Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 22, 2015

NOW Is The Time to Celebrate and Smell the Roses


I swear there was the strangest storm in the field yesterday.  The first three, I couldn’t see head on, only in previews before we met, the 4th one, not at all, but still got some verbal communication for her.  Third one her whole reading was laid out and explained before I met her and more once we got got connected and went like this 7 times yesterday.  By the last one, the moment we were done, I was done too.  Long nap time.  One would think with such a long nap I would have been up early, nope.  My ass woke just after 7am!!  I am up at 4-5am daily!!  Usually I get up this late, I skip a blog, takes me a bit of time just to harness that first sentence and my day of readings always start at 8am… nope, my team ain’t having it.  lol  There is something very important that was repeated thru the field yesterday.

This “pivotal point” that culminates and becomes whatever it is at one moment after midnight tonight, is so big in the land of spirit, they are surprised we are not celebrating ourselves.  So that was the theme yesterday, celebrate yourself, feel them celebrating you, they are surrounding you and there is a party going on, balloons and all (at least I seen that thru my first lady.)

One of my lady’s, OMG her entire field was laden with freshly cut, non thorny long stem roses that were a stunning blend of pink/violet.  The flower heads were just before bloom, not a closed bud, but not fully open either.  Take not to not only smell the roses, but roll all over in them too.  My lady was doing just that, rolling around on her ground of roses.  Roses, in my world, being the highest vibration of love that I see, pink and violet, the passion of the ascended master (her soul in body.)  As I was explaining this to her, I had my hand up by my nose explaining it… I really am so animated even on the phone.  OMG the smell of roses that was released.  I love roses and it sent my heart a quiver!!  Thank you for that!!

This time right now is not the time to know where you are going, but to celebrate where you have been!!  To celebrate yourself, to take in the wonders of all that got you to here.  Eat cake, drink champagne, and dance!!

I do have to mention this one too, just because I do not think we all fully realize just how powerful we are.  The one I got the whole reading done before we even said hello.  She was in this golden cage, the bars all up and down around her no more than a foot away from her body.  I could see her inside this cage, her arms stuck out desperately reaching for what looked like golden coins all around her.  It was raining golden coins.  Now her cage was made of gold, gold always being the highest vibration of spiritual energy that I see… something in her mindset had her caged in instead of in fluid motion.  Her team was sure to tell me that the gold coins that was raining down around her was “change.”  The high spiritual change she so wants within her life.  She could reach for it, but until she freed herself from that cage, that’s about all she could do.

When I finally got to do her reading live, with her on the phone, she knew exactly what it was showing her.  She is looking to move out of the area she is in, out of the house that she had lived in and is actively looking for a new place.  But feels caged into this other house.  Well, therein lies her cage.

What you think, with emotion becomes.  It is what is.  It doesn’t have to be that way, but dear Genie’s of life, say it, know it and it is done.  No bias from the universe.

There is more that came thru yesterday, but these are the important key ones and my day begins shortly and I have emails I must tend to before that.

Be assured, a lot is setting itself up, just like in the old days (said with a giggle) and much will be revealed as we move forward, but for now… eat cake and celebrate the enormity of what you have done individually and collectively!!

Have an amazing, rose filled day my beautiful, incredible loves!!!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with laughter and joy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. Dear Lisa, there is a huge wave of Love and Gratitude flowing from me to you and those in your “community” who are the seen in your seeing. What you describe today seems so very accurate for what I am experiencing. By the way, I live near Loveland, Colorado. How cool is that? Bonnie Holdeman Dalke

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  3. Lisa,

    Does the Big Change occur at one minute after midnight in a specific time zone? Or does it somehow happen when/wherever midnight is happening? …hope that doesn’t sound too silly! 😜


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