Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 26, 2015

The Ring of Light and Stuff…

light energy


This is just going to be a quickie since I woke up late and my day starts earlier than usual.  There was an addition to the “grow” light beaming on your personal garden, now at the ground level, this beautiful ring of Light that surrounds what I call your immediate bubble of creation (about 3 feet around your body.  This light, pure white looks like a ring made of pilot light flames only, pure intense white flames:

ring of light

The flickering flames are about 2 inches tall and like a gas stove, there for you to use to cook/create at your heart’s desire.  So now it is as if you are sealed in this energy of light and the ground level as well as from the grow light above.  Altho I still cannot see inside of this area, nor anything in front of it (future,) those who came with questions… holy cow the flow of replies was stunning and exciting.  Movement into clarity.

My first lady really brought some visuals and deeper understandings from years ago, to the forefront of understanding deeper, now.  Funny how spirit could let us just dangle in the information they choose to release at any given time period and trust us to figure it all out.

There was a time maybe 2 years ago, for months, many of the readings were showing things like going into an amusement park, figuring out the rides we loved and wanted to ride and equally the buffet of life.  Massive amounts and varieties of food everywhere my eye could see stretching into the future.

So when my lady asked about her relationships yesterday, my visual was that of being at a Chinese buffet, quite literally really.  Made me hungry, I love Chinese food!!  But it came down to the understanding….

We have been in a living buffet of life, sampling this, trying that, decided what we love and what we really don’t like the taste of.  By this juncture of our evolution, we should know what we love, what we desire in all that we consume, eat, share with.  The variety of life got us to here, but now, we should be so refined that we know our own desires, our own tastes and no need to over eat or sample everything in life.

Choosing wisely, vibrationally in accordance to your ownSelf, more crucial now than ever.

It’s funny, I think the motivation within so many of us to lose weight, to change our eating habits is less about loosing weight and more about focusing directly on what we need and want instead of everything that is available.

Same goes with the amusement park metaphor, we should know which joy rides excite and elevate us to most by now and somehow we shall be the engineers of those rides…. lol, I hear, the ride masters!!  With this, I still love a roller coaster!! Wheeeee.

So what do you love??  What do you desire in all that you had to choose from getting to here??  Time to trim back, refine and focus there.

On a completely different note, I do want to share a dream I just woke up with.  It was one of this dreams that was a experience, witnessing the event as opposed to the metaphoric dream state itself.

Altho a lot of the information was immediately taken away from my memory the moment I opened my eyes, like the where and when of it, I could still see this gaping long hole in the earth created by an earthquake, revealing the top point of a pyramid.  I also understood too, that the rash of so many earthquakes right now is serving to bring up to the surface times on earth long-buried within her and within our memory banks.

The last session in the super hero’s course takes us to a pyramid as spirit eventually called it, from the “galactic kinship era.”  I actually started seeing this pyramid before the course started, thru someones ET session and I knew this was a real-time on earth.  Once the transmission of the hypnosis came thru, I realized this pyramid was an energy activator to many stargates within the things we call constellations of alignment of stars in our actual sky.

This pyramid is making its way to the surface of earth again, in tact and fully functional by those who know how to use it.  In the dream state, I knew where and when… like I said tho, that was wiped from my awakening body.

On that note, my day begins!!

Enjoy the light of your life!!

(((HUGZ)))) of radiance and joy rides!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Ohhhh! I am excited! Pyramid here we come!

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