Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 21, 2015

The Night Turns Into the Long Day of Light!



It all sure does get more and more interesting, doesn’t it!!  This last day and a half revealed more to us than we may even realize, sure as hell more than I realized until this moment.

Several days ago I did a reading for a lady (or did it come thru two lady’s) and the light field in front of her was intensely light.  She asked something or another, I think something from her past reading, and when her team replied, they did so in a color scheme behind her of black and brown energy, it was kinda fuzzy like energy.  All I kept thinking was the difference between night and day… what was behind her looked like the energy of the night, what is in her now, a bright new, long day.  One must give way to the other.

But what the hell does that mean to us anywayz??

Well, as I have spent the last 2 hours wondering if I even have anything to share today, the focal point of my team was on this energy because the same energy happened when I became unplugged halfway thru my day on the 19th.  When I attempted to see the field, even tho I could see my floor (yes, I put my physical eyes parallel to the floor every time I start a reading, just to get my physical vision out of the way) the energy surrounding it all was that brown black fuzzy energy.  I didn’t even give it a second thought until yesterday.

From my first reading to my last, the day was a literal wash out of Light.  The light coming in from the field was wayyyy to bright to see thru and again, all I could see was my floor, flooded by this intense light of the field.  On of my lady’s mentioned the sun spitting off a huge filament that may be adding to the days intense flood of light.  Now why didn’t I check spaceweather right off??  I swear my brain has taken a vacation!!  Sure enough let me just share a bit that was posted (twice) on my facebook:

CORONAL MASS EJECTION, INCOMING? A magnetic filament snaking across the sun’s southern hemisphere exploded on July 19th (0700 UT), hurling part of itself into space. Soon thereafter, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) flying away from the sun. Although the CME appears to engulf Mercury, it does not. The innermost planet is passing behind the sun millions of miles away from the CME’s path. Computer models suggest that the CME could deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field during the early hours of July 23rd. Polar geomagnetic storms and auroras are possible when the CME arrives.

During the course of my mourning, finally my magical, self opening garbage can arrived, yay!!  Of course, I immediately took a video of it and posted it on facebook to share my silliness of joy with y’all, and I realized the video is kind of washed out with light.  Strange since we are overcast… I am totally convinced that new mexico is in the early stages of becoming a rainforest, at least my area of it is!!  So the video actually picked up the flood of light I was seeing thru the field, that’s exciting.

But what the hell does it all really mean to us!!  That is the question on my mind this morning and refused to put fingers to keys until we had a clue.  Maybe the way to get spirit to do what you want is to hold off doing what they want!!  lol  Cuz, granted it may have taken two hours, but we did get a little reveal about it all, and what we can look out for in our life going into this next 2ish year cycle thru 2017.  Of course, my crazy little life as an example to use.

First we look at the two things rearranged by the universal arrival of things that happened, I was supposed to get my “magical” trash can before I got my Directv “Genie”, but how can you have magic before the Genie (your soul itself) arrives in full working order in your life.  Even installing the Genie (using that incredible system called your soul) is not as simple as it may seem.  Direct alignment without interference (think the untempered, untamed ego) is not only key, but the only true way the Genie can work.  For the old system of DVR’s, not problem with interference, for the pimped out Genie… huge problem (smile.)  (To think, all this came into my world just to tell this crazy story lol.)  Sometimes, actually, often times, in order for your heart and the magic of the universe to link up (think dish and satellite) movement is required until you find that one spot it all just flows without interference.  Of course, my actual dish was removed from where it worked well with the DVR but would not function for the Genie, to a clearer spot on the house, and there was still a little bit of interference that wouldn’t allow it to fully function, so it was moved again.  I did the same with my path to here, I moved all over the creation, even here in New Mexico I moved to three cities before landing here in my Heaven called the Jemez.  Once I arrived and figured myself out here… everything I was capable of exploded, expanded into things I didn’t even realized I cared to do, but can!!

So, with the Genie installed and working, I realized the music of my soul was missing… my Pandora Radio.  What the hell, gotta have my music or I would never clean my house. lol.  They said it may take 48 hours to totally sync up and download what I needed.  Sure enough… Monday Pandora was in my extras.

We have all gone thru a massive reboot again, give it 48 hours to fully set itself up within you. (LOL, from today’s vantage point, that would put us at the 23rd!!)

Of course, this gives way to the magical trash can.  Anything that doesn’t serve your needs any longer, just wave your hand and toss it out.  You don’t have to touch a thing.  Anytime we release something within ourselves, our world, whatever, it makes room for the new.  The magical Genie bringing unthought of things to your incredible world of matter!!

During this night and day event, lots was revealed to us, if we understood what was happening in our emotional field and physical lives at the time.  I didn’t until today… and freakin spirit and their “on purpose” phrase, one day… I will find a way to choke some words out of their expression.  (Said with love of course. lol)

So Sunday, the 19th, started my black/brown fuzzy night energy.  The intense emotional waves and view of the fulfillment of my soul, body and mind aligned within to loving trust.  It only took one month shy of 53 years of getting into that alignment lol, hey speed is not important, from spirits view, its the (eventual) outcome!!  I’m coming out… (sung in my best Diana Ross voice lol.)

Even tho my knee and upper part of my calf was still on the sore side of things, the rest of me felt oddly elated when I woke up yesterday.  I started my day with a shower, the moment I got out of the shower, the soreness in my knee was completely gone.  Thank you water works!!!!

And then my day exploded in the energy of receiving.  I got my magical garbage can delivered.  A set of ant repellents for the hummer stations arrived wayyyy early, a beautiful soul sent me a card with a stunning rainbow on it, filled with love from her heart and cash!!  Holy heavens, it really is Christmas.  I went to the store to get my carton of smokes, used my “kickback” card and got my smokes for half price.  Love that relationship… kickback card.  Everytime I buy anything at the store on the reservation, I use their special kickback card to gather points to use whenever I want.  Again, think about it… what you put out, you cannot help but get back.  That is an unchangeable universal law.  If I never swiped my card for purchases, I would have nothing to get back.  Think about that for a long moment!!

But beyond all that, there was something very very very strange happening, or maybe better said, not happening in my created world.  My hummers were MIA.  By this time in their season, there is easy 20-30 hummers living and feeding here.  By 5am, long before the sun rises, I can hear their feeding songs out my back window.  This happens every day without fail.  Until yesterday.  No hummers at all.  What the hell??  I decided to cook them up a fresh batch of sugar water, cleaned out their feeders, and tempted their taste buds… as I was doing this, I put my energy into the back yard, where they live, and asked them “are you still here?”  Instantly, about 5 of the most colorful hummers started flying around my window and bushes, but never stopped to feed.  Weird, but grateful they are still here.  Even when I hung out their feeders, I am usually dive bombed by hungry hummers… nope.  Finally, at exactly 11am one lone hummer stopped to drink for a minute.   Hmmmm… strange and oddly purposeful.  What kind of spiritual illumination you bringing little ones??


Ecstatic, love, happiness, beat of life, miracle of joy of living, shows endurance so you don’t burn yourself out, teaches ability to heal, enhances awareness with an ability to move and act accordingly. Hummingbird shows how to accomplish what seems impossible and how to bring the miracle of joy back into your life. Do you need to bring more color and vivaciousness into your life? Are you extracting the joy throughout your day? Hummingbird reminds us to find that happiness in all things.

Well, lets just say yesterday was a reboot of all this and so much more and the hummers were the incredible harbingers of the bigger message. Every Time I went outside to look for them, they flew around to show themselves, but did not set up to eat like they always had in the past, not yesterday anywayz.  This morning… their song is once again out my window.  They are coming back to feed slowly but surely.

May their return to the feeders reflect the return of my soul food (you) to the field of Light, Life, Love and information!!

I love you all with every ounce of my soul, thank you for loving me that much too!!

((((HUGZ)))) of incredible Genies of joy and magical trash cans to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I took a picture of the morning sky yesterday, I am in awe of how much it resembles the image I used as the art for today.  Above and Below One in the Same Now!!

morning sky














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  3. Those are artificial Geoengineered, HAARP clouds, ask your team what they think of that program and what it’s doing to the planet. It amazes me how people I looked up to for enlightening information can’t see the Geoengineered sky.


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