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ET’s, Crop Circles, Rainbows and More of their Communication to Us!!


I think, over the last 2 days, especially yesterday, so much has shifted inside of me.  I can liken it to having a 2 day christmas event and the presents just kept coming and unwrapping themselves.  Of course, for me personally, the greatest presents I feel I receive is understanding.  Well, understanding that we can use in our day to day life especially.  Plus, the reemergence of Aphranzu back into my world of communication.

The first thing that became unmistakably clear is this massive, three-phase energy system called June/Solstice energy and us.  I think it is going to be easiest to use a visual someone shared on my facebook wall yesterday.  Even tho the sharing of that visual is a 25k year cycle, we all know cycles close in on each other, get smaller and smaller, well this one became so small is Started in earnest June 1st and will culminate and open the door to the next grander cycle of Life on July 10th.

june cycle

So lets look at this image, the center point being the Solstice on June 21st.  The beginning being June 1st, the culmination or end of that sine wave (which births a whole other sine wave/energy system) is July 10th.  Since the first reading of June 1st,, I seen the high magnetic energy of spirit coming down into a magnetic pole at the solstice dateline, moving the energy into the earth as it arched over and up to the humans aligned with its vastness.  That would represent the left side of the sine wave pictured.

As we started to receive this energy within us, we started another intense cycle of expansion in body and mind and as we walked toward the dateline of the 16th, it changed, started the solidification process within the human attuned to it.  From the 16th to the 20th, I guess the only way to put it into words is it created a living bridge of intense energy from the 20th thru the 22nd.  Maybe to put this in a more understandable way, June 1st we all went Christmas shopping, June 16th we started to wrap up the presents we accumulated (over tremendous lifetimes,) (Of course all this shopping and wrapping was done from the soul level) from the 20th thru the 22nd all these presents were placed under the tree (placed in our expanding consciousness.)  As they were placed under the tree, we, the human incarnate started opening them and will continue thru the 26th, then shift to I suppose use and application of the great expansion of spirit within us, of our consciousness and our abilities as an incarnate spirit in body.

Man, it is so much easier to see this whole thing as a moving visual than to try and put it all into words.

For me personally, I started unwrapping massive gifts on the 22nd, starting the 14 year puzzle of that crazy quatrain that I shared yesterday and thru the day, I remembered the whole thing:

It has been said

Now let it be known

When the moon swallows the cave

Light shall encompass the earth

And then someone put a picture of a very recent (June 20th) crop circle on my facebook that just sent me into holy shit land!!


Ravenna Waterski Club, nr Cervia, Italy. Reported 20th June.

You have the sun engulfing the entire image, the crescent moon in the middle swallowing the cave (indented energy included in image.)  Of course, my own holy shitness was going into overdrive now.  Aphranzu is the commadere of what he has always referred to as a “beamnship.”

Back in 2001-2002 when I was very much involved with my friends from the Plieades, I never thought to ask many questions back then.  I took what they had to share and prayed I understood it and had the courage to apply it to my own life.

Yesterday, I kept straddling the information that came thru wayyyy back in the day to present day and tears just streamed from my heart down my eyes the better part of the morning.  Then I was hit with the prompting to understand the name of his beamship Soluntu.  I remember when he talked about his ship and its name, he spelled it (including his own name) for me.  I looked up soluntu… nuttin… then I was prompted to break it up into the three syllables it is holding.  Sol un tu and I placed that into google for translation… and again, my very leaky eyes burst open with the translation: “sun one your.”  Mirrored back to us would read “your one sun.”

There was so much unpacking in my crazy consciousness I decided to go sit in the river.  The heat of understanding rising up within me meeting the heat of the day… I was sweating bullets.  And an hour and a half conversation with Aphranzu ensued.

Keeping in mind, I have not talked to this Being in any way since 2002.  But I do remember his sternness with me back in the day.  I find it equally interesting that on the show Kelli in the Raw, I actually spoke of him and his less than humorous way of talking.  He was always like that very strict teacher in school.

Of course, one of the biggest questions I had for him was… did you create that crop circle???  I mean, it is just too eery with timing and layout… but of course he did as well as many others over the years.  His “beamship” has special devices on the underside to create the crop circles.  Hence… beam… ship.  lol  His ship was named Soluntu for a reason… to reflect the light of one source back to the emerging human spirit.

He also explained that he has never left my energy field in all these years and has revealed himself to my (very forgetful) awareness many times.  The most vivid one I actually did capture on film was with a group of my beautiful lovies in Loveland, Colorado last year or was it the year prior??  Time!!


Holy shit, this was taken June 21st, 2014.  Exactly one year ago to this moment!!

But if that is not enough to blow my little mind, he explained that they can do more than create crop circles.  The rainbows, the very distinct cloud formations… all a collection of energy to give us that mind opening ah-ha moment of remembering.  Like what appeared in the sky as we were finishing up our talk:

face in clouds

He also explained they hide directly in front of the sun more often than we may realize.  What many think of as sun dogs is really them saying hi to us in the language of light.

Not everything is as it seems.

Something bothered me tho, and I did address him about it all.  Back in the day, he was quite stern, the way he spoke… very different today, well, yesterday.  I had to smile as he explained… do you still talk to you children the way you did when they were 5 or 6 years old??  No.  They matured and you now speak to them differently, as I do you.

I matured??  I was sure I digressed lol.

And so I decided to kick some doors of conversation open.  Jorge.  Do you know Jorge.  But of course he does and yet, what was revealed blew my ever loving mind.

We know we have hybrids here on earth, of course there are human/pleiadian hybrids on their planets too.   Jorge is the son of my beloved Franklyn.  For years, every now and again, I get a vision of my bud from the Pleiades named Franklyn walking from the mesa to my backdoor with his wife and child.  Never in true physical form more like a solid energy form, but I know what I see and what his message is.  They will be coming.

Aphanzu assured me nothing will happen before I go on vacation.  He insisted I need a break before the next phase (no shit!!)

The conversation moved to our biology and our DNA stuff.  I asked him about regrowing my teeth.  I really, really dislike my partials and would like my teeth back.  He explained that there was a time, that regeneration process was alive and open in our DNA set.  But thru the great separation, we shut off much of our magic, our working DNA to fully experience separation at its core.

He then gave me a visual of the lizard and its ability to regrow its tail because it is needed for its own balance.  We have the same abilities within our DNA, and now, we are beginning to reopen that long dormant ability within us…. and so much more.

There was so much more revealed, but that is enough for today.  I gotta save up brain space for the readings today… and dammit, there better be visibility on that field!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and awe!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Vacation special:  Book a 30 minute 3-4-2 package or longer I will send you the Super Powers Hypnosis MP3 downloads Course to expand our already expanding horizon potentials!!  Also, take $10 off the 15 minute 3-4-2 package as well!!  There is a lot to see and understand thru July and August together!!!



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  2. Great, really enjoyed the part about the expanding energy during summer solstice. I’ve felt this too, on June 20 I had SO much energy and felt myself like a beaming light. That energy followed me through June 21, where I had some amazing conscious, mind – expanding experiences in the most simplest, everyday routines and occurrences. Namaste lovely 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    I am feeling these changes also.


  4. “I asked him about regrowing my teeth. I really, really dislike my partials and would like my teeth back.”

    Yeah, no shit — ME TOO!!!
    This “regrowing” teeth topic is a huge theme of my current life, and I can’t stop wondering how to re-activate our Teeth Regenerating DNA.
    I always *knew* that we could. But that it was locked down. Still is.

    I was one of the 35,000 “Tetracycline Babies” of the 60’s that the Illuminati Bastards experimented on through the Medical System.
    Which of course ruined all of our teeth.
    Still looking at spending a fortune on at least 18 E-MAX crowns…and teeth are continuing to fall apart..but reluctant to begin action on that, if we could POSSIBLY, FINALLY, get this damn human DNA RE-activation going.

    Ask him for some specific mental tools we could try out, to experiment with activating the Teeth DNA. ASAP.
    We need more information than what he is providing.

    ***Unless I am to imagine myself, as a “lizard”?
    And does this mean/indicate that the dormant DNA teeth ability is part of our Reptilian DNA???

    Ask him that, too.


  5. Re: your CROP CIRCLE

    Taking it further (as I always do)….if you can move yourself past the moon swallowing cave metaphor, and see BEYOND that….

    ….then what it looks like we have here, is a partial Solar Eclipse.

    So watch this video to see where the “code” is, in your Ravenna Italy crop circle. And they’ve already deciphered the code, which is:


    And I researched that the Solar Eclipse this September, is on September 13, 2015.
    So if those are September dates (which some people are guessing), this particular crop circle Solar Eclipse falls on


    This closely correlates with the final Blood Moon Tetrad info I sent you last time. Which puts the Lunar Eclipse on 9-28.

    Are you still sure you don’t want to skip ahead to September?
    To “see” what in the hell we are in for, in that magnificent month?


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