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A Glimpse thru the Rest of 2015.

3D illustration, background, wallpaper of the micro cosmos, a molecule, atom. Physics concept.

3D illustration, background, wallpaper of the micro cosmos, a molecule, atom. Physics concept.

I find these moments in time so very interesting.  We are all in such a mixed bag of position on the field, some engulfed in the winds of change, some being pointed to their super powers and pretty strongly being told to “look and focus there,” others are being infused with new energies and codes and yet some, well, two so far, allow my vision to stretch into next year.  Every part of it, building the new fields of life on earth.

This morning there are two things spirit wants to focus on since it is hanging in front of my face and the readings the information that I seen it thru is scrambled in my memory banks.  But let me back up a bit first…

Over the last couple of months thru a few people we got to see the end of this year, black as usual (the deep unknown) taking us to a choice point like never before.  I have not written about it because I have not quite understood what it means yet.  I’m not sure I even do today, but I know that as we conclude 2015 we are already making huge choices with the way we will experience the “living, conscious energy” (<—-spirits insert there) of 2016.

Thru one of the readings on Wednesday, her energy field took us to the very end of this year, December and for the first time ever, I could see what I can only call a crack in the field at the end of December.  From this crack was intense energy radiating upwards for us to use now, if we are in alignment with its power.  To my viewing eyes, this crack, which going to my field of vision, is about a foot wide and the crack engulfed in this intense white energy billowing upwards.  As it made its way from whatever this crack is representing, the depths of the earth maybe, as the energy came topside and my lady, without even realizing it (hell, I didn’t realize this until this moment) was pulling this “subatomic energy” to her present field.  I see this as waves of black and deep violet energy moving from the end of the year to that membrane in mid august. (The black and violet [deep unknown, ascended mastery Energy] I see is when someone is actually using the pure white subatomic energy for their present moments.)

Wow, I think I am getting something, understanding something.  I have said a million times before, me and science, especially physics, we didn’t make nice nice in my brain in this incarnation, so when spirit starts using science words, I have an inner melt down.  You would think for as often as I looked up the understandings I would remember what it means… hell no.  So when the field was insistent that this white billowing energy bring released is “subatomic energy” I had to look it up this morning to figure out what the hell it means to her and all of us.  I do believe I am getting a larger understanding catalyzed by yesterday’s sharing and excitement on facebook from it all.

I found a handy dandy website about subatomic energy that gives us a little clue:

According to the Big Bang theory:

  • Prior to the Big Bang, the universe was extremely hot and small and matter existed only as free quarks.
  • Once the explosion happened: Rapid inflation occurred and the universe cooled. Quarks combined into hadrons. The forces separated. Matter (atoms) formed. Matter condensed into galaxies, stars, etc.

As the conversation about yesterday’s blog lit up, I could so clearly see an analogy of how our present state is reflecting to us keeping with the Christmas analogy: We are both Santa as well as the child, the field itself is the reindeer and sleigh (the carrier of our desires, the subatomic energy.)

So now lets look at this interesting membrane slicing August in half.  I call it a membrane because I could see what looks like veins or vessels in the gel like, honey/yellow colored sheeting that stretches as high, low and wide as my eyes can see.  I do understand that it serves as both a filtering device as well as an accelerating device, my lady stretching into December, gave us a deeper understanding of what is trying to be revealed.

Going back to the last several days of sharings, starting with the one where we talked about (not) detoxing, this sheeting serves as a filter until those who do not fully understand who they are and how they and the universe work together, this subatomic energy would be detrimental to their, and others, well being.  So it filters the acceleration of outcome… on all levels.  Not just keeping the instant creation of toxins out of the body, but even the desires too.  Nothing in this universe is biased at all and serves life.  Ohhhh and here is something too about this unique year-end we are walking towards, 2016 will have no filters.  No membranes to reduce/filter the speed of creation.

What was really amazing and stunning to see was this ladys face smushed into the membrane itself, not penetrating it, but stretching it so that her profile had this membrane filmy thing over it.  This was her teams way of showing her she is already using, breathing in the subatomic energy being released.  They also explained that to use this energy, to breathe it in you must have already released any sense of identity.  Meaning the ego no longer needs to see itself as this or that, but knows it is a blend of Life Source Creating.

Now to take in another of the readings from that day, one of the lady’s was in this really large/tall egg, made of the same coloring as the membrane minus any vessels.  I thought it was really unusual that the egg was twice as tall as she was and as I wondered why I could feel the energy of helium elongating her egg.  The helium started just above her head and occupied the space (of about 5 feet) above her.  I have got to giggle at this, again, heading to goggle to understand more about helium I came to a website with this understanding of how we use helium:

Because helium atoms are small, they are very light. Like hydrogen, helium is lighter than air, so when you fill balloons with helium, they float. But the main thing people use helium for is to keep things from exploding. Helium atoms are very stable – it’s hard to get them to combine with other atoms into molecules. So if you are working with materials that might explode, you can do it more safely in a helium atmosphere.

Glad to know she won’t explode!! lol  I am sure there is much more to the reason why, but I have no idea!!  But, suddenly I have this urge to look at the time and I have to smile with what I see:

screen shot

Change on every level.  But I have got to look at something else with this website and stars, thinking of the very common term “starseeds.”  There are helium atoms inside stars. The star makes helium by squashing four hydrogen atoms together into one new helium atom. So stars are made mainly of hydrogen and helium atoms.

Perhaps when a starseed comes out of its shell (so to speak) this is how it is depicted???  I have no clue, just the breadcrumbs spirit is dropping at this moment!!  However, when a seed goes from doment to life… change is the only thing that is happening everywhere!

Ohhhh, there is one more thing I do want to talk about, since I was just reminded.  September!!  One of my lady’s, actually the 2nd one so far where her path was shown thru the first quarter of next year, took us to September’s energy.  Her team said there is three phases to what she has set in motion right now.  Not that she really knows what she set in motion, but the desire of her heart so consistent and focused, has!!  To be clear, the focus is not of a knowing, but of a desire to be in service.

September was a solid either marble or granite platform.  Her first phase is now, getting the “voice” exercised and used.  Speaking her truth, even helping others to see a different perspective than whatever they may be saying to her at the moment.  Spirit explained, and now realize this is true for all of us, no matter what stage we are in at this moment, the energies of choice and action solidify by September.  It will show us all the first solid foundations of growth and relationships in this new earth.  Weather we choose to reduce/filter the speed of our creation abilities or set sail with the speed of them, it will set the stage of our field of life thru at least mid 2017.

On that note, thats enough heady stuff for one morning.  Until tomorrow…. May the helium of your life lift you up to heights never imagined before!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of the deepest, purest empowering love and explosive joy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  By the request of my own spiritual team, I am leaving my vacation special ongoing for this week.  

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