Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 2, 2015

Living and Experiencing the Energy Called July!!


The morning of the 30th did not unfold the way I had planned it to.  Hell, the whole day didn’t.  I didn’t sleep at all that night, much to my surprise, not because I was so excited to leave to see my son and grandson the next day, but it was more of a deep worry about my youngest daughter.  She had one of two hearings set for July 1st, that, if convicted, could have put her in jail for at least a year.  I used to think that might be the best thing for her, for her to really see the reality of her choices and to make other choices.  That is, until I watched the 3rd season of “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix…. gulp!!!

I barely slept for 2 hours, with bouts of waking up with knots in my stomach.  I finally gave up on sleep at 3am and sat down to my computer, doing all I can to switch my focus on something I can do… write about the amazing finale of readings on the 29th.  I got three paragraphs in and that knot in my stomach got tighter, bigger, and drew my entire focus onto it.  This is something I have not experienced in such a long time, well over a decade…. that thing we call, deep worry.  Obviously ignoring it was not an option, so I gave up trying to write my blog and decided to deep clean the house.  Maybe that will help to clear out my solar plexus.

My daughter is not one to share her deepest feelings with anyone, I knew I was feeling what she was feeling deep inside.  I took to my house and my daughter all at the same time, cleaning and feeling that knot slowly move up my spine and sit just between my heart and high heart.

Not even every single favorite song that came on my Pandora mix while I cleaned could put that wiggle in my step, nope I was knee deep in something unfamiliar and had to just ride it out, or ride it in, however that worked out.

I decided to take a look at the weather channel to see what the flying weather was as well as the weekend forcast for the 4th of July since me and my boys will be in a tent.  Tons of rain and thunderstorms.  Holy cow!!  I really don’t like to ride the roller coaster in the sky and with all that turbulent weather, I surely would be!!  Not to mention it was calling for thunderstorms at my brothers place for the 4th of july… hey!!!

So I did the only thing I knew how to do, had a talk with the clouds and air.  I know you need to do what you need to do, but if it is ok, can we please have nice weather on my travels and while I am at my sons and brothers.

I got to the airport and Untied had overbooked my flight and as I checked in, they asked if I would consider taking another flight, I said no, checked my luggage, got my boarding pass and headed to the flight gate.  There, the flight attendants were in a tizzy, they said they needed to drop 3000 pounds from the plane before they could take off and would be willing to give a $150 flight voucher to anyone that volunteered to take another flight.  Something in me instantly got my butt up and over to the counter and so I asked when would the next flight get me into Boston.  I was supposed to arrive at 12:03am and the lady checking every available airline said we can get you there an our later on American.  Really???  Sign me up, I arrive an hour later and get $150 off mt Christmas travels… works for me.

As I was standing in the American airlines line to check in, the other people that volunteered were talking about what was really happening.  There was a severe storm happening in Houston, the place our layover was to be, and that they had to adjust the weight on the plane so they can make a shorter landing (or something like that.)  Yikes!!  I instantly became even more grateful I volunteered.  Then I found out, they canceled that flight all together until the weather eased up in Houston.  So not only did the other people not get to where they were going on time, they also didn’t get $150 because they wouldn’t let go of what they had in their hand.

My flight to Dallas then to Boston was perfect and clear and no turbulence.  We arrived in Boston 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Yesterday was my daughters hearing, and when I talked to her later in the day, she said it had to be continued until Sept 28th because the video tape that could have put her in jail would not play at all at court.  Not only that, she had been fighting the last several days with the place she bought her car from (only 4 months ago) to fix the clutch on her car, it completely blew out and left her stranded on the highway the other day.  They refused.  …at least, until yesterday.  They called her and said they will fix her car completely and for free.

Plus, to add a bonus on her day, she had been trying to get picked to be a “Rock Girl” for a local radio station that comes with tons of fun and cash, prizes and what no over the summer, they picked her yesterday to be a part of the 30  girls competing for the annual coveted event.

I realized the moment I woke up, having had a full nights sleep (instead of 5 broken hours over the last 48) that the energy in my solar plexus on the 30th was processing what she could not.  Clearing and cleaning the energy in her field so that her best outcome could happen.

Equally, the weather here in Boston yesterday called for all day rain with severe thunderstorms.  It rained for an hour and then suddenly, the day completely cleared up and no rain at all.  Equally, the weather that was called for at my brothers turned to clear too!!

Until this morning, and the playing out of the last two days, I really had no idea the enormity spirit kept putting our eyes towards with the full on energy spectrum called July was going to look like for us.  I learn/understand by participating myself, like we all do and these last two days were HUGE in revelation for me.

We are the energy generators for ourselves and those around us.  Obviously, transmuting energy that others may not know how to do themselves.  I am going to end with this quote “What we do for others, we equally do for ourselves.”

I am now heading to my brothers campground in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania today and will be off line until Sunday or Monday when we head back to Boston.  But I did want to get this sharing out before hand, because we are now working in ways like never before and we are so accustomed to “clearing: our selves instead of processing what may be needed for others!!  Always remember, the universe gives back abundantly… right down to clearing weather patterns if that is desired!!

I love you all and appreciate you more than my words will ever put into print.  Thank you for loving me and most especially, allowing/accepting my love for you too!!!

I am going to leave my vacation special ongoing, because my team told me to do so.  Who am I to argue!!  lol

May you have the most extraordinary, unexpected abundance of everything for ever more!

(((((((HUGZ)))))) of clear skies and intense joy to All!!  May your independence be celebrated thru all the universe!!

Lisa Gawlas





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