Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 13, 2015

The Extraordinary Presence of the Unified You!!


Have I said how grateful I am that you are in my life, in my world.  You enrich me more than you will probably ever realize.  Your questions, your desires, hell, even your challenges brings information…. wisdom, to the fore.  When it comes to the field of life itself, I do not see like I see when we are together.  My own personal meditations are nothing like when we are in a reading.  The field of life comes alive in a way only you can provide and I just have to say thank you for your brilliance, for your own desires that allow the rest of us to understand ourselves more.  I love you madly!!!

Again, I only had two people on the reading field yesterday, but what an amazing view and understanding it was.

I want to celebrate the fact we are back on flat land readings!!  YAY!!!  Reading on a half circle (half earth planet) is just… well… bizarre and truly limiting in the inflow of information.  But then again, it was all brand new and we needed to really anchor in our seeds of desire.

My first lady opened up and the rather large beam of blue-violet energy that went upwards in a 90 degree angle was stunning.  I am not sure where it went up to, it just kept going up as far as my eyes could see.  Her team explained this is the energy of the ascended master in body and this where the breath of Life happens for her.

Actually, this is putting so much more understanding in relationship to two aspects of the super powers course.  I fully am realizing that my team had no wanted me to share much of what is being learned/remembered thru that course because I simply go with the intake (information via the hypnosis sessions) flow and get to witness the wonder of those practicing it all.  However, I am really really understanding a much larger view, piece by piece now.

In the first session, we learn to reverse anchor, meaning we take in the fullness of mother earths loving power (as opposed to anchor into her, she anchors fully into us.)  In the second session, what spirit referred to as “soul mana” that comes in thru the crown, a full blend of heaven and earth, a complete and expanding power source within.  Which would open the gateway of your… hmmm…. not sure what to call it, for right now, I am hearing “point of creation,”  but like everything new… there is always so much more to it all.

On the ground in front of her were these interesting golden, pointy things that kinda reminded me of treadles that you drive over in parking lots and if you backed up, they would blow out your tires.  However, as I got to see how these things worked, it’s actually the opposite explosion.  Her team explained that these all represent the seeds of desire she brought forth and embedded in this earth, they have been germinated and these golden pointy things are equal to the sprouts of her desires.  Then I could see her putting her foot forward and stepping on several of them at once, and a massive release of energy came out of it…  very much like this:


Her team called what was being released is “atomic energy.”

I will leave all that there, for now and fast forward to my 2nd and last lady on the field.  About 10 minutes before our session I was starting to see this blue-violet band of energy around her… well… I was pretty sure it was her.  This band of energy was from chest to abdomen and about 3 feet in circumference around her.  Imagine my surprise when she showed up for her reading and I couldn’t see anything except massive cloud energy everywhere.  I was dumbfounded and figured it must not have been her I had pre-seen.  She then explained to me she is doing a 3 week course to release stuff emotionally from her body.  Ahhhhh  that’s why I cannot see, she stepped into massive change and until she is done, there is nothing that I am able to see.

It was only much later in the day that I understood that band of energy was indeed hers and is holding the field around her as she processes whatever she is going thru.

Now, let me change the subject before I close.  I was doing a homework session with a beautiful man in the Mays course and something came thru his challenges that I never looked at before, not in this way anywayz.

We are actually doing two things simultaneously, if we are so desiring.  We are teaching our physical eyes to see faster than they usually do.  Light, spirit, whatever vibrates at a much faster speed than the mundane, light frozen energy we see as our material world.  So to see beyond that, we have to practice seeing energy that vibrates faster, than we ever did before.

Equally, our souls eyes already sees at the speed of light and then some.  When we are practicing moving our conscious to other realms of existence, we are equally learning to slow our souls vision field down so it can see the world of matter like its human does.

Thru both of these exercises, we are equally learning to merge both aspects of our field of vision at will, all-ways.

I had no flipping clue about that… and just ate that understanding up with a spoon.  I hope you do too!!

I know there is more to share, but my day is already underway.  So until tomorrow, have an explosive, atomic, life changing day today!!!

I love you all so much and thank you from the depths of my soul for Being You and trusting me the way you do!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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