Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 10, 2015

The Passion and Strength of Love You-Niting!


Boy am I learning the lesson of how important it is to see more than one or two puzzle pieces a day, especially when everything is so brand new.  At the same time tho, I am witnessing a about 40 people delve into their energy streams and accessing their super powers, bringing them out, seeing how incredibly magical and powerful they are.  The first group, May’s class, have been divided up into small groups according to their likeness of super powers and holy heavens and worlds are changing!!  So all of my focus, my appointment times for May and June have been within the classes, the astounding skills being brought to the fore!!  So the inner workings of all this, I get!!  Now whats unfolding thru the readings… I’m still on the puzzled side.

The last reading on the 8th and the only one yesterday both presented a similar color scheme of something I am just barely understanding.  My lady on the 8th had what looked like a monkey bar, or maybe a curved ladder directly in front of her made of variations of blue and violet energy.  Altho the construct was made of energy, there was equally a solidness to it.  I watched her as she climbed up and under the arch of the ladder, which arched behind her and the backside was only halfway to the ground… think upside down J.  She was hanging on to the last rung facing forward.  Her team was quite tight-lipped about whatever any of this means.  There are times in a reading the silence is incredibly loud… like they are amplifying the silence and of course, I go into meltdown mode… why show us, with vivid clarity an image and zero explanation of what it is????  There are some parts of spirits madness I will never understand.  I rescheduled her.

Yesterday, geez Louise!!  An image of this giant blue and violet thing… almost monster like… or maybe, hulk on steroids… was in front of my lady, both facing each other and in a position that I was sure if he was going to grab her or hug her.  The energy coming from it all was intense and actually quite loving, beautiful.  It’s the position and form (he hadda be like 10-15 feet tall and quite wide too) that kinda took me by surprise.  It took a long minute, but her team finally started to explain things, at least a little bit.

This violet and blue energy system I am seeing is what I am seeing as your divine masculine, the creator god that is you.  Her team made sure to tell my lady this is not a separate energy from her, but for me to actually make sense of what I am seeing, it has to look like it is, otherwise I will be more confused than I already am!!  So the position I see her HUGE divine masculine in is in the position of hugging… but not yet.  Then I seen her physical body, her eyes especially looking up at him with this tremendous love, I could feel the presence of that love energy moving from her eyes up to his looming embrace.  Her eyes were interesting tho, fully dilated so they looked like big black irises.  Her team explained that she was taking in tremendous Light form this gaze.

This is how we create, the love of the divine feminine, Light engorged and the embrace of the divine masculine, making solid what is longed for in the heart.  If there is nothing longed for, it is held there as potential until the spark of desire sets everything into motion/creation.  But it must be from the heart and NOT the mind.

Which gives me some understanding from my arched ladder lady the day prior.  There is something she has set into form from the heart of her desire, it is almost here… but not quite yet.  Time and place is everything.  Seeing her hang onto the bottom rung of the upside down J, I kept saying to her she is dangling in mid-air, her team kept correcting me and said she is holding on to the energy.  Now I get it.  Yes, creation can and often does happen instantly, but we are still on a place called the material plane and everything that shows up affects us somehow.  Right time, right place is as crucial now as it ever has been.

Ohhhh and a little more insight.  The physical body… ummm…. YOU would have to be the dreamer, the divine feminine taking in the love of Source, Creator, Your Divine Masculine.  The holy matrimony of fertility, of creation itself.

Well, that’s all for today.  I only have one reading on my dance card today… lets see if she adds more to the ongoing wonder called June!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of creator love to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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