Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 28, 2015

The Age of Aquarius Has Begun in Earnest!!


What a way to have a grand finale of the group Super Powers course!!  As I was doing the hypnosis for the fourth segment for the group, which included a two snippets of native American powwow music, I watched as the sky suddenly and consistently became darker and darker.  As the hypnosis concluded and we were sharing the experiences, the first reboot happened.  All my electricity (including my wifi modem) went off for a few seconds then returned.  I could hear the thunder happening up in Jemez Springs (about 4 miles up the road) and new it was heading our way.  The winds started blowing, hurricane force winds (up to 60 miles an hour) and an avalanche of hail ensued, then pouring rain.  With the flash of lightning my electricity went off again.  By this time, I already warned the group, if this storm gets closer, I have got to go and I did, the lightning made sure of it!  For the next two hours the rain fell at an inch and hour, the hail, the lightning, thunder and those winds…. ohhhh those winds!  Wind is my favorite thing in all storms.

The weather alert on my phone stated this sudden intense thunder-storm was happening in our area only, over about a 20 mile stretch of land.  To me, if felt like all the elements came to celebrate, to part-take in the closing (ceremony) of this 2 groups over 2 months event.  An event so big, so complete it had to be rebooted twice.  The next alert warned of flash flooding.  An overflow of emotion from earth herself, celebrating and hydrating the soils of new life.

I was given the most amazing blessing of seeing what our future holds, the amazing changes you will bring to this world as a new and ever lasting way of life.  The one thing I realize, fully and vividly, no matter what we think of as amazing spiritual skills right now, it is going to get more amazing, more available to those dedicated to enlarging their spiritual territory on this earth and much more life changing, life enhancing than ever before.

Each person at the leading curve of light has something so unique within them to bring into this reality, to perfect in use and understand and then share/teach outwards for usability for all.  It will require intense inner focus and outer practice, working out the kinks as all new projects require.

As I woke up this morning my teams first message of importance to share here was the intense focus this phase of our evolution requires.  They gave me a parallel to share, using the likes of the inventors of the telephone, the television, various life enhancing aspects of science and physics and having lived off grid several times with no plumbing, that celebrated soul called John Harrington and Thomas Crapper, the inventors of indoor flushable toilets!!  (Hence the phrase, going to the john or going to the crapper.)

To bring such life changing, life enhancing technology to life, they had to dedicate their every moment to working out the details, putting prototypes together, fixing the kinks and eventually, perfecting their inspirations into functional reality.  Same goes with what we call our energy work.  We have not even touched the surface of our ginormous abilities within and that inner dedication is now demanded of our life, to change the way we live in life, enhanced on all levels for the greater good of all.

In the information that was shared thru the 6 brilliant readings yesterday, can I just say first, holy heaven did the light field amp up a good 100 watts!!  The grow light must have done its job, cuz the field is visible again.  However, the ring of white pilot lights around the body is still very prevalent.  So much information came thru all the readings yesterday that I will start there, I cannot remember who released what info, so I will group it up in a story!!

Spirit had said that this particular solicited was more pivotal than we realized (or should I say, than I realized.)  It ended the age of Pisces and fully opened to the age of Aquarius.  The water bearer is alive and present!!!  Especially here in the Jemez lol.  Of course with spiritual endings and beginnings there is an overlap of energies, so really this ending started December 2012 as the age of Aquarius started its presence within our world at the same time.

So as we have fully entered the age of Aquarius, I have found a wonderful website with a headline that just says it all about this wonderful age we are in:

I am the Water of Life, Out of myself I grow. The more you drink of me, The fuller I will flow.

Out of myself, I grow!!!  Exactly!!!!  You and me (us) combined are the new rivers of life.  Sharing, conjoining, flowing!

We are still coming out of the seed cracking open phase of ourselves and this process will be between 3 and 10 days, each person, unique in their sprout time lol.  Sorry, don’t know what to call it.  Equally, the internship (if you will) will go thru the “center of 2017.” I put that in quotes because I heard that exact phrase thru several of the readings yesterday.

Also, another thing that is so important for us all to realized, that whole ascension thing IS HERE.  WE are the living vessel of ascended energy.  We have cleared enough of our container to hold and use the higher Light of spirit in all we do.  The earth has reached the ascended vibration to allow the ascended ones (us) to Be Present on the earth, alive in body, active in matter and visible to those with hearts that can see.

We are now in the time of expansion.  However, again, stated thru several of the readings yesterday, that does not mean challenges are done forever.  Not even close.  We are in the realm of ascended duality, imagine that!!  We work things into perfection by the challenges.  Not by avoiding them or trying to move around them, but looking them straight in the eye for what they truly are, a massive growth to learn from, to bring a new way in and leave the old behind.  The opportunity to get excited by their presence because we know…. WE KNOW growth and something new is at hand that will allow a rapid release of new energy and potential as we overcome the challenge.

There are so many sneak peaks I want to share with you all about the new abilities and visuals witnessed thru the readings yesterday, but my poor mind is like mush today and I cannot seem to harness it all into words, yet.  Plus, I want to save what I do have as available brain matter for the 6 new dances in the field of light scheduled for today.

So on that note, I am going to close.  My playtime is getting closer and my good lord, I so need it more than ever.  Just as a reminder, I fly into Boston Tuesday the 30th and will be joining my paternal siblings in the Poconos of Pennsylvania thru the 4th of July holiday, back to Boston to play with my 5 year old grandson and will return, fresh as new daisy’s late on the 11th of July.  I know we will be fully in our new evolution, expansion and Being what was once potential, now living realities of that potential.

I love you all, celebrate you all and see the ALL in each of you!!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of fluid expansion to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Vacation special:  Book a 30 minute 3-4-2 package or longer I will send you the Super Powers Hypnosis MP3 downloads Course to expand our already expanding horizon potentials!!  Also, take $10 off the 15 minute 3-4-2 package as well!!  There is a lot to see and understand thru July and August together!!!  (This special ends June 30th.)





  1. Loving it! It’s called “germination time” on your little seed sprouting time metaphor. It varies widely with plant type and of course, is effected by temperature, moisture and depth of soil.


  2. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    I am feeling the energies. Had a headache the past couple of days, getting less today. More upgrades, and things, powers coming back online. This ascension is a painful process, glad I am going through it, and ascending.


    • Be grateful, BE VERY GRATEFUL….that you are not one of the energy forerunner “Groundcrew Downloaders”.

      These suffering humans who are Grounding into the planetary grid non-stop (for YEARS) the incoming downpour of very highest frequency Photon Light Energies — as we continue now to move through the galactic Photon Belt, since 2011/2012.

      Someone has to do it (those few who are “clear” energy conduits) , but only very few ARE still doing it, and have been doing it, in a concurrent “partnered exchange” with Gaia/Earth.

      Shooting those NEW critical Diamond Light Ascension Energies into the planet, and also accepting/funneling upwards/fountaining&showering, the returning outflow of energies from Gaia.
      Without this partnered exchange between a volunteer Human Energy Antenna/Conduit AND the Planet — there would be no continuous ascending of either the planet Gaia, or the humans on it with headaches.
      Ascension to higher and higher frequency levels would come to a halt.

      The torturous Ascension Symptoms that one experiences daily from this Photon Downloading process….on top of the regular/typical symptoms as you describe….literally makes you wish and long non-stop for ”Death” as a release from this agonizing planetary-prison duty.


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  4. i like your Blog ❤ peace Namaste


  5. ¡Desde el otro lado del Amado Planeta Tierra, yo Elvio les comparto también mi luz. Ésta es nuestra Era. Nos hemos autoconvocado en éste aquí y ahora, alguien habló de dolor por ahí. Aquellos varones partícipe de algún parto tienen noción del “dolor”, al haber acompañado a su compañera esposa. “Pujar” para parir ésta Era Sagrada de anclaje de la Luz es ardua tarea de un gran continente de Sagradas energías: AMOR y CONSCIENCIA. Gracias, gracias a todos y todas en toda la Madre Tierra que estáis en esta hora laborando éste parto: La Ascensión Planetaria!!
    ¡Feliz Navidad! Luminoso 2018!


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