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The Ascended Ones, The New Earth and YOU!!


I think, we get so accustomed to waiting, to that elusive corner that never seems to arrive, that once we have finally rounded it, arrived to it, we can still miss it.  Of course, we equally come preloaded with our perceptions and expectations of what that new place will be like.  So with all that said, lets talk about two things we have been waiting on, working towards that are both here Now.

Ascension.  I think, of all the words spoken in the “new age” world, that one confused me the most.  When I first heard of it, people were saying we were going to raise our frequency, our vibration to such a high degree we would vibrate right off the earth.  No one will ever be able to see us again, except of course, those others that vibrate that high too.  I leaned into that place for a long time, I spent my first 38 years of life taking pills to get the hell off this earth… sign me up, over dosing was simply not working!!!

Our spiritual teams will allow us to believe anything we need to believe.

Once I washed all the deep, dark crud off my life’s windshield, I started to see how amazing life is, how magical and enjoyable it really is, then I started to have a melt down inside cuz I didn’t want to leave this earth, it finally became a great place to hang out on!!

Thru the years, a nugget at a time, my team finally explained to me what their truth of ascension is… what it means.  Getting your physical body, your mind, your field of life that you live within so a higher state of living, of loving.  To be able to hold the light of God/Source/Creator (pick a title) in our hearts as a way of life, to see life, all life, thru that unconditional love and beauty without the need to go fix, go save anything.  This is what ascension has always been about, not leaving the earth, but being that loving spotlight upon it.


December 2012, enough people hit critical mass within themselves to start pouring in the new energy, the new codes, the amazing spiritual abilities and wisdom’s thru the collective I call Shambhala.  The Christed ones.  US!!  This is an energy field, a vibrational field.

Of course, the longer I walked upon this path, like everything else, we change it to fit our desires, what we think of and we have created various rules.  We humans are great with rule setting.  Gotta eat this, gotta not have that… Takes all the fun out of being alive let me tell you!!  And god forbid we should have our occasional emotional meltdowns… then that’s it… back to square one.  Of course, all that is simply a reflection of a collective that see’s themselves that way.  We are all a work in progress!!

The last three years, spirit has gotten very very clear as to what ascension means to their side of the veil, thru every reading, thru every meditation I have had… it is about our emotional Self.  The love within, the release of judgement of all things, of taking nothing personally.  Of being in service to the greater all, starting first and foremost with yourself!!  There is NO-THING outside of you that can create the higher frequencies within you, only your emotional field, your Love, can do it.  Period.

So with all that said, the human ascension was achieved and bloomed a new collective consciousness in January 2013, that has grown and strengthened since then.  Giving full on birth to the energy, to the earth field I call Shambhala.  Where the fullness of heaven, being on the other side of the veil, is now fully available to us, to use, to expand all we can on the earth side of life.

So with that said, the “new earth” came online January 2015.  Of course, it is a dimensional frequency overlaying, overlapping all the other earths too. So you really have to know yourSelf to know where you reside.

Of course, we have spent January thru May fully acclimating to the high energy, full of Light body and earth together as one living energy system.  Now, it is ALL online, ALL fully and completely available to us, but a very different orientation than it has ever been.

We have ALL been “guided” to here, thank goodness for it too!!  NOW, we are the guides, the living spirit upon the heavenly… the Christed earth guiding others.  Creator Gods on all levels, plugged in to two of the most amazing sources of energy to power our creational abilities.  Mother earth, and the father, Central sun.  If you can just imagine yourself like a fluorescent light:



One part drawing in energy from the central sun, the other part drawing up energy from the core, the heart of Gaia.  In-Powered.  Alive in a way that has never been possible before.  Your job is to understand and use it all!!

The energy of “grounding” is something that was needed on the older versions of earth, so we didn’t fly away vibrationally.  Now, it really is a reverse flow, take in the power of creation thru the heart of our mother, use it as a living Creator topside.  Take in the magic and energy of the sun, allow yourself the ongoing expansions thru this amazing time we have brought to life together.

I did a reading yesterday with a beautiful lady, a virgin upon my field.  She was concerned about a blockage in her root chakra area.  So when I connected to her, I first brought her into my kitchen to see her biology.  It so looked like her pelvis sprung and oil leak that was running down the core of both her legs.  What the heck????   When I looked outside into the field, there she was, doing all she could do to swim away from the new earth.  Yet, she is so magnetically aligned to the new earth, its magnetic field is pulling her in and she is struggling to move away… it all came down to, she keeps anchoring herself (unknowingly) to the old earth and her whole body vibrates to the new earth.  The energy has become such an intense push-pull that she sprung an oil leak across her base.  Now, she is stopping all that, standing and allowing the fullness of the earth to charge her, enhance her, in a way, anchor into her instead of vise versa!!

My first reading of the day… OMG, we both got such a wonderful surprise of it all, it humbles me to this very moment.

The field yesterday is still filled with that cloud energy, it took me a while, but I fully realized that the cloud energy is a full on covering, linking up if you will, with the earth.  The blue we see from space pictures of the earth, is the water of earth.  The white is the sky water, sky ice known as clouds.  Ice is waters way of becoming physical… us too… soul, source, physicality.

Here is a glimpse of the way I see you in readings… half circle earth and the star represents you.  Everyone is showing up in the same space on this half circle earth now fully covered in clouds (no blue that I can see.)

Earth from space


Now my first lady showed up in the usual spot, I was kinda frustrated that we are still in that cloud cover and I am still forced to read uphill!!!  But, what was shown and said… leaves me breathless.  I hope it does you as well.

Directly between her body and what I will just call the sky was this massive… wait….. MASSIVE yellow bow:


It was easy (going to scale of my vision) 25 feet across the top… stunning and HUGE!!  The two ribbons hanging down were a part of her upper chest area, just above the boobs (excuse me, breasts 😉 )  And the story her team said… explained why this image this day… phew baby:

She is (we are) the Christ-mass Presence (presents) on the Christed earth and this bow represents the finishing touches of the Present that she is to Life itself.

Can you imagine that… if not, find a way too… we are the very gift of life, living as the human embodiment of spirit.

Now let me tell you what happened after that amazing, humbling reading.  Earlier in the morning I went to feed the birds and a cactus had a tight bud on its top.  I was excited, I love when the cactus blooms here.  2 hours later, as soon as her reading was over I could see this stunning yellow beaming thru my back door:

cactus flower


Spirit said it is the physical manifestation of what we just experienced and understood in her reading.  Life, ALL LIFE knows of your Presence and will reflect back to you, your beauty, the validation of what you are experiencing in their Presence too.

Look at that flower, directly on top of the cactus… full bloom, full radiance.  Just like us!!!

Enjoy the Presence of YourSelf in the loving system of Shambhala.  You are all that and a bag of chips!!!!

I love you and god knows, honor you sooooo flipping much.  Thank you for shining your wonder upon my heart!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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