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The Magic, The Wonders… The Ever Changing YOU!!


It’s amazing how much things can change in 2 little weeks away.  I feel like I missed so much getting to here, but I also realized quite clearly yesterday, my 2 weeks off served more than time with my babies.  We have been, and are still going thru radical change from the inside out.  Let me start this sharing with my first and last sessions from yesterday, both people participating in the Super Powers Course I had offered (which both have now fully finished.)  Both going thru radical cellular change from the inside out.  What I found so interesting, and is so important for you to realize within yourself, no matter how easy or how difficult you may find any part of your spiritual path you are focusing on…. persistence creates the change desired.

We have a tendency to put a measuring stick between ourselves and someone else and if they achieve something quicker than we may be achieving the goal, we feel inadequate, less than and this is where many people simply give up their efforts.  For those who stick with it, put in that extra effort, give themselves the extra time and focus, the change you are striving for is genuinely underway!!  The insides must change before the outside will ever be affected, realized.  I can now say this was absolute surety, thanx to my two amazing super powered humans on the field yesterday.

My first lady discovered that her super power is the ability to bring spirit, our crossed over loved ones, back into the field of matter, not as a ghost or entity, but as a biological, huggable spirit.  It was thru her and another lady who was also a part of the super powers course, that I got to see a little snippet of how this is possible.  Keeping the how as simple as possible (cuz that’s about all I understand lol) spirit can take form from the vibrational field of dust or specs of matter floating in the air, create its body from that vibration, which has to be pure (no chaos or discordant energies) and take form.

So she has been diligently focusing her meditations, her abilities on doing just that for the last couple of months.  So we were both excited to see how she has changed from the onset of her super power course.  The first thing I seen with her was this honey colored filmy funnel like thing coming from above her and connecting to her body, wrapping her up in this filmy thing.  Her team said the closest thing we have to understand what I was seeing would be like an amniotic sac.  It was wrapping around her, stretching and contracting as it encircled her and became thicker and thicker as I watched.  Her team said I was seeing the outside event, but the fluids (if you will) are deep inside her body, changing everything within her.  As I was watching this in amazement, suddenly my eyes were brought to the ground level and I could see quartz crystal points sticking up out of the ground about 3-4 inches, all around her.  What was odd was they were not in a circle or a geometric pattern, there were what I would call jagged edges to their formation, think of a 5 pointed star, those kind of jagged edges, but without a shape of anything recognizable.  Her team said that these crystals were assisting her changes, enhancing all that is happening to and thru her to enhance her focused abilities moving forward.

Then they gave us a fast forward within her process, she reminded me of the girl in willy wonka that became a blueberry… this amniotic sac thing became so round, so engorged, then they showed what reminded me of a laser beam slicing her open at the front… like a spiritual C-section, and she stepped out of this engorged sac.  From head to toe, she was emitting the energy of quartz crystal… stunningly beautiful and radiant.  Then the crystals themselves said there is so much that the energy of quartz can do that we have no even begun to tap into yet… and this is her next phase of understanding.  Crystal homework for her!!!

My last guy of the day, my beautiful super powered kiwi (a new zealander) has been challenged to extract the enormity that is within the super powered hypnosis sessions, but he has been diligent and going back to parts of it that he enjoys and is getting some results with.  He keeps saying he is not getting anywhere with it…. well, that may be what he hasn’t realized on the outside yet, but I could see what was happening within.  His entire biology liquified itself and became a part of the new earth as I was watching him.  His team said that over the next week-ish, his body will reconstitute itself fully imbued with the energies of this amazing new earth, a true son of Gaia, with three new antennas in place.

What a grand reflection of a marshmallow message that I received in my email from my beloved Kryon (as channeled by Lee Carroll):

“Whatever I was born with doesn’t matter.
I am in control of my biology, my immune system and my awareness.
God created me as a divine creature
able to totally shift my biology and my countenance and strengths
into whatever I desire.”

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll
From Kryon Live Channel, “It’s in the DNA!”
June 2008 in Kelowna, BC, Canada

What you do, what you focus on, MATTERS!!  You ARE the instruction set of your DNA.  YOU create the matter that surrounds you, that IS YOU!!

Two of my ladies yesterday were engulfed in the most amazing energy of change.  I have seen the winds of change many a time over the last decade and a half, but never ever like this.  It was, for lack of a better word, magical in feel.  Both being engulfed from the ground upwards, emphasising the change underway is completely at their life’s path level.  Until this come completely out of this engulfment, there was not much else I could see.  I do want to mention (Since spirit is bringing me back to this) one of the lady’s winds of change, which wrapped around her like a funnel like blanket of magical energy, kept clunking on something behind her, up in the air.  Her team said something from her past is still up in the air and is actually slowing her path forward down, not stopping it at all, this cannot be stopped.  But instead of moving at 50 miles per our, she is moving at lets say, 2 miles per hour.  Once she resolves this thing, which was never shown, dammit, but we are pretty sure it is her galactic connections that she needs more control over their connections and presence in her world, it is slowing down her forward movement.  She got homework too!!

One of the ladies on the field yesterday, really gave us a dynamic look at what we have got ourselves into Now!!  The first thing I could see with her were these two massive blocks of energy above her and below her moving towards her middle, like she was the centerpiece of a massive energy sandwich.  Her team puts it simply for us, “everything coming together.”  (Above and below now centered in her universe.)  In front of her about 3-4 feet and coming in from above was what looked like a hobo sac:

hobo sac

Of course, there was no stick or polka dots, just a white cloth hobo sac.  Then her team brought my vision into the contents, I could see the rich soil of the earth (of her life) and growth of the plants, I could see the roots, the stalks, the leaves, everything fully there but in a hobo bag.  They said this is something tangible that is already on its way to her and will arrive in her world in 3-4 days.  There are many others behind too.  Then they talked about her unrealized desires that she has had and now is the time they are going to be coming into fulfillment.

Then her team started talking about a financial gain that will be coming to her. Even going to the extent of showing us the energy system coming from the energy of this year, moving towards her now, well, mid-August now, black and blue waves of super energy bringing this financial gain to her.  What really surprised me was there was a membrane in August, directly in the center of August that this windfall had to penetrate for her to receive it.

Granted, this was the first time I was seeing anything with August, but a membrane??  What the hell is that all about??  This membrane was as far up, down and wide as I could see, splitting the month itself into two sections.  It’s only this morning that I am understanding it… at least, a little bit.

Everything about us, whether we are aware of it or not, is completely being enhanced, imbued with super powered energies of creation.   We can look at this membrane, for now, as a filtering system that is going to speed up the arrival of your desires made manifest or push it back further away from our timeline, depending on your personal alignment within.  Chaos and dysfunction, whether within yourself, in your personal relationships, whatever, will push what could have been made manifest here and now, into another timeline when your more clear and focused within.  More simply said, aligned with the love and compassion of the new earth and all that goes with it.  For those that are… phew baby, Merry freakin Christmas!!  Or Happy Hanukkah!! (smile)  The magic you have worked for within, is going to fill your world in unmistakable, abundant ways!!

Then I kept feeling a move in her future, a physical move in the first quarter of next year.  Once again, next year is about 15 feet above where we are now.  Of course, we are going to continue to increase the frequencies of ourselves and our beautiful earth in the pristine environment of unconditional love, so that didn’t surprise me that 2016 was 15 feet above us.  What did surprise me was the details within the first quarter.

For the last few years, as we got closer to the “next year” I would start to see it as a massive energy line, like a high voltage electrical line above us.  Without any details because we were still undergoing massive change within which didn’t allow for long-term creation to be seen.  Obviously we have changed a freakin lot!!  I could see the quadrants of months in the first quarter, I could see hmmmmm…. organization to these quadrants, details yet understood by me.   But hey, this is the first time I am seeing 2016, I am getting very used to not understanding what I see at first… or second or third lol.

Each month was lined in solid gold, solid, high frequency spiritual energy made into matter.  I am here right now… “It will be a year like no other before us!!”

On that note… my day is about to begin.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for being a blessing unto my soul.  I love you so much and have missed our connections deeply.  You expand my world in ways nothing else can!!

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) of super powered dreams made manifest to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  By the request of my own spiritual team, I am leaving my vacation special ongoing for this week.  

Vacation special:  Book a 30 minute 3-4-2 package or longer I will send you the Super Powers Hypnosis MP3 downloads Course to expand our already expanding horizon potentials!!  Also, take $10 off the 15 minute 3-4-2 package as well!!  There is a lot to see and understand thru July and August together!!! 







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