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Creator and the Outcome of Creation is All You!!!


What an array of information that came thru everyone yesterday, sadly, I woke up late today and don’t have as much time as usual to share it all, so I am going to focus on what spirit has hanging in front of my face to share.  Before I even started the day of readings yesterday, I actually put out a request to the field to understand that membrane thing I saw in the one reading the day prior, more.  Ask, and you shall receive, but not in the way you expect (yeah, I still expect things the way I want them lol, damn human in me!)

My first lady showed up in this beautiful translucent bubble of creation which was actually a bit larger than I am used to seeing.  Instead of being 3 feet out from her body it was easy 4 feet.  A larger space to create with??  I really don’t know why, no one said why.  Directly at her feet spread out in a fan were three lines of energy, one to the left, one to the right, one directly in front of her.  These lines were about 3-4 feet long each.  Her team said that they were showing her that the earth herself has opened herself up in three equal parts (spirit, physical life and her center path) to release new and needed energy for her next adventure.  (Like I said before, all these earthquakes are purposeful!)  At the end of her line that was towards the left (physical life) was a steering wheel about 1 foot above the ground.  It reminded me of one of those steering wheels you would see in a kids car.  It was made of the same energy spectrum as her bubble of creation, only concentrated.  Behind the steering wheel was a rod, again made of the same energy spectrum, at a 90 degree angle into the earth.  Her “steering wheel of life.”  I then got a relationship to the magnetic cars and roads that are still in prototype form, but this is in the smallest part, part of her emerging super power ability, to navigate the magnetic highway/pathway of life.  But as I googled more info on the magnetic cars, something else came to my awareness with this too:  Magnetic Highway Harvests Kinetic Energy From Cars To Generate Electricity 

What I see and understand thru your reading is a small iota of what it means to you.  Your job is to go deeper, delve into the fuller information and understand it and use it yourself.

Which brings me to my next lady on the field, all these beautiful 5 petal, pink/violet flowers just started popping up all over her left field (physical life.)  To me they looked chaotic and random, but her team insisted there is a pathway to their chaos, nothing is linear in the world of spirit, including our spirit here on earth.  They revealed a new teacher/guide at the far left side of her field, he looked like a cross between Poindexter and Dracula.  The wise scientist with vampire (think Twilight vampires, I seen so many clips of the twilight movies as we were explaining things to her) abilities.

What I found really interesting with her, her team would not show anything I would call, forward or future, until she fully connected and started to learn from Vlad (his chosen name.)  Somethings are so important for you to bring forward, they have become unavoidable!!

My next lady threw me for a crazy loop.  She was all discombobulated on the field.  I have never seen anything like it.  She was in her center field, well, at least most of her was.  Her arms were completely disconnected and floating one out in the middle of her left field (physical life) and one floating out in the middle of her right field (spiritual life.)  Neither connected to her body.  Her legs, tho beneath her torso, was disconnected from the torso itself, twisted up like a pretzel and disjoined as well.  What the freakin hell????  What was interesting too, her torso and even her legs were in this beautiful energetic spectrum very much like my first lady of the day steering wheel.  Her arms tho, looked like human arms, not energy like the rest of her.

As I was telling her this and said I am so puzzled and have no idea how to interpret it, she mentioned that she was doing a detox to help her get a clearer connection with spirit.  Only then did her team finally pipe up and speak, quite adamantly!!  Now they were the ones asking questions: “Do you feel toxic inside?”  My lady thought for a moment and replied, no, I don’t?  They (her team) explained by the very act of doing a detox creates toxicity where there was none.  Not to mention, cleaning out your bowels will not give you a stronger connection to spirit, your perseverance is the only thing that will.

So let me expand on all this, since spirit is here jumping up and down in my field of vision to talk about this more, including a statement that came from my lady before her.  When my poindexter/dracula lady heard that her new guide was in vampire guise, she was actually appalled.  I told her it had nothing to do with drinking blood, but think more of the vampires from twilight, they consider themselves vegetarians and only drink animal blood.  That didn’t sit well with her either.  She said she was a vegetarian because she cannot imagine eating animals, and them dying to be her food.  So I asked her, but its ok to kill plants to eat?  She didn’t want to talk about it, but spirit does, because our bias, our judgements are so important to release as we move forward or we will get all tangled up in that membrane of August.

Everything in life is alive and conscious.  Everything!  Some have more verbal ways of displaying themselves than others.  A dog can bark, a cow can moo, trees rustle, vegetables talk via telepathy.  All things experience the energy of duality, pain and pleasure.  All things love unconditionally and know their agenda, their final act of service upon this earth, whether it be food, enhancing beauty in our homes, keeping us warm, making a good smoothy, all come here to do what they were created to do, with love and honor and excitement.  Even the foods we consider “bad” are all parts of the creator, formatting themselves to become something else.  Even chemicals.  Things only become harmful when we label them that way.  Keep in mind, once you decide something is bad, you are equally sending out that energy, that feeling to those on the fence of what they want or need to believe.  What you think and feel about anything has a much wider affect worldwide than just yourself.  And the laws of nature cannot ever be over ridden, what you put out in thought and deed, comes back to you.

So, like my disjointed lady who is looking and trying to access her spirit, outside of herself (in life and even in the spiritual field of life) as her team said “all you seek is already within you.”  We can get very twisted up by the vast amount of information “out there.”  Many people are still learning “relationships,” which include our food, our animal kingdom, our air and weather, plants and minerals… but nothing outside of ourselves will be able to carry us to where we want to go.  We must walk it ourselves, in harmony, without bias or judgement.  Otherwise, what we seek to avoid is the very thing we bring to us.

There has been many studies over the decades, scientifically proven, how our thoughts affects outcomes.  If you have never read “The Holographic Universe,” I would highly recommend the read, it was my bible back in my beginnings.  There was a scientific study done where people thought they were drinking water filled with vitamins, when in fact they were drinking plain old water, but their vitamin levels went up anwayz.  Same with the placebo effect, people taking sugar pills had the same positive affect as those taking actual pills… over and over and over again.  This is not just new age stuff, it is scientifically proven, tho not talked about much, except thru us crazy new agers.

Know that you are spirit incarnate.  You create and uncreate at the speed of thought and feeling.  If you see and feel everything as the wonder of god/creator made manifest, in love with you, then all of life nourishes you, enriches you, enhances your very heart beat.  See it as anything less… well…

There is more, but alas, my day is about to begin.  It is so great to be back and getting armfuls of incredible and beautiful information and insights.  Thank you so much for loving me, trusting me enough to share your soul light with me and all who cares to read what I share.  You really are my treasure chest and I love you sooooooo much!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))))) filled with unconditional love and soul mana from All things thru All things!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  By the request of my own spiritual team, I am leaving my vacation special ongoing for this week.  

Vacation special:  Book a 30 minute 3-4-2 package or longer I will send you the Super Powers Hypnosis MP3 downloads Course to expand our already expanding horizon potentials!!  Also, take $10 off the 15 minute 3-4-2 package as well!!  There is a lot to see and understand thru July and August together!!! 






  1. Beautiful, loved it. Great way to start the day 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


  2. We often don’t realize the speed at which our thoughts and therefore power moves. I had been thinking to myself “I need to get out of this place.”. Five minutes later my landlord knocked on the door and said that you need to move out before the 30th. I screamed internally “Wait! I still have things to do here!” Ten minutes later the same landlord called and told me that they had made a mistake, and that the following month was rent free. It doesn’t get clearer than that does it?

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  5. Not just “New Age” – Ancient!! Creator, Incarnate – says it in the Bible too!!
    I will admit, I generally prefer to ask Jesus, Himself, these days…so much easier than studying ancient languages books that have many translations. Just ASK for a ‘download’ and Assistance with the multiple levels & layers of meaning/interpretation…<3


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