling in, but the rain hadn’t arrived yet.  This storm sent us a double rainbow BEFORE it arrived.  I ran out and obvisouly took pictures.  What a stunning way to close this day.  But she wasn’t done yet!!

Fifteen minutes later, as dark was falling, so was the rain now.  And that rain lifted that partial rainbow into full view and seemed to move it in front of my house, it was so big and close, I could not fit the whole thing in the lens.  8 minutes after I snapped these photos, it was completely dark/night outside.  Talk about a huge message to all of us!!!:

full rainbow

double rainbow


I was thrilled to see a friend in Albuquerque got a full capture of the rainbow so I am including it here (thank you for that!!)

abq rainbow


So on that note, enjoy this new, expanded, accelerated Life we created.  Mama and sky are sending their loving gratitude in the full living colors of the sky!!  YOU did this, ALL is grateful!!!

Big big ((((((HUGZ))))) of luminosity in full living spectrum to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. One more day and I get to giggle my ass off with the one and only Kelli in the Raw!!  Lets see what she has discovered in her Super Powers homework from the last time we were together!!

Please join us on the 28th at 10 am MDT on Youtube.  If you can’t, no worries, I will share the recording the day after!

raw stuff!!








  1. I love the example of meeting someone for lunch! Makes it so clear!!!!!! Now we just gotta trust…let’s see how we do at that….

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  2. this one spoke to me personally… thank you…. so much synchronicity in it… thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~ Love, Carolyn Thompson “Kind words create confidence, kind thinking creates profoundness, kindness in giving creates love” ~ Lao Tzu

    Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 13:44:43 +0000 To:

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