Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 19, 2015

Time Warps, Pivotal Point of Change, and More…


Just when you think things can’t get any more interesting or different… ohhh hell yeah they can!!  On the 17th as I went to read for my first person (all the way thru to my last) the field was shut down to my viewing eyes.  As I started to realize that it wasn’t just the person I was reading for, or myself and it was the field as a collective, I had to do what I do best, bitch… I just had a day off, why not do what you need to do on that day off (cuz the whole world revolves around me, right!!??  lol)

Two things were released on that day, not that I understood them, but nice for spirit to throw us some kind of bone for a change.  Thru my first man, they said something about the 23rd, this moment in time is leading up to the 23rd, a “pivotal point.”  What pivotal point… huh?  Silence!!  Dammit!!

So in between rescheduling, I am doing my standard bitching, I haven’t even been back for a week yet, and here we go into reschedule zone land, again.  Sheez!!  I think spirit is finding mercy on us a wee bit, cuz I started to see this beautiful super large bubble like think, translucent silver with shiny specks in it floating around.  All I got to understand (not that I understood it at all) was what I was seeing was our collective consciousness, the one we grew together as we bound our thoughts together about the new earth, heaven on earth, Shambhala… something’s happening to it.

Alrighty then??

We won’t even talk about how much energy drained out of my body that day too, like someone pulled the plug on me.  I couldn’t stay awake and kept falling asleep.  The few moments I was awake, I was ravishingly hungry!!  Hey!!!  Lazy and food obsessed are not what I need to be doing today… tough cookies!!  That was the way of it.

As I was soon going to learn and only this morning really “get” I was about to get some live understanding of the intensity of the times we are in.  But first, let’s release some of the information that came thru yesterday’s connections.

I think the easiest way to share this information is what I learned from the day instead of individualizing how I got the information.

That beautiful silvery (silver being the highest vibration of earth energy I see in a reading, now equally is the highest consciousness available to us earthlings as well) super large floating, moving bubble of consciousness, which was described as the christed ones (us) consciousness gathered together on the christed earth (AKA new earth, shambhala, ect.)  Our collective “day off” allowed a full reboot of this collective bubble so it can start doing what it is designed to do, release and gather information.

This bubble contains all the mastery, all the truth that each of us developed and live getting to here.  It now is on a constant share with us too.  I could see these energy beams coming down to my beautiful souls on the field in various areas of their body’s/energy centers, and exchanging information.  What I found really kewl and interesting, as we develop a certain skill, mastery of a profound truth lived (not just known, truth of any sort means nothing unless you live its energy, a subset of consciousness forms, like smaller bubbles within the master bubble and is released to those bringing whatever that skill is to their life.  Equally, anything new they learn about that skill, is added to the growing sub-bubble and is shared with those using that (whatever that is.)

You cannot just access this collective just for the sake of accessing it.  It only opens and releases and absorbs based on one’s vibratory rate.

If this wasn’t all trippy and exciting, another energy system was presented thru some folks as well.  They had this intense energy forming around them, from the ground moving upwards, none were “complete” in this energy’s formation, but underway.  The energy was between their physical body and the immediate bubble of creation that is around them.  It was made up of the most beautiful blend of black, deep blue and deep violet energy, enhancing and changing everything within their creative matrix and life.

Spirit did give us a time lapsed view of what this energy system is doing… it engulfed them (and most of us too) and then formed a tube like thing above the head, connected onto a point called the 23rd, then sucked each person onto that point.  One thing was for sure, if you are feeling untethered, floating and electric, and just bizarre, give yourself a high-five, that’s a good thing!! lol

We also got to understand the “pivotal point” somewhat too.  If you are allowing your body system to go thru this energy thingie (meaning, not trying to ground or hang onto anything) there is a serious uptick in the dimensions and frequencies as this tubey thing sucks you in and spills you out on the 23rd.  Then it lays a vibrational pathway down on the ground for you to follow, like an escalator or people mover at the airports.  We will just glide to where we are going!!

With all this, there are some very interesting things happening too.  I got to see one huge event that happened thru one of my super powered incredible ladies.  Last month she suddenly got seriously ill and was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery for a bowel blockage.  I was shocked to here this, I know there is nothing blocking her… and that was more true than ever when i did her reading.

On a parallel earth, several parallels over, she had an incarnation that was in her 100’s (age wise) that choose to die that day.  The reason was, to send the incarnation I was connecting with, all the energy, wisdom, and everything else that was developed thru the one dying to the one ongoing here.  The link up was so complete that the lady on this earth took on the body symptoms of the one passing, but instead of dying, she came out of surgery renewed, invigorated, with more clarity, more focus than ever!!  I also seen that she was linked into many of her aspects elsewhere, sharing.

Time is a twisted thing anymore, because of us.  Because of what we are doing and our ongoing focus of mastery in the created world of matter.  Trying to bob and weave thru it all is going to take our own inner mastery and patience!!

Example, my fancy new garbage can.  What an amazing expression it has become.  When I ordered it, the shipping info from walmart said it would arrive by July 22nd.  Once it shipped it changed the date to the 18th, then when I looked at the tracking info on fedex it said it would arrive on the 18th, but the end of the day on the 18th, fedex changed the delivery date to unknown.  HUH??  I called them, I’m waiting for my new fancy tool to arrive here!!  The guy said due to unforeseen circumstances it couldn’t be delivered that day but will be delivered monday the 20th.  Man, talk about one single thing being wrapped up in 4 different timelines.

Something similar happened with my crazy, intense schedule yesterday.  First of all, I usually try to limit my readings to 5 a day, 6 if they are short ones.  I had 7 on yesterdays dance card.  I “pad” every appointment with a 30 minute break between appointments, so when you book a 30 minute reading, my online calendar automatically removes and hour of time from my agenda.  Except on those days when it is wrapped up in a shit ton of dimensions.  Yesterday I had my first 5 appointments literally back to back, not even a minute in between any of them.  I noticed this on Friday and there was nothing I could do about it.  I went to sleep early, choose not to spend any energy in a blog yesterday and put my sneakers on to run.

Right off the bat I noticed the field is now on speed.  The information coming thru was so fast I could barely keep up… I am not sure I am going to effectively be able to keep up this pace for 7 readings today, 5 without time to sneeze in between!!  Well, seems 3 out of my 7 appointments got caught up in the time warp too.  Two were no shows because they had the times wrong, one called an hour early but was available at her time slot.  So even tho my dance card was super full, it evened out anywayz.  Thank you universe!!!

Bobbing and weaving is so important to us now.  There is a storm of time happening, a positive one, but like any storm on earth… can knock ya off your center too.

Now lets talk about my blessed Direct TV tech who came out to remove my DVR and install their new Fancy Genie and Genie mini in my bedroom.  This should have been easy, disconnect my DVR, replace it with the Genie, link up the satellites, run the wiring to my bedroom, done.  Not even close.  Seems the satellite decided it can no longer get a signal thru a very very tall tree it was aligned with (that tree, easy 30 foot tall in my front yard.)  So 2 of the four satellites would not respond to the dish.  He decided to move the dish to the other side of the house, between these really tall trees.  Nope, that didn’t work either, one of the satellites just refused to link up.  Hours passed… this poor guy was only on the job 30 days and I came to find out, this was his 3rd day in the field alone.  He called his manager after 4-5 hours of trying.  By this time, it was about 6pm and his manager was at home BBQing for his family’s dinner.  He dropped everything and came out to assist and figure out why we cannot get that last satellite to link up.  They moved it to the back side of my house, raised it up higher in the air that it was on the front of the house… 7 hours and 10 minutes after he came into my house, he finally left… almost 8:30 pm.

Not once did he loose his center, his humor or his focus.  He maintained even thru this whole event, I was so proud of him and told that to his manager too.

But when we step back and look at the bigger picture, isn’t this exactly what we are all doing together.  Linking up to our new satellite systems, mastrys, channels of information and instruction.  We are here as a team, when you see someone in struggle, drop what you’re doing and assist!!  Don’t be in a hurry, time is warped, but don’t ever give up and say I can’t.  Sometimes we are in a lower frequency that is blocking the link up, something or someone is obstructing the connection, move and raise yourself up and try again!!

I want to end today’s sharing with an amazing and exciting gift and insight I got on the field thru one of my beautiful lady’s yesterday.  When she was released on the 23rd (thru that tubey thing) I was suddenly seeing thru her eyes.  OHHHHHH MYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD, the crystal clear vision I had thru her.  When we look at life, anything in life, there is a blur of definition, no matter how great your physical eyesight it.  The life we live blends together, blurs together.  Thru her eyes, everything was defined, distinct edges and energy and the color was nothing like we see when we look out our windows of life.  As she mentioned that her physical vision isn’t all that (mine either) that she was surprised to hear this… her team explained that this is how life looks when you combine your third eyes vision with your physical eyes and this is part of her super powers moving forward.  Ohhhhh and also, this tidbit was expanded on thru her team too.  One of the first things I asked my team back in my early days… why does my physical vision suck.  My eyesight is -3.25/20 in both eyes.  Those of us who cannot see clearly is because there needs to be a focus on our spiritual vision, which see’s more clearly than the eyes ever can.  Blur the mundane and allow the spiritual to see beyond that.  It is how I do readings… and even this, is the tip of our incredible iceberg of Self re-discovery/11

We are now going to be linking up our soul vision/hearing/telepathic skills, with our physical attributes too.  Like everything, this will take practice, determination and knowing you have an entire collective to pull and share from… is the key!!

Ohhhh, another thing too, that membrane in august, lol, now that we know it is there, the only time I will see it at all in a reading is if it is serving to filter you as opposed to accelerate the changes underway.  Everyone I connected to yesterday was accelerating and I could feel it in my blood!!

Ya know, the day I drove to the airport to see my son and grandson, my cruise control button on my car broke.  I have a lead foot and live and drive by my cruise control.  All I could think of as I drove faster than usual to the airport, something must be speeding up… sure enough, its us!!  I have an appointment to get it fixed next friday.

I love you all soul very much, thank you for Being treasures upon my hearts chest!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and disorientation that leads to crystal clarity to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

LAST DAY TODAY: Vacation special:  Book a 30 minute 3-4-2 package or longer I will send you the Super Powers Hypnosis MP3 downloads Course to expand our already expanding horizon potentials!!  Also, take $10 off the 15 minute 3-4-2 package as well!!  There is a lot to see and understand thru July and August together!!! 






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