Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 6, 2015

From My Dreamtime: Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainiers Release Potential.


What an odd night in sleep time last night.  I felt like I was in the midst of the CNN news alert all night long, to the point of having woke up several times, once to go potty and several other times because the news alerts were overwhelming me and falling right back into the same dream state over and over, as if I had to remember the details of what I was seeing.  Now, it is unforgettable.

In my dream, I was sitting on my couch (current time) watching a CNN news alert (haven’t done that in years) with the scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen announcing seismic activity happening at Mount St. Helen and the looming eruption they were all watching and waiting to happen.  Then, they got all flustered because a new report came in that was talking about new activity at Lake Rainier or beneath a lake near Mount Rainier and that area was put on alert for potential volcanic eruption.

I am not a dreamer at all, never have been.  But I have got to pay vivid attention to a series of alerts in my dream time, that happened all night long.  Even when I woke up for the day, the push on my energy field was to talk about this dream…. so here I am.

Of course, I also had to google lake or mount Rainier, I am familiar with Mt. St. Helens, but never heard of the other, so I was astounded that it too, is in the state of Washington.

In one of the news segments in my dream, Wolf Blitzer was talking about the last time any sort of eruption happened or had the potential of happening was 17 years ago, which would be 1998.  I vividly remember the 17 in the ticker scroll I cannot remember which one he was talking about, I am pretty sure it was Mt St. Helens tho.   So back to handy-dandy google to see what happened in 1998 and I found a national geographic story talking about Mt. St. Helens and a quote I will put here from that time line:  “We had magma come up to shallow levels in 1998, but it didn’t reach the surface,” Pierson said.

We all know as earth shifted and released tremendous dormant energy for all of us to use in this time thru May, I have a feeling there are people, probably many groups of people trying to stabilize or stop the seismic activity because they truly don’t understand its incredible value.  But if we can look at it like a human body, if we had to fart really bad and someone kept plugging up the release valve, chances are we are going to start vomiting like crazy… out one exit or the other.  Either way, this energy MUST come topside.  It is vital to the evolution of life and the well-being of our mother, even if it appears opposite.

After I completely woke up, got my coffee and sat here at my laptop, I was starting to change my mind about sharing this.  I like the happy, exciting things shared, not… well, what could end up being devastating and completely out of our control to talk about.  But I was reminded quite vividly about several meditations I have had in the past, not seeing the connection or value in those moments… coming out of a meditation with 3rd degree burns on my right foot and ankle only to find out hours later a volcano erupted in the Congo or being in meditation feeling like I am in the middle of an earthquake only to find one happened in Iran and other times too I have forgotten the outside connection, these two are etched in my memory banks tho.

So when my team uses my entire sleep time like a CNN news alert… gotta pay attention and share.  So… consider this dreamtime news alert, shared.  Ok I gotta giggle tho… Wolf Blitzer… really???  lol

I am going to leave this here with something I am hearing from spirit… “Destruction and Creation are one and the same energy.”  Think about actual child birth… holy heavens the destruction of the vagina (Yes, I can say it loud and proud, but I LOVE the sing-song phrase of the va-jay-jay 😉 just sayin’.)  The blood, the mucus, the tearing of the vaginal walls, the stretching OMG the stretching and new life comes thru.

Honor thy mother, please don’t plug her up or try to send the energy back.

This has been a public service announcement! (smile)

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Life ever emerging!!!

Lisa Gawlas









  1. The photo above is Mt. St. Helens and Spirit Lake. There is no Lake Rainier, although several small lakes exist within Mt. Rainier National Park. Having hiked, camped and backpacked in and around both volcanoes I can say this… whenever and wherever there is a volcanic feature, there is a potential of eruption. St. Helens has been relatively quiet, but she is a young volcano. Mt. Rainier has been dormant for a long time. The greatest immediate danger from that large volcano is the potential for lavars or mudslides / floods that would sweep down the various river valleys fanning out from the west, south and northern slopes of the Mountain. And given that recently there has been a suspicious amount of activity in a lot of areas of the West marked by ancient volcanic fields, Mother is quite restless. If near an volcano or volcanic area be prepared. Those souls affected have a soul contract to experience the devastation that can be unleased by Mother. Those who are guided to be elsewhere will go. Destruction is a part of the creative force of Nature. She builds and tears down and builds again. Have no fear… just be aware and develop a relationship with the elementals and your guides so you will be where you should be… remembering always that you are an eternal Soul, a multidimensional being and the Earth is just one of your homes in the eternal Now.

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  4. A few weeks ago, I got the message that “The old is being dismantled to make way for the new.” I found the term my Higher Self used — “dismantle” — interesting and being a connection to the Earth’s “mantles” and the potential for seismic activity as well as all the other stuff being “taken apart” now.


  5. As an Energy worker, I’ve found it interesting, when I’m helping ‘drain Stress’ out of someone, I’ve always sent it into the Lava core of the center of the Earth……..over the last 3-4 months, as it’s leaving,it’s showed me these tiny crystals going out of them…..there’s not a lot of time to spend trying to understand “why crystals’, so I just let ’em go !! A while back, as I was draining stress out of myself, I saw these ‘crystals’ & low & behold, they weren’t crystals at all, but Ice Cubes ! ! ! my personal take, the Earth’s Core needed No More fuel, but ice cubes to cool her off……………


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  8. Hi Lisa,

    My brother camped and hiked w/ his children many many weekends on Mt Rainer. (He passed over a yr ago after a short unexpected illnes). He watched the seismetic movements closely. He was expecting something to happen before too long. If Mt Rainer ‘blows it all’, it will cover the whole valley, Olympra, Tacoma, (where I grew up), and into Seattle. I can understand why there are groups trying to stop it from happening, the population will not have any chance to escape

    When Donny & I were out there 4 yrs ago we went Mt St Helens. We were told that activity is building there.

    We abuse Mother Earth so badly she has to do something to heal herself.

    Are you coming to NN to see Chris and Christopher? I still have the baby book for you. It would be nice to see you again.


    • Lois (((((HUGZ)))) It is soooo wonderful to hear from you again. My son moved to Boston back in February, his son and baby mama moved to Boston a few years ago. My daughter now lives in Suffolk and am hoping to get to her world in Spet for her 25th birthday. You and Donny should come visit me!!! ❤


      • Would love to come see you but it will be awhile. Donny has been diagnosed w/ Parkinsons disease. We may have made our last trip (other than OBX–not too far for me to drive). We just came back from Gatlinburg and Susie did most of the driving. She drove when we went to Syracuse to visit his family last year. (I have a tendency to fall asleep when driving long distances, and driving us gives Suzie a much-needed get-a-way).

        A while back, I saw where you said Chris was going to Boston but was not sure if it was a move or visit. So happy for him and little Chris. Can you send me your address thru my email so I can send the book?

        Hugs to you, too


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