Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 12, 2015

The Clearing!

lifting the fog1

When I woke up yesterday, it felt like there was something special about the day.  What was special, I had no idea.  There wasn’t a full or new moon, there was nothing mentioned in any of the readings… yet… there was something that I couldn’t seem to put my finger on.  At least, not until I did my first (of two) readings for the day.

My first lady was the reschedule of the blue and violet monkey bar image I wrote about the other day.  She was still in that same position, but with an added element.  Now there was this sun that seemed to have a direct gold and yellow spotlight beaming down to her, that alone was exciting.  When I had seen her several days ago, there was this audible silence from her team, they didn’t say a word thru my entire struggle to understand what I was seeing with her.  Yesterday, they found their voice… hmmmm… now that I say it that way, that has got to be a reflection of my lady too, perhaps she has found her new voice as well!!  I was too excited to hear them explaining this new element to even think about putting a correlation to their silence a few days prior.  I will get to this unfolding understanding in a moment.  I was grateful to have a second person on my reading schedule, because I had really hoped what I was seeing and understanding for her, was true for all of us.  Thankfully, his very blurry image confirmed, indeed it is happening for all that resides within the energy/frequency/dimension I call the new earth. YAY!!!  But let me back up to bring you to this moment of understanding.

When June opened up in readings, for the first 5 days, it was nothing but a blue and white image of earth as you would see from the sky.  On the 6th day thru yesterday, I could no longer see the blue and everything at the ground level became cloud covered.

I can spend more time bitching about what I cannot see than I do understanding what I am seeing.  I am so damn human!! lol  We have heard the phrase so many times, as above, so below…. but really, what the heck does that mean.  If we are talking about above, meaning the other side of the veil, life down here is nothing like life up there… at least, it hasn’t been.  It sure can feel thick, dense and pretty damn mucky down here.  In spirit, it is light and love and pure energy.

Of course, the more we understand about bringing heaven to earth, shambhala, whatever, it really is the action of Being heaven on earth, spirit in matter, above lived out below.  Only this morning, as I go to look up how clouds form and what they are really made of… ohhhhh the light bulbs that went on!!!

When we look up into the sky, it is a blue and white image we see, well, as long as it’s not raining lol.  Now the earth that I see is blue and white… above and below looking exactly the same!  I get this now!!  It only took me 12 days to get there too!! lol  I did vaguely understand the complete cloud cover the last several days.  The energy of the sky, which represents spirit/heaven/the other side of the veil, in its solid/liquid form (clouds) merged completely with the blue – white field of earth to hydrate and give life to all that has been withheld/not experienced to date.  Geez, this is so much easier to see as a living visual than to try to bring down in words!!

When I looked up what clouds are made of (hey, no judgement, I wanted to make sure lol) and it was water and ice crystals, Ir realized that clouds really give life to the three phases of water: liquid, gas/vapor, and ice.  The water is hydrating all the dreams and desires held back until this time, the gas/vapor is the energy system to protect it and the ice crystals penetrate the seeds of those heart desires to open up their energy and come into form.

This morning, something even bigger hit me when I went to NASA’s website to see their take on clouds.  Something that is coming thru the two amazing lady’s from the May’s super powers course, equally something that came thru a meditation when I felt the truth of what they can do.  First let me share the info from NASA:

What Are Clouds?
A cloud is made of water drops or ice crystals floating in the sky. There are many kinds of clouds. Clouds are an important part of Earth’s weather.
How Do Clouds Form?
The sky can be full of water. But most of the time you can’t see the water. The drops of water are too small to see. They have turned into a gas called water vapor. As the water vapor goes higher in the sky, the air gets cooler. The cooler air causes the water droplets to start to stick to things like bits of dust, ice or sea salt.

I underlined that last sentence for a reason.  During one of our group sessions thru the Super Powers course and these two amazing… did I say AMAZING, ladies started to share what they were discovering within, both have very close loved ones that crossed over not to long ago (one a child, one a husband) and their ability to bring them back into matter.  When they were talking about this, my father, who passed in Nov. 2013 leaped out of my heart with absolute validation!!  It was surprising and intense and as I spoke the words I was feeling inside… “When you get this done, I can actually dance with my father.”  My father died of cancer and I only knew him the last 18 months of his life, of which he had end stage emphysema/COPD and dancing was not an option.  I could not hold back the tears, I didn’t even know I wanted to that much!!

So in one of my meditations as I suppose I was pondering the “how” of this seemingly impossible thing, I was shown a spec of dust floating in the air and spirit, our loved ones ability from their energetic state (soul state) aligning itself to the vibration/frequency of the dust particle in the air (to hold the vibration of our field of life) and then forming around it… the most I seen was an orb, but hey, that’s a start.  There are other requirements too, to be able to hold the space of love, unconditional love within your own creative bubble of life.  So, I say all that because of how clouds form and the intense validation I feel from my ladies potentials!!  Can you imagine!!!!

Now, to bring this all back to the spotlight of sun from my lady’s reading… (I can go down some rabbit holes, can’t I??  lol)  The sun was reabsorbing the cloud energy from the landscape.  Her team explained, the life force that was needed has been embedded within the earth, and what we would consider inert matter is now going back towards the sky… they were incredibly insistent I say reabsorbed upwards because I kept wanting to say dissolving… nope, wouldn’t let me!

My bigger hope was… I pray this is happening for everyone.  As much as I love and honor the symbology, I am ready to get into the meat and potatoes of readings again… not cloud cover!!!  Sure enough, several hours later when I had my second reading, his entire field was so blurry I couldn’t make out a thing, spirit said progress!!  Yay.  You can think of it this way… early morning fog going back up to the sky… or lifting itself from the earth!!

When I woke up this morning, my team was yapping in my ear about the numerology of it all.  5 days of forming…  5 being the element of CHANGE.  6 days of cloud cover, soul partnership and 11 days total, spiritual illumination (on steroids lol.)  I also have to pay attention to the fact that my voice was out for 11 days last month.  Hmmmmm….  Too many clouds in my throat I suppose lol.

I realized it was the energy of re-absorption that made yesterday feel so special.  The gold and yellow intense energy of the sun, a spotlight directly on this new, stunning earth (which is really a frequency dimension to the highest degree.)  This is our everlasting season!!!

Before I close tho, lets talk about the earth herself.  She is changing just like we are.  Science has seen thru history, where there was once ocean, there is now desert (like where I live in New Mexico,) where there is now ocean, we have been and still are discovering ancient runes of civilizations.  We do not remember how earth changes so we tend to look to blame someone or something for things that appear adverse.  Take California for instance, it is slowly turning into a desert landscape, a place that needs a rest and rejuvenation period.  My landscape on the other hand, is turning into a rainforest.  Holy heavens, it has pretty much rained every day for months.  WE have changed, the earth has changed and the enormous process will continue for some time to come.

Think about a new-born baby, it grows, changes, enlarges, evolves slowly over time.  I sure as hell don’t look like, think like, act like I did was I was one month old.  We too, are underway… new and growing into our fullness, slowly over time.  Well, nowhere near as slowly as it took to arrive here!!  But Here We Are!! I have no desire to look and act like I did when I was a month old, or even 5 or 10 years old… neither does our mother…. earth.  Change is the only constant in this wild, wonderful world of matter!!  Honor it all!!

I love you, each and everyone you!!  YOU Are the Divine Change Makers and I thank you!!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder, bliss, and extraordinary change to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  4. Lisa, I love your comment…”Above Lived, Out Below” I believe that since we are in a new energy, that some of the old texts are changing. The old Hermetic teaching of “As above, so Below”, has now changed to your quote! Amazing!!!!!


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