Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 26, 2015

The Mouth of God IS Within You and Around You!!

surrounding joy


There is so much that happened and that was revealed on the field yesterday, and yet, one thing that even waking up this morning, I cannot take my heart or eyes off of.  I have been doing readings, in one form or another, since 2003.  That’s a lot of readings thru the years, a lot of discoveries, presentations upon the field of life, within our hearts and consciousnesses and yet, this moment shocked me, humbled me to this very moment.

Shortly before my second connection of the day, I sat down to have a bowl of cereal when I felt the connection to my next lady on the field and suddenly an inaudible but very familiar voice started to… I don’t know what the hell he was saying, but I knew who was saying it.  God, Source, the Presence (pick a description) was emitting a series of sounds up near my ceiling.  Over the last 15 years, I have had personal conversations with God, his voice back to me, when he talks, is in the lowest, raspiest voice I ever heard.  The next thing I know my lady is suspended in front of me, in my livingroom, and the voice of god is directly above her about, I don’t know, about 6 feet above her, suddenly, something I have never seen before, a massively large face forms, mouth so wide open it reminded me that face from scary movie (only the mouth, not the creepy face)

big mouth


The face itself was more like an energetic outline, and huge and uttering sounds that made no sense to me, down around my lady.  What do you do with something so amazing as that?  I watched it, enjoyed it and did not dare ask questions like… what the heck you doing??  I would save that for our connection.  That image, that energy stayed present until I disconnected with it to move over to reading land (my kitchen lol) as soon as I disconnected, I heard a clip of a song… “Joy to the world,” well, my lady’s name is Joy!!  Hmmmmm.

I sat in my reading chair, explained to my lady what was happening and sure enough, now outside in the “field” (AKA my back yard) there she was, the mouth of God still billowing sound down around her, but now, something else is being revealed.  We cannot make sound without breath, His breath was creating or forming a honey colored film around her body all the way down to the ground.  His sounds, again not words, sounds, were setting up inside this honey colored film like black fuzzy strands of energy.

Actually, if you take this image and reverse the coloring, where the background is that honey colored and the fuzzy things are black… kinda like that:

fuzzy strands

So the breath of God is now surrounding her, now part of her bubble of creation, and the sound of god, threaded within it.  Talk about being in good company and surrounded with heavenly energy… but I never understood, why?  God shows up, and I know he knows deep in my heart, the questions I am not asking… hey, God shows up, surrounds you world, releases some sounds thru his mouth, you really gonna sit there and as “Whatcha doin’ here??”  I just wanted to drop to my knees and give thanx.  There was also no way I was going to try to break that connection to try to move my vision forward, I would feel like an ungrateful little brat, my lady understood too.

Over the 15 years, on the rare occasions God showed up to have a talk with me in my meditations, one thing always, consistently happened, I came out of meditation starving to death, like I hadn’t eaten in a hundred years.  I spent all day long yesterday on the verge of starving, hungry like no ones business.  Then, then after my entire day of readings, my legs themselves felt like pulsating leaded downed sticks of energy.  From foot to hips, it was weird, even uncomfortable in my legs.  Like I had just hiked the highest mountain and now my legs are spent.  I was supposed to clean my house after my last reading, I couldn’t do it.  I had a date with the garbage dump, it took every ounce of energy in me to muster that short little trip.  I never leave home without my radio blaring out some sort of happy tune, but I was still mesmerized by this big mouthy/face of god image, I didn’t really hear what was playing on the radio until I made it to the top of the hill where the dump was, suddenly my ears became tuned to what was being sung on the radio:

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C’mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
Oh, I can’t get enough

I had to laugh out loud, the day my hummers sugar-water burst asunder, twice, someone posted that song on my facebook in relationship to it.  I smiled so damn big as I threw my trash out.  Went home and still could not move my lead filled legs, I sat and stared at my lady’s image all day, all night long… pondering.

I must have done it so deep even in my sleep that the moment my eyes woke up this morning, it was the first thing I seen and felt and the need to focus on that here in today’s sharing.  Sharing with you really helps me process things in a different way and allows a fuller story to unfold.

So why is it that God only showed up in this way, in my ladys readings.  Her name is Joy, Joy to the world.  Gods breath is surrounding Joy, which means, our breath is the very element of expressable joy there is, the song of our soul, the Presence of Life thru our expression in life.  Not just our words and speech, but the full on expression.

The mouth of God, we all possess it in our physical bodies, known as the Medulla Oblongata.  I snagged a few paragraphs from my half written book, not “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” that ties this together a bit:

First, let’s go to the medulla oblongata.  This is part of your brain stem that connects directly to the spinal cord and what I call your main core channel.  It is located on the cervical aspect of the spinal cord and attaches to discs C-1, C-2 and C-3.  These are in the throat chakra center that governs self-expression.

 Scientifically, the medulla oblongata functions primarily as a relay station for the crossing of motor tracts between the spinal cord and the brain. It also contains the respiratory, vasomotor and cardiac centers, as well as many mechanisms for controlling reflex activities such as coughing, gagging, swallowing and vomiting.

However, scientists are becoming more aware that the human body can and does absorb energy and that a form of solar energy or electricity operates it. The main input center is located at the medulla oblongata in the brain stem. This area of the body is called ‘the Mouth of God’ by the ancient Masters of Life. The life energy was called ‘The Word’ due to its vibratory rate, which is audible. The medulla oblongata is so sensitive; a pinprick would cause instant death. To tickle it would cause paralysis. Any other organ can be operated upon except the medulla oblongata.

It’s interesting now that I look back on the information that has come thru this week, expressed itself in my personal world and the release of information thru some of the people this week.  We had that pivotal point thingie on the 23rd, first affecting the airspace itself, finishing on the 25th.  Yesterday was the 25th, and by the very name of JOY, Gods breath presented itself, His vibration (and yes, I know god is not a he nor a she, its my personal choice instead of calling him an “it” or “that”) very specifically thru the living container called Joy!!

We are being asked by the Presence, the Creator of LIFE itself to BE the living expression of Joy.  To pour some sugar on it, sweeten life up, no matter its presentation, starting within ourselves.  Yes, we can look at the chaos all day long if we desire, but for as long as we see anything as chaotic, dark, unpleasant, it must remain within our world to that degree.  See the joy, feel it, know that chaos is simply change underway… and again, throw some sugar on it… you sweeten the pot of life thru the very essence of God Himself.

So many people ask what am I here to do, from the Big Guy himself and one of the sweetest, superpowered lady’s I know… we are being told… Be JOY!!!

Today, the earth locks and loads, will be interesting to see what shows up today!!!  On that note, my day is about to begin again and again, so much information not being said today.  I slept my ass off last night!! lol

Until tomorrow, Be Happy, Spread Joy, Eat Sugar, or bathe in it!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of super sugary sweetness forever to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas














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    • Lisa, when you described the voice of God as the lowest, raspiest, (might gravelly describe it too); I know what you mean. I’ve heard it many times before, speaking and the vibrational frequency of it opens my heart, stills my mind and I am “hooked.” Always thought I could just listen to it for a long, long time. I, accidentally, (actually the computer did it w/o my consent) deleted your post for 7/27/15. Any chance of it being sent again? I feel like we oughta talk sometime; New Mexico is very dear to me — lots of experiences there. I just use the computer at the library and have only a land line at the house. Maybe later. Sandy Adios


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