Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 23, 2015

Honey, We’re Here!!!!!!


Well here we are!!  The big “pivotal” date of the 23rd!!  Damn it if everything looked the same when I woke up today.  Ahhhh, but that is the trick of it all, everything looks the same, its the energy that’s different.  We are energetically different.  But then again, what the hell does that mean to us.

The one thing I know for (kinda) sure (smile) is that now we get our new skin, that membrane thingie from the middle of august.  We are setting ourselves up in either acceleration mode or extreme filter mode, depending on our emotional field within, getting to here.  This really is a good thing either way.  For those still working thru judgement and bias, you will be thankful for the filters… the lag between thought/emotional energy and creation, but also, that is all encompassing lag too.  Again, the universe is not biased at all.  But I gotta say too, even for those of us with the acceleration skin on, do some serious filtering on your thoughts and expectations, cuz let me tell you, you’re creating “that” at the speed of thought now.  Dammit!!

My first lady showed up in the field with something being dumped on her.  I realized it was that membrane of mid august, liquefied and is now becoming her skin.  Her team said she can look at this moment as being in the “waxing” phase of a car wash, the final touches/enhancements bring poured (or is that pored) on.

It wasn’t until my day of readings was done and I was so flooded with this amazing emotion, love on steroids.  Now considering you give me the absolute privilege of sticking my whole energy field in the center of your own, and I am wrapped up in the love-fest happening to you, I cannot help but linger in it thru my day, for which, there is no amount of worded gratitude I can express for such a daily gift.  But my team showed me what was really happening, I was getting dumped on too, the same as my first lady.

My next lady on the field had those familiar balloons of celebration, but instead of surrounding her on her field of life, it was like a balloon and streamer dump from above her head thru a funnel from spirit.  Her team explained as well, that the pastel multi colors of the balloons was purposeful, new, never before used energies coming into and around her.  The streamers were deeper in color, energies that she has been using to date that will enhance the new energies coming in.  And even tho the balloons were coming down into her, her team said they were all filled with helium… all I could remember about helium was that some welders use it to not blow up lol.  But then again, as we rise quickly in vibration, heat is a side affect. Can we say back to back hot flashes anyone??  The helium buffers the friction of rapid heat/acceleration so we do not self combust.  Yay!!??

My third guy sent me for a musical loop.  I had a little bit of time between my 2nd and 3rd appointment, so i did my dishes.  I was celebrating the return of my beloved hummers, at least 20 of them fussing around their feeders and my heart was leaping for joy when I suddenly heard, directly above me this rock music.  Very distinctly guitar and drum playing music, not a song that I knew, but enjoyable to hear.  I heard it again and suddenly thought of my next appointment… ohhhh this is his music!!  That is awesome and rather enjoyable too.  Thanx!!

When we connected he was surrounded by musical notes floating all around him.  There was one note in particular that seemed to supersize itself for me to notice.

musical note

I don’t read or understand musical notes at all.  And yet, it was so in my face I looked it up while we were together.  I am still clueless, all I know is it is the “eighth note,” whatever that means.  His job is to understand it.  Thank goodness he plays music, which excited me when he said that.  But what really surprised me was given the limited view the last few days, his team took my vision up to the energy of 2016 towards the end of the 2nd quarter and there he is, with 3 other “band members” making music for youtube.

Obviously the music they will bring out together has much more meaning than just happy music.  His team kept giving me glimpses of the movie “August Rush” which is all about hearing the music and obviously so much more than that.

I realized they showed him this preview of next year because his path is about to change focus.  Right now he is in school for nursing, yet his new blueprints of life has him making very particular frequency releasing music.

My grand finale of the day was a husband and wife that I was supposed to read for, separately.  They each booked their individual appointment after the other.  I started to see them both a good 30 minutes before my first scheduled appt with the wife and they were interlocked at the left arms in a square dance sort of movement.  I kept trying to get them to release their entangled arms so I can see and feel them separately and spirit said that is not possible today.  Well that’s gonna make it difficult to read them separately then.  So I read them together!!

They are in a conjoined dance of life together, enhancing their “reach for life” by being joined together via the left arm’s (reach for what they desire in their physical life) and above them, their team created a spiral of energy of that membrane thingie from august… an acceleration of their conjoined field together.

Can I just say, I was thrilled to see and feel this.  I seem to be the poster child, thru spirit, of divorce and new alignment, that on the rare times I get two truly aligned partners, I am in awe and in total excitement to see what they do together!!  It got even more exciting because their team started to refer to the moment we were in as their “wedding day.”  Granted, they were already married as we think of that walk down the aisle, but that doesn’t create a spiritual marriage, a union of two energy fields merged together as one blended, enhanced frequency.  The consummation we think about has less to do with sex as in spirit’s eyes, the charge itself of fulfillment.  A Unified merger that can only take place at a certain vibrational level of the two.  Consciously.  We even gave them a wedding present, because they are about to give it back to us.  The super powers hypnosis course, unlocking information that the two of them perfected thru lifetimes and other worlds together and will bring forth in this dimension.  Once I see how all this works, you know I will let you know how to really make the most of it for those with a conscious, spiritual active partner in their lives.

Before I finish up today, I do want to talk about the thought frequency within us now.  Like I have always said, I teach by doing what we shouldn’t do lol.  A few days ago, I decided to throw my fishing line back in the pond of men… starting with the plenty of fish dating site, since it is free.  My good god did the men my age get old or what?  I am so looking for someone with a lot of pep left in their step, let’s go do things, I have cooked enough homemade meals to last a lifetime… and yet, thru my inner expectation… phew the old men gathered like moths to a flame.  Dammit.  Suddenly I had an impassioned thought, maybe there is a cougar in me, maybe I should be looking downstream instead of upstream.  Don’t you know that within an hour I seen a commercial for a new dating site called “cougar life.”  Well, I sure as hell don’t look as sexy as the lady on the commercial and I sure as hell don’t want someone my sons age… but let’s have a peek.  I closed it down the moment I seen “gold diggers.”  I’m not digging for gold, hell I am made of gold (spiritual energy, not money lol) so I took myself back onto spiritual singles, doncha know, again not a single match for me there in the entire world.  THE Entire world!!  So I decided to date myself.  I love my company, I make me laugh a lot, I am a great dance partner with myself, so I  made a date with me.  Since I have got to go into the big wide world tomorrow (Friday) to get my cruise control and rear brakes fixed, I am going to take myself to red lobster again, that’s what I did with me on Valentines day and go see Magic Mike XXL on the big screen.  Yummmmm!!! ❤

If Being the love you want to be in the world produces the results I have experienced and continue to experience thru the last decade, then why not be the same for dating.  I love me a lot!!  So tomorrow is date day with mySelf and the celebration of new skin, new life, new everything!!

Here’s to wedded bliss to all, without or without a partner!!  Make incredible music for all to hear!! ❤

(((((HUGZ))))) of overflowing love and champagne (or, as I prefer, Tequila) to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas








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  2. 23rd July – pivot point – “Fast-Track timelines are now fully open. A momentous transition has taken place today” Message:


  3. Awesome as usual, Lisa! I was interested to hear about the hot flashes. I started that years ago and am still having them. They have waxed and waned. Now from what you and others have said, I realize it’s NOT (necessarily) about “forever menopause”. That makes it much easier to accept! I could also totally relate to your online dating experience, AND dating myself! ❤ to you!

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  4. the note is a high G grace note lol

    thanks for all you do lisa
    much love

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  6. “whatever it is at one moment after midnight tonight, is so big in the land of spirit, they are surprised we are not celebrating ourselves. So that was the theme yesterday, celebrate yourself, feel them celebrating you, they are surrounding you and there is a party going on, balloons and all”

    Well that clinches it.
    There is no doubt, now, at all, that the Higher Dimensional Beings HAVEN’T GOT A FUCKING CLUE, WHAT IT’S LIKE HERE.

    Hey guys, once you put down the balloons….does anyone want to “walk in” to my exhausted, years-of-Insomnia-ridden meat suit and feel what it’s like to wear bleeding, itching, oozing, continually red/purple inflamed, bumpy, dry, scaling, totally wrecked Zombified skin — from 4 years nonstop high frequency Photon Energy downloading, and grounding it all into this sad planet?

    Balloons…I need balloons up my ass, in order to lift me the hell out of here, and finally end my Earth Ascension Contract of TORTURE.


  7. WHAT??? We now get our “new skin”, you say? Shit, but that was one hellaciously fast synchronicity.

    Does this mean my half a decade Energy Downloading Contract from Hell, is now………..FINALLY…….POSSIBLY………..OH god help me………could it be OVER?????????
    “Wrapped up” and finished, like Celia Fenn recently said?

    Will my bleeding zombie skin now be transformed into something resembling Human Skin again?
    Will I be able to function again, as a Human Being, and be able to do regular Human Being things again?


    “My first lady showed up in the field with something being dumped on her. I realized it was that membrane of mid august, liquefied and is now becoming her skin. Her team said she can look at this moment as being in the “waxing” phase of a car wash, the final touches/enhancements bring poured (or is that pored) on.”


    TRUST me — *I* need it more than she does.

    So…, amongst my countless other mental imaginings/pleas for any kind of temporary relief, I will imagine protective wax being dumped on me.
    And see what happens…(praying)


  8. “The helium buffers the friction of rapid heat/acceleration so we do not self combust. Yay!!??”


    The subsequent higher dimensional BLISS of self-combustion/physical annihilation (as long as it’s damn *quick* )….
    …is a MILLION/BILLION/TRILLION times better than this.


  9. “If Being the love you want to be in the world produces the results I have experienced and continue to experience thru the last decade, then why not be the same for dating. I love me a lot!!”

    Hallelujah — You’re finally “getting it”.

    This is what you were supposed to do, from the very beginning — complete yourself from within….don’t EVER look to the EXTERNAL around you, don’t ever look for “others” outside of you to complete your BEing.

    The people reflections around you, are just other aspects of YOU. In the first place.

    So once you are perfectly happy with your *complete self*….and you no longer feel the “need” for anyone else to fulfill you — HA, here comes the Paradox.
    Once you have reached this Completion Stage of Self-Love — THAT’s when your ideal, self-reflected ‘man aspect’ will be attracted to you, and will arrive in your life.
    When you no longer need him, that’s when he’ll come.

    Aye, there’s the rub….


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