Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 25, 2015

Are You Choosing Acceleration or Filtration??


Of course, on a day I had so much to share, my hind end woke up late.

The most interesting, actually, quite astounding event happened thursday, the morning of the 23rd, a good thirty minutes before my first reading of the day.  I had just finished my blog and had to do bird duty, with the heartwarming return of all the hummers again, they are whizzing thru food like no ones business, yay!!  Two of the three feeders were empty, gotta feed my babies first.    Before I even got up from my computer chair, I got a quick glimpse of my first lady on the field, holy heavens, talk about rocking my world, literally.

I could see her standing on this node in her center of her life and suddenly everything in her vision started shaking, like an earthquake… a vision quake!! Suddenly I could see that membrane thing I had been seeing separating mid august, surrounding her like saggy pantyhose no one pulled up yet.  I didn’t have time to expand on her visual, I hadda feed the birds.

I am not a novice at feeding these hungry hummers, this is my 4th season and know to make sure the bottom is secure before flipping the liquid sugar over to carry out to the feeding bar.  I do it every time.  Two feeders filled with fresh sugar-water, the moment I opened my back door, one explodes all over my feet, throw rug, and floor.  What the hell???  Ok, maybe I didn’t double-check that the bottom was secure, my bad.  I put it in the sink and took the other one outside to hang out.  Just as I was putting it on the hook, it exploded too, all over my feet and the ground.  What the freakin hell??  One… yeah maybe I hit the snooze button on making sure the bottom was tight, two… impossible.  I know I did.

As I spend time refilling each of the feeders and making sure the bottoms are super tight, I get a reminder of that vision quake I had experienced as I got up from my computer.  Bookends of a communication from spirit.

What is hummer feeder… sugar and water boiled and blended together.  The true sweetness in life.  Yup, its the 23rd, that “pivotal point” spirit has been yapping about and here we are… with earth herself quaking in sugary shivers, releasing to all of us, in sudden and unexpected explosions, the sweetness of life itself.

Can you imagine the bigger statement here.  The sweetness of life is one your feet, under your feet, sprawled out around you, seeping into the ground before you.  This was so beautiful a statement I didn’t wash my floors or my feet.  I wanted to feel it thru my day, thru the readings and did… without the first ant coming in and sucking up our sugar!!  Yay!!

I was so excited to connect with her and find out the rest of the story earth-shaking, sweet explosion of a day!!  All day long, I got much more than I bargained for in understanding.

First of all, I do want to make very clear, incase I forget to as I go along, all of this wonderful, accelerating energy is happening because of us, because of our shift down into the depths of our hearts and expanding thru the minds of our soul.  Life itself is coming along with us and it is not vise versa.  That said, all of life, earth herself must change to fit the changing humans, but it all is changing because we have changed!!

The first thing I could see on her field, is that now familiar (energywise) membrane that I had seen set up in mid August.  Mid August is still a key point where this “membrane” is concerned, as I hear spirit say, we can look at it as the “line in the sand.”  A collective and individual choice point that is already underway.

So there my lovely lady is, in the center of her field (life) and standing on a node that is that power button of the 23rd, with what I recognize as this membrane thing surrounding her from the ground up to about her hips so far.  This membrane seems to be loosely piled and really reminded me of the way saggy pantyhose look when you’re wearing them at the end of your day.  With that, I could feel HER acceleration, intensity and upward movement.  With it, the ground itself is moving with her.  She suddenly started to take on the energy of a rocket ship, gas engines spewing flames down at the ground, shaking things up as her body starts to shatter the airspace around her as she moves higher in the dimension frequencies, taking all that is her life, including the earth itself, with her.  I started to see as she moved higher, this membrane started to stretch upwards with her.  No wonder if was looking all saggy!!

Here, I am going to insert my second lady of the day, before I explain further what came thru both of them.  She was in a similar position, except instead of a rocket ship changing the airspace, where she was, I could see fissures all around the earth coming from her center space of life.

OUR vibration has set all this change in motion.  The energy workers, sky workers, sun workers, whatever you want to call that group, they are shattering the “glass ceiling” of life!!  The earth workers are creating the shattered energy of the earth, so her newness can emerge from the crust of the old and set up whole, pure, beautiful in the land of the new.

All of it emitting a frequency so intense it is having an effect on everyone.  Think about the enormity of it all, land and air are all vibrating to such an intense speed and hitting every thing with its explosion that some, very stuck in the density are feeling it and getting a bit pissed off, some, really pissed off.  They have no idea why they feel so irritated within so they cast it out to whomever is near.  Those of us in centerfield may be feeling the anxiety as all of this intensity changes everything, not as your own, but the shear release from every collective within this realm.  Some are getting intense migraine like headaches, go ahead, ram your head into a glass wall… your gonna feel it.  Thank you for doing it anywayz.

Now keeping with just these two lady’s, the one thing that became clear to me, this “explosion of land and air” will start to subside in two phases.

I could see each of them as they accelerated upwards with that membrane thing, suddenly make an upside down U-turn and land about 3-4 inches above where they started.  That is how spirit shows us a higher vibrational earth now underway.  The rocket lady will be finished in her landing 3 days, so one tick after midnight tonight.  The groundbreaking lady will finish 4 days, one tick after midnight on the 26th.  To be clear here, midnight always represents your personal world time.  I have seen this often with the folks in australia and new zealand, they are both a day ahead of me, I see tomorrow because they showed up in my today.

Even with that statement, I head spirit saying, you and I look at time as a linear thing, it really is a never-ending wave flowing in all directions.

Another thing that really surprised me too, was seeing the two new worlds.  Yup, two of them, set up like a snowman (on top of each other.)  As we settle in to our new earths, that membrane thingie not only wraps itself around your bubble of creation, it is also wrapping itself around your version of earth.

Remember, getting to here, that membrane had a dual purpose to it.  For those in alignment with the higher frequencies, hear that as the pure, unconditional, unbiased, non judging frequencies, you will be residing on the top world of acceleration.  Those still working thru judgement and insecurities within themselves, will reside on the bottom earth of filtering your thoughts and emotions no all your worries and judgments don’t show up at your door like a herd of buffalo.  Lag versus no lag in the creative field of life.

One of my men that showed up (yay men!!!) was a filet master!!  I had wondered how this membrane kinda separates itself to wrap its function around each earth.  He showed up with what his team called “laser persian” and innately knew how to filet this membrane and there is a small team of other filet masters working on it too.  Of course, all of this at the moment is from the soul level thru the body.  Our job, if we so desire (which, I do!!) is to understand what we are doing in this amazing game so we can bring it into our consciousness and use it further in our personal lives.

Don’t think for a moment your soul revealed all its amazing capabilities to you yet, not even close.  The higher we go in frequency, the more we are able to use from soul, the magic of being spirit alive and CONSCIOUS in matter.

One of my lady’s showed up that just confused me.  There she was, standing in the center of what looked like an old-fashioned donut:


This is very unlike the saggy pantyhose images I have seen so far that day.  What the hell could a donut mean??  And her team took us straight to dunkin donuts, I was watching her body move down the donut hole, up the donut hole.  What the flipping hell could this mean??  Ok, old fashioned donuts are heavier donuts… the phrase important to her was the term “donut hole.”  There was something familiar about that phrase… science??  I had to go look it up or my mind would have melted down scrambling in my recesses trying to understand it.

Medicare!!  Here is the information on that donut hole:  Most Medicare Prescription Drug Plans have a coverage gap (also called the “donut hole”). This means there’s a temporary limit on what the drug plan will cover for drugs.   …The coverage gap begins after you and your drug plan have spent a certain amount for covered drugs. In 2015, once you and your plan have spent $2,960 on covered drugs (the combined amount plus your deductible), you’re in the coverage gap.

For those outside of the USA, medicare automatic health insurance you get I think age 65.  So lets look at “health care” spiritually speaking.  Your attitude, how you see yourself and the life that you create at any given moment.  Do you KNOW that everything in your life is “covered or do you feel there is a lack, so you must save and ration??  You create your own donut hole.  Keep in mind, dipping down into the density, where things are still being filtered, can affect your physical body that is trying to fly and you, by virtue of your emotionally charged thoughts, keep it dragging down.  Stop that!! (smile)

The dunking I seen comes from her shifting to cared for (up) to feeling the need to save (down) because there may not be enough.  This truly represents the massive, unavoidable choice point we are all in.  Choosing to reside on the top, accelerating earth or the lower, filtering earth.  This is not a mental choice, you cannot just say, of course I want acceleration.  It is a true, core, emotional choice.  One you cannot trick or fake or talk yourself into or out of.  Something I got to fully and deeply experience yesterday.  But I will get to that in a moment.

Just as amazing as my first lady on the fields explosive connection with me before her reading, one of my lady’s had a very very odd effect on me during her reading.

As we were talking, suddenly I had a massive hot flash from the chest up.  A few moments later, I had another massive hot flash from my feet to the top of my thighs.  I didn’t even realize the flipping body could flash in sections.  But it got even more sectioned than that, another point of our conversation about her fields reveal, my left leg at the back, at the upper calf and knee area, flash of heat.  Sweat and all… all of it to literally, thru my body, show her the areas of acceleration as she moves forward day by day.  Intense and sudden acceleration.  Of course, I understand the sections, I just had no idea our body could hot flash in such precise sections.  I have been enduring hot flashes for the last week, but toe to head ones, not very particular sections!!  And how the hell does your soul know how to flash me!!  That is sooo flipping kewl… or hot!! lol

Just like my first lady had to be rocket lady, the air MUST change before the earth comes along, so to does our upper chakras.  From the heart to the crown.  Then, the intensity of our life path follows suit (my legs) connecting the new foundation of your knowing system (as opposed to your belief system) connected to the flexibility in physical life to travel there (knee plus left leg.)

Obviously our souls, our hearts are so intimately connected, even if you appear to be a virgin on my field as my hot flash lady was, your soul knows my wiring and the way to make the message important to you.  Equally tho, your soul cannot interact within my body and my life without having profound effects on me too.

So lets tie this all up in a bow with my amazing day yesterday.  Maybe this is why I woke up too late to fully share what came thru the field, thru you, the day before.

My car had a date with a mechanic in Albuquerque to get the back brakes replaced, the cruise control button fixed and after driving thru the desert heat without A/C I had them give me an estimate on fixing that too.  But wait, I am already a mile ahead of my day, the importance of it all.

Of course it was date day with mySelf too, so I turned on my Pandora radio at the same moment I was deeply thinking about how extraordinary simple yet extraordinarily beautiful my life is.  Doncha know the first song that came on the radio was “Simple man” by Lynyrd Skynard.  My eyes got all misty… hey… I have makeup to put on and it doesn’t apply well with wet eyes.  Let’s choke in this love I am feeling so intensely.  Second song, “Slow Ride” by foghat.  Slow down, enjoy these amazing moments.  We tend to want to speed thru everything without taking the time to smell the roses.  Well, this day is all about smelling the rose of my life… me, my soul and magic mike!! (grin)  The third song was “Stairway to Heaven” by good ole Led Zeppelin!!  If you have not really felt the beautiful duality of this song, click here.  Gold in my world is the highest vibration of spirit, we buy that stairway of owning spirit, of the gold that is US within and around US.  And I will share the last phrase of this song, because it goes with the day:

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.

So I set sail into my day, I get 10 miles away from my house, go to light a smoke only realize I forgot my light… dammit!!  I have three lighters at home, the last thing I need is a new one.  But, I want a cigarette dammit.  I stop at the dollar store on the way and smile as my eyes are drawn to my first message of the day:

love lighter


True love exploding in flames that can even be a bit thorny at times.  Yup, I Am my greatest truest love!!

I get to my first destination, Precision Honda.  They had already given me a quote of $105 to put my already purchased elsewhere back brakes on.  They couldn’t give me a price on the cruise control button until they knew what was wrong, well… the button itself $95, to install it, $89.  My non-existent A/C $189.  Holy chit batman, I had my eyeball on $300, my entire savings was $500 and you’re gonna eat it all up!!  I have a date with lobster and magic mike.

Inside, I knew both fixing my A/C and my cruise control was not a must have for the safety of my life, but yet, in a way it was.  I was born with a very heavy lead right foot that just makes me speed a lot, which had also made me get pulled over a lot!!  My cruise control assures a slow ride anywhere I am going.  Gotta have it.  A/C in the desert helps remove the dripping sweat rolling from the forehead into the eyes.

Something never before experienced washed over me.  Normally, I go into panic mode, taking things off the table so I still have a little something left at the end of the day.  There was not an ounce of this panic, this choosing this over choosing that.  A beautiful soul had just mailed me a rainbow with $40 cash it in, that will pay for the movie and the tip at red lobster, I have just enough for my meal after paying for my car.  Fluck it, do it all!!  Of course they didn’t have the cruise control button in stock so I only had to pay for the order and could pay the $89 when I go back to get it installed on Tuesday.  Now I don’t have to count pennies to pay for my lobster!!!  Life is freakin great and always moving things around so we can have!!

I went outside on their deck to have a cigarette while I am waiting and to just take in the beauty of the Sandia mountains.  Those mountains give my heart such a jolt of electricity every time I see them.  I decided to take their picture and realized there was an intense haze covering the mountian range.  As I took the picture anywayz, I heard my soul say: “some never see how solid and beautiful life is because of the haze that can surround it.”



Now, I need my day to flow in a certain time order so I can be at each place at the right time.  The movie Magic Mike XXL was playing at 1:30 pm, which was the show I wanted to catch.  My car appointment was at 10 am, I had to be done by noon so I can go eat leisurely and arrive at the movie in time.  My car was done at 10 minutes before noon, red lobster was only a 4 minute drive away, yay!!

When I walked into the restaurant, i was surprised to be taken on a trek way across the dining area, down around the other side, passing all these people eating.  Surely I could have sat at one of the empty tables along the way.  Nope, once I got seated, I seen why.  She put the menu at the area of the table that would have me staring straight into the bathroom area. Until I realized there was something even more special about where and how she seated me:



The way they had the light set from the ceiling shining down at the lighthouse, all I could feel was grateful.  We are accustomed to Being the lighthouse and the energy of shining the light outwards, but there really is a light shining onto the lighthouse itself, ever nurturing it, giving it loving strength to not only weather all storms, but to be that beacon of light thru it all.  I also couldn’t help think about the Business my friend and I had together in Virginia called “The Wonder of You.  We ordered a $1300 wall mural to be that beacon of light shining out the door for all to be attracted to and come in to see.  For a long while, it really did work like that:

the wonder of you image

So, with all that said, OWN the wonder that is YOU.  Celebrate yourself with yourSelf often.  How often do we really spend loving, intimate time with ourselves… usually we want someone to go out with.  To fill that space of being alone.  BE THAT unto yourself!!

My drive home was the most, my god, there are no true words to express it, beyond satisfying, fulfilling, enriching to my whole Being, not to mention the cold blast of air defusing the 95 degree temperatures all the way home.

There is already so much I have left out in sharing, but 3 hours of typing now, my brain is a bit mushy and I have an exciting day of readings to do.  Until tomorrow my beautiful, earth shattering, heat releasing loves of my life!!!  I love you All so flipping much!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of rock solid love and golden arches thru your whole Life!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  We are going to do it again… join me and that crazy chick called Kelli in the Raw Tuesday the 28th at 10am MDT.  The one thing I can guarantee, there will be laughter!!!!

raw stuff!!























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    Oh, my, what an entertaining writer you are, Lisa…,,,I just had to share and re-blog. I really ‘got’ what you were getting at…more so when I switched from reading with my ‘large print’ reader (lol) and could actually see the images, light bulb moments 1 – 5…haha…you showed me how I, myself, are living at the moment, up & down in the dam donut hole….it made the most sense to me…so glad I found you…now, maybe I can stop going down the hole & do more of going up away from the hole….I am cacking myself laughing now….I love you to bits! Thank you Universe/Spirit/whoever….for bringing me to the Joy that is Lisa Gawles…Now maybe I can keep on going up instead of up & down, I have been asking for someone like you who tells it like it is, with humour & joy. Some writers are a little bit dry & too serious, & just make me doubt myself more….xx Peace and Love xx much Love and Blessings to you xx
    Sylvia (I AM Melaynia)


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