Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 20, 2015

Absolute Completion into New Beginnings.



Somedays, I swear the field is oozing that deadly (but in this case, good) carbon monoxide gas, odorless, tasteless and unseeable that smacks you down right into your core and ya can’t move, all you can do is feel into the depths of yourself.  The energies from the people I was reading in the field were, I suppose binding into themselves.  One lady showed up enmeshed in that black, blue and violet energy, her body twisted up like she was a living screw:


Only her head was twisted as well, but her arms were up and over her head, and her team said she is reaching higher than she ever did before and that they are showing me the visual of her twisty-ness that also takes in the energy of sacred geometry, but later last evening, I also understood too, solidifying her connection to the new earth.  Think of how a screw binds to whatever it is being screwed into… in this case, it was would be the Christed body into the Christed earth.

The last lady I was able to see for yesterday actually showed up before our time together.  She was immersed in a funnel of the most beautiful Light blue funnel of water.  However, when our time came to be together, I could not connect with her out in the field.  What the hell?  So I told her what I had seen before we got together and suddenly the imagery came back to my field of vision, only she was in my kitchen to the left.  Talk about showing a double dose of representing your biological life of creation.  The water itself representing new, highly charged emotions.  I find it interesting as well, she said she was getting ready to go to the Everglades in Florida to do some work, but equally has an intense connection with Niagara Falls too.  Thats two very different energies of water.  Rapid, intense flow (the Falls) and then the stillness (the Glades) that gives life to an amazing ecosystem.

I suppose all this was more than my body, my own energy system could handle, because as soon as I hung up with her, I swear something pulled the plug on my own energy system.  I became soooo tired.  To the degree, with my next scheduled reading, I called him, no answer.  That alone surprised me because he mentioned on my facebook several times about his upcoming reading with me.  I called him back, no answer.  Popped him an email, no reply, gave him a shout out on facebook… nuttin.  Finally I sent him an email to reschedule, shocked really.  But I do know, life sometimes has us zigging when we really wanted to be zagging.  Not once did I think… look on skype. We always meet on skype, but it wasn’t in the notes on his appt card I get, and never once crossed my mind.  He was on skype waiting for me 😦

The remaining two appointments after him, I couldn’t see to save my life.  I just got more and more tired and eventually hit my couch like it had glue.  I couldn’t even go for a smoke run, I just didn’t have the energy to get up and go.

As my ass became more firmly glued to my couch, I started to go deep inside of myself, the intensity of emotions running amuck up and down my whole body.  The deep gratitude of each of you in my life, of the love and trust you share with me, oozing out of my eyes.  My thoughts went back to my childhood, love and trust was something that just didn’t really exist in my childhood, of course, it couldn’t exist because I learned early not to trust anyone especially in love because they will eventually send you away. (I was raised in the foster system.)

I spent time looking at my childhood and even my adulthood, desperately seeking these two voids in my life, of course, always seeking outside myself and never own either within me.  At least, until I started to hit the deep end of my bathtub.

Thru the intense, and I do mean… INTENSE feelings that was running thru my heart, leaking out of my eyes all I could feel was done.  The two greatest things that I came into life to feel (first the loss of, then eventually the fullness of) was loving trust… not thru you, but within myself.  Of course, you show up to reflect that back to me intensely, intimately, reverently.  And as my eyes are leaking feelings of knowing, of fulfillment within my search for mySelf I get an email, a donation with a line that simply states: “I appreciate your blogs.”  The tears of love and gratitude just streamed down my face.

Ohhhh… ha!!  I was so deep in my emotional field yesterday, never even thought about this reflection!! One of my ladies showed up with three golden rings around her feet at the ground level.  I knew they represented three rings of completion, done, finished.  As soon as I understood these three rings of completion, they started to move up around her, taking on the form of an egg, creating a film of connected energy between the top, middle and bottom rings.  Of course where there is an absolute completion, there is always a new beginning.

What we must understand too, acknowledging what has been completed.  If you do not know your back story, how will you ever realize your present and ongoing story of evolution?

Now I want to come back to my lady all twisted up in energy, she had asked about an infection she had from a wisdom tooth extraction several weeks prior.  This infection suddenly flaired up the other day.  Of course, the reply back to her was no worries, take antibiotics and she will be fine.  The body only has certain ways of adjusting to these energies and there is a lot of things happening inside as it adjusts.  The chemicals go on what could seem like overload.  So you have a still healing wound, amped up energies running thru the whole core of the body, the marrow in the bones start producing white and red blood cells to keep up with the change, the white cells see an exit and go to seal it up.  Yeah, makes to me!! lol

Don’t you know, after hours of being in this massive, emotional spiritual hug within myself, the hug released and suddenly my right knee (emotional flexibility) started to really hurt and I hadn’t even moved.  I got up and walked, thinking, I spent way to much time on the couch…. ouchies, what the hell??  Crazy how the mind works, all I could think is, shit, now I got a blood clot in my knee from sitting on my ass all day.  That precious, overprotective mind/ego that we have!!  Gotta love it!!

My knee didn’t hurt to the touch at all, just was throbbing doing nothing.  I realized it was being initiated from the right side, back of the knee itself.  Hmmmm… past, right side emotions, the outer edge of the body connected to your present field of life, the knee itself, flexibility.  Ok, I got it, you can stop hurting now.  Sleeping was unpleasant, it didn’t stop hurting at all.  This morning, still a dull throb that now seems to originate from the place where the calf and the knee meet, the foundation of our lives and the flexibility of its movement.  I guess my leg took up the load so my heart and eyes could have a rest.  Thanx???  lol

With this all, I have got to quote that beautiful Being known as Gandhi “Be the change you seek in the world.”  The love and trust I so desperately sought thru the majority of my life, could never have come to me had I expected it thru the food I ate, the cigarettes I smoked or didn’t smoke, the exercise or lack thereof in my life… Whatever you seek within this world, must come from the depths of you, your soul expression, as a way of life.

Of course, as I am sitting here wondering… whats next… I hear my team remind me that the leg, of course, represents our path of life forward.  Something big must be brewing in change… kinda excited to see what that is and where we shall go from here.

Take a moment today, remember the childhood things you so wanted, felt the lack of, emotionally… Have YOU become the full on expression of that now??  I ask this because whatever the response, has everything to do with that “pivotal point” coming thru the 23rd.  Hmmmmmmm….!!!

I don’t know whether to duck or jump for joy!! lol

Either way… it’s gotta be good!!

Big big screwed in (((((HUGZ))))) of emotional bliss to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas











  1. Hey Lisa! My team has repeatedly said to prepare for our loved ones, and of course the new energy and earth as well. So many times during your vacation I wanted to tell you that they meant you too! hehe I’m sure everyone who is tuned in is preparing. But some of that has been reviews of this life and past ones too. I finally figured out it was to retain the context but let go of the events and feelings, and as you said in so many words, be OK with it and more balanced. I am the same but different, and the different is that I retain the (sometimes hard) lessons that I have learned, and I am different because of them. But my essence is intact. I hope this makes sense! Love you girl! ❤

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